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00_Knight posted a comment on Sunday 2nd August 2009 3:44am

"Can we kill off the entire Malfoy line just to make a point?"

Aran St. Vines has an excelent point!

hope you follow that one ^_^

Crys replied:

He does.   And the possibility has long since occured to me.   We'll see how it fits by the end of the story.

Thanks for the review.

00_Knight posted a comment on Sunday 2nd August 2009 3:37am

Not the twist i was expecting after "It was on the way out of the jewelry shop that all further plans for the day were shot to hell," But entertaining to say the least!

This has been an Overly Pleasant, Enormously Exciting, and Downright Interesting piece of fiction to read!=D

Can't wait to see what happens with your twist, if its me I'd be inclined to err on a more voldemort-ish intervention, but as with your last teaser, I can only hope to be curious!

Great read Crys!

Dave0126 posted a comment on Saturday 1st August 2009 2:33pm

I dislike stories where Harry never questions why he is suddenly poor or nearly so after inheriting large amounts from Sirius and being led to believe that the Potters where very wealthy. Someone has obviously been ripping him off!

noylj posted a comment on Saturday 1st August 2009 2:29pm

I Harry really that dense and is Tracy really that cold?
Forgetting chattel, they are his wives and he has certain duties to himself and them.
I cannot believe that you made Harry that poor. How is he going to maintain them on so little.
Great story.

brad posted a comment on Saturday 1st August 2009 10:56am

Okay, so it wasn't an attack by Voldemort or death eaters; just the meeting-the-parents thing. :-)

I couldn't muster up much respect for the Greengrass or Davis men, for them or their attempts to intimidate Harry. They'd *failed* their daughters, their family, and Harry was stepping up to bail them out. That eradicates any claim or standing that they might have had to vet his worthiness as a husband, I reckon.

Safe to say Astoria won't be marrying Draco - the nasty version you're writing - in this story!? Or will Harry end up with *three* concubines?! :-)

Okay, Slipknot was obnoxious, there must be some skullduggery afoot I reckon!! Who's diddled Harry out of his inheritance?

> Harry and Hermione looked at him in respect. Ron just looked confused.

Okay, I'm calling it here; Hermione's going to end up with Neville. I don't think he's been paired with anyone yet?

I'm pleased that you took pains to depict the actual wedding as a non-happy event.

Not sure the 'not magically enforced' thing makes sense in a magical world that is sincere about making concubines 'chattel'. Why not go the whole hog? Why stop at enforcing it magically? House elves are magically restricted to obey their masters, and the girls have been made out to be equivalent to the elves in standing a couple of times.

I feel that the girls signing the hotel register was a mistake. As legal 'property' why would they sign in? I doubt wizards' elves ... or their suitcases ... have to do so.

Okay, another cliffhanger ... it surely *must* be a death eater attack this time!?! :-) Or maybe Harry would prefer that to the 'scene that greeted him'?

You know, I really hope that Harry doesn't make love to the girls on his 'wedding' night, or even soon thereafter. He didn't do so before the ceremony ... doing so afterwards would mean that he has fallen in line with the whole thing, that something's changed, that he now has the 'right' or power to do so. That he's acknowledged that this magical silliness, this travesty, has influenced him, or that he's taken advantage of it. Which goes against his statement of wanting them to continue to act as 'girlfriends'. I'd rather some other event or epiphany spur his joining with them rather than 'using' what was a *sad* event for the girls and their families. Oh well. As long as it's clear that the girls welcome his advances it'll be okay, I suppose.

Crys replied:

The Greengrass and Davis men weren't trying to intimidate Harry.   They both acknowledged that "meeting the boyfriend" should go vastly different than the situation.   They just both wanted to quietly thank him for digging them out of the hole they were in.

*laugh*   No, sorry, no Bine Astoria to be had here.   She'll grow up to marry whoever she wants.

Yes, Slipknot was obnoxious.   He's a surly goblin.   No theft from the poor, orphan boy, though.   Potters aren't in the "filthy rich" class.

Hermione and Neville?   Not tellin'.

Glad you liked the wedding.

I considered making the chattel magically bound to obey (and many fics do exactly that), but just making it a legal situation works into my story better.   And elves AREN'T magically restricted.   Dobby disobeyed Malfoy in CoS.   He punished himself for it, but nothing indicates he isn't capable of betrayal, even if psychologically it appears to be abhorent to elves in general.

Hmm.   True, maybe the girls shouldn't have signed.   But when Tom pushes the quill into your hand, what are you to do?   So they signed as Daphne and Tracey Potter.   Tom, not realizing anything, assumes it's Missus.

*chuckle*   Yeah, Harry may prefer a DE attack.   He at least knows how to respond to those!

