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Wolfric posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 6:45am

Great chapter. You know I would keep reading without a cliff hanger ending to the chapter. Thanks for writing. W.

DJ posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 6:43am

Nice update

irishfighter21 posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 6:21am

Awesome chapter

Vilkath posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 6:19am

This chapter is.. confusing compared to the last one. It almost seemed liker Hermonie gave up on Ron in the first chapter due to his behavior. Now he's bad as ever if not worse.. and hermonie still went to the Yule ball with him? I am not understanding that at all. Plus there is fact Harry said he would try keep ron away from them.. yet he constantly sits down with the git at every meal to hear him open his stupid mouth?

Then have fact the girls chose harry because he wouldn't be the usual pureblood.. yet this whole chapter they seemed to be doing their best make him into one. Even Neville kept pushing the laws down Harry's throat to be a pureblood.. he's not one and honestly after graduation from hogwarts I wouldn't be suprised if he ever had a reason deal with magical world again, let alone england. The country is a cesspool.

Crys replied:

Hermione is annoyed at Ron's attitude toward Daphne and Tracey.   On the other hand, they're dating, so it isn't so simple as just walking away if they annoy you.

And the timeframe is actually quite small.   The duel took place the evening before the ball.   She didn't want to break up with him just before the ball.   After all, they've been friends for years, even though they constantly annoy each other.

Harry  & Ron: Again, short timeframe.   This all just happened.   Harry habitually sits there (across from Ron).   As things settle out, I hope it'll become less confusing.

The girls chose Harry because he would treat them well.   Now, they're trying to make him act the proper pure-blood because they feel it is in his best interest.   They're trying to educate him and minimize the damage they perceive he's doing to himself with his actions.

Glad you're reading, and even more happy that you're thinking about it and reviewing with your thoughts.

liquidfyre posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 6:02am

ARGH you evil weasel

How dare you stop there

good story so far is rockin although ron is really starting to get annoying ya gonna bug squash him or will he smarten up?

update soon please

Crys replied:

Evil weasel?   I can live with that.   After all, an evil weasel is better than an evil ferret.

Ah, Ron . . .   Let's just say I'm not a Ron Weasley fan.  

Dracolych69 posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 5:47am

Nice. Reactions are w/in acceptable levels. All in all, a good read. Nice to see someone else expanding some of Blot's ideas. That list is positively huge, and their all good, for bunnies. Nice to see one of them get a good home. Now, to see how well you keep it fed, so it grows big and strong, eh? Very nice start.

James Barber posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 5:44am

Nice chapter, from what you have written I think harry needs to also marry hermione and luna and maybe susan or not...

so I'm confused is voldie still out their or has he already taken him out?

Crys replied:

Voldy's still out there.   He's laid low, recruiting for a couple years.

ShadeHawk posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 5:26am

Nice continuation of the idea....

Gaah, cliffhanger! (Well, of sorts).

Katherine posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 5:19am

I am curious what did Harry get from Sirius? And will his two brides get Harry to question Gringotts about what he inherited from his parents money and property wise as well as any titles and responsibilities. And if Harry kills Voldemort will Harry get anything out of it? Like victor of the spoils? Title of Lord Slytherin? Vault of Slytherin?

Crys replied:

A Gringotts trip is coming soon.   The Potter and Black inheritance will be covered then.

As to post-Voldy . . . well, that's many chapters in the future.

Chiyo posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 5:19am

This story has so much potential to surpass some of your other work...

I love how you tend to take the "path less traveled" even with something thats been done as much as the "Harry's Harem" syndrome which I usually detest simply from a point of consistency.

However this is looking to be something special.

jenks posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 4:43am

Great chapter

Gardengirl posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 4:17am

Cliffie? That's... low. But I am delighted to see this continued so quickly! Thanks for the update, and feed your muse well :)

Treck posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 4:08am

Damn cliff-hangers!!!

You are EVIL!

Great chapter otherwise

Crys replied:

I could be worse, Treck.

I could've mentioned a flash of green light.

Glad you're reading.

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 3:58am

Well, I am officially intrigued. This has to be one otf the coolest "no-slave" fics ever! And I called it a "not-Slave" Fic because it's a Slave fic where the Slaves aren't treated as slaves and the master is repulsed by the idea of slaves. I like this better than Hermione;s House-ELf crusades, although I don't fault the poor girl's intentions. Keep up the great work!

kbeckett posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 3:49am

Well written.

Good interplay between Harry's lack of knowledge of 'custom' (and his requirement to follow it) and his constant trying to 'do the right thing'. Excellent interplay on the conflict between those two, often contradictory, positions.

Look forward to the next installment (even if you did leave a nasty cliffy)

Michael10 posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 3:04am

Poor Harry.

Let us see, the day shot to hell...can only be a Malfoy. Death eaters?
Eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Keep up the great job

darthme1011 posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 2:10am

UH OH trouble hope nothing to bad happens

LifeScientist posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 1:30am

Another nice job. I think that you're consistent with JKR's portrayal of Harry as both uneducated in wizarding custom and unwilling to accept parts of it, but think that both cliches risk being carried too far. You have begun to educate him and soften him on the second cliche but suggest that his dislike of the situaion become less reflexive (or at least violent) and shift toward being more educated and determined to accept for now and change later.
Looking forward to more of this,

Crys replied:

Things calm down after Christmas, when it's an established fact.   It'll still get mentioned, but hopefully it'll feel more natural to the readers after that point.

Thanks for reading.

magic53 posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 1:21am

I must admit that this fic intrigues me more than most. Well written and entertaining, please keep up the good work.

Sakya posted a comment on Thursday 16th July 2009 8:52am

Oh, I like it. Very much so.

They don't seem too oposed to the idea of getting intimate with Harry... too bad they both can't be ´real ´ wifes, like one Lady Potter and one Lady Black.

That would really make Malfoy blow up.

Please up date soon.

Crys replied:

Harry wishes they could, too.   He's REALLY uncomfortable with the idea of owing chattel.   Rather have them as "wives".