Huh.   I think you're the only one of the reviewers to prefer Harry not bed the girls.   Stay tuned to find out what he actually does (or doesn't).   Next chapter on Friday.

Thanks for the thoughtful review.

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Saturday 1st August 2009 10:28am

There is something poignantly sad and yet hopeful about all of this. Great writing to make me feel that.

I'm disturbed by the goblin conversation where Harry only has 12k Galleons. Something is rotten there I do believe.

Can we kill off the entire Malfoy line just to make a point?

Crys replied:

Glad to hear the emotional impact is hitting someone.

Sorry, that 12k is honest.   No conspiracy to steal from the orphan boy.

Killing off Malfoys . . .   The thought has occurred to me.

irishfighter21 posted a comment on Saturday 1st August 2009 8:02am

Awesome chapter

TheHard posted a comment on Saturday 1st August 2009 6:11am

Ooooh, you evil, evil writter! now that will let us, perverts, to figure what was "that" that Harry saw xD...

And what were he going to ask? "who gets what side of the bed?" duh! who cares!

JBern posted a comment on Saturday 1st August 2009 5:02am

Interesting story so far. Good use of Tracey and Daphne as something more than just 2D props. I look forward to seeing this continue.

Carol Layland posted a comment on Saturday 1st August 2009 4:22am

This story is proving extremely fascinating. Harry now owns two slaves/concubines. How are you going to develop this in future chapters. I am very eagerly awaiting the chapters to see how this will work out. While I am at it What about Harry's inheritance from his family. There has been no mention of the Potter family vaults, Where have they gone?
Carol Layland>

Crys replied:

Who's to say that the vault he's been using isn't his only one?

Fanon keeps making him wealthy as the Malfoys, but I'm keeping him more down-to-earth.   Sorry, but no conspiracy to steal from the poor orphan here.

Time Shifter posted a comment on Saturday 1st August 2009 3:25am

My, but what an amazing cliffhanger we have here. The chapter was great, but I'm too busy thinking about what Harry must have walked in on to write more. Excellent work, and see you next time!

Renzo7 posted a comment on Saturday 1st August 2009 3:05am

Great work, as usual. The learning's about to begin :P Hope to see you update soon

liquidfyre posted a comment on Saturday 1st August 2009 2:48am

Oh and by the way

Its good to have you back and writing again. A lot of the authors here seem to have stopped for some reason. Having you back and writing again is a real pick me up, and I have NEEDED one of them. I love the stories that are being updated for the most part, dont get me wrong, but having a good author start up again is Damn nice.

liquidfyre posted a comment on Saturday 1st August 2009 2:41am

That was just SO very very wrong

That was even worse than a cliffie

May rabid weasels gnaw at your toes until you squeal like a lil piggy

Hellaciously good story so far though keep up the good work

slickrcbd posted a comment on Saturday 1st August 2009 2:14am

Evil Cliffhanger!

So, the girls were attacked or kidnapped while he was in the loo? Or is Draco, Crabb, & Goyle there to "take back what is rightfully theirs"? Maybe the Ministry is there to enforce some asinine law that won't go over well with Harry at the best of Lucius Malofy?

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Saturday 1st August 2009 1:01am

I really really love this fic. Great new chapter, the one thing no-one guessed for ruined their plans, and nice way of keeping it all peaceful. Poor Daphne and Tracey, what a life they've now got. Poor Harry, what an awful dillemma. Still, they'll muddle through. Harry always muddlles through. I look forward t the next installment.

ching965 posted a comment on Saturday 1st August 2009 12:09am

Great chapter. The situation they're in isn't ideal, but Harry seems to be handling it the best he can. Ron's attitude is a bit of a disappointment, though definitely to be expected from him. I hope all goes well for Harry, Daphne, and Tracey. Thank you for a phenomenal story. Hope for more soon.

Wish you the best.

Lee Dickie posted a comment on Friday 31st July 2009 11:58pm

Great writing, thanks.

KrzaQ posted a comment on Friday 31st July 2009 11:40pm

The whole premise of the story is a little silly, but so far execution is really good.

The only problem I have is girls being able to throw off Imperius Curse (also please note that there is no "o" in "Imperius", so "Imperious" is incorrect). Back to T&D throwing it off, I am fairly certain that while they, or probably anyone else, should be able to throw curse cast by the cretins they were supposed to marry, they wouldn't stand a chance against a trained wizard. To be honest, it only makes sense as a plot device to have Harry's enemies unable to attack him using his girls.

Still, I'd love to see more and hope that next update will be sooner than in two weeks.

ShadeHawk posted a comment on Friday 31st July 2009 11:26pm

"Grow up," Neville repeated in disgust.

"Why?" Ron asked.

"Because Hermione will dump you if you don't," Dean answered.

Very, very nice. And very true.

Thanks for continuing this story. Keep up good work!