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Peter Clark posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 8:24am

Wonderful, as always!

Stonewar posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 7:29am

You've lost track of Scrimgeour in the begining. He was in the hospital wing mad a comment and was never mentioned again. Did he leave with lucius or stay and hear flitwick's report. As Dumbledore invited him I would assume the later but it is not clear.

no such thing as an injunction or countersuit in the wizarding world? of course not that would have solved Tracy and Daphne's problem without Harry's "romantic" self sacrefice.
Malfoy can file all the motions he wants on a matter still under investigation .... ug I can do this any more its too frustrating. You aren't even trying to make this in anyway realistic. You want blood on the highway dispite there only being a minor rearending. No law is ironclad.

Crys replied:

Huh.   You're correct.   Good catch.   He could've left right after Slytherins or heard Flitwick's report.   Either way is fine.

No, the WW legal system is an anachristic (sp?) mess, more suited to protecting the pureblood politicians than the populace.   How Fudge bends laws around Harry is canon proof of that.   Yes, it it fundamentally unfair.   I don't like it, either, but I'm using it in the story to suit the story.

Thank you for reading.

Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 7:29am

Well. This was a most excellent chapter, with a lot of good high points for me, including: Albus seeming to finally recognize that maybe he's not the be-all end-all of creation like he seems to want everyone to think he is, that, and maybe finally realizing that Snape has such an idiotric hatred of Harry that the man might not be quite as worthwhile as he wants him to be. The Malfoy's seem to slither away again somewhat, though now that Draco has been hauled off, that will at least make Narcissa scream at Lucius for awhile, hopefully, and distract him form Voldemort's missions. Sad to see that Ron seems to have just committed one of his last idiotic moves, and if he's still let off with just a warning, then maybe he needs to be 'pranked' next time. Curious about the dynamics here, and you know, you've done to Neville what JKR kept hinting at, but never did, and that's let him grow up, and beyond Ron also, who very much deserved to be left in the background by the time the 3rd book came around, as he wasn't much help and more hindrance, and not even a major player by the big wrap up. Liked how Hermione seems to be leaning towards Harry somewhat, and will be curious as to what role she may play in his future relationships with her and the two others.

Crys replied:

*snort*   Not hard for Neville go grow up beyond someone who is actively regressing in his maturity.   Can you tell that I disliked how JKR treated the two characters? :)

Hermione . . . You think she'd be better trying to get together with Harry or Neville?   Or someone else entirely?

Thanks for reading

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 7:18am

I love this chapter! Good going on getting rid of the Deez in disguise (Student Deez, in other words!), nice solution on the Snape issue, and well done on the Draco-mort issue. Yes, I said Draco-mort. I consider draco just one step below Volde-shmuck, and therefore am happy to call him Draco-mort.

Dakaath@TTH posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 7:17am

I love the excuse 'Checking for Plague.'
Great idea.

Ken Warner posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 7:06am

wonderful chapter - way too much goodness to applaud every detail, but the vanishing prank and the way you told it, was masterful

thanks so much for a great story

Gardengirl posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 7:03am

Detention in the library, eh? No, no, don't make me go back into the briar patch!

Love how Harry's misfired prank exposed the little wankers. Hermione and Neville as guardians and protectors works really well for me! Ron... he needs a serious rectal-craniectomy, stat. Loved McG's suggestion that he contemplate his future with some intensity.

Great chapter, thanks!

Crys replied:

"Not the briar patch!" indeed.   Which is, of course, why McG "punished" her with it.

Thanks for reading.

Jeffrey Meehan posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 6:59am

I'm sorry but they prank malfoy for trying to murder Harry what kind of ducked up logic is that?

Crys replied:

They publicly expose him as a DE and get him arrested.   Harry just called it a "misfired prank" to avoid getting expelled.

Mikko posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 6:42am

I enjoy your writing, though it does lack something, it doesn't build really any atmosphere around the story.

The premise is reasonable and all the story telling is quite good. You really don't need to go out of your way to include lemons, actually writing them poorly as most are done would go a long way to ruin it.

That doesn't mean that there shouldn't be any development in the relationship department, just make it romantic cuddling in front of a fire, not explicit descriptions of harrys penis entering daphnes arse.

Just keep away from the usual super harry cliches and you'll do fine. No animagus, or if you do that, make up some silly, but usefull forms, nothing that can be really utilized in combat except as a form of evasion.

As for Snape, something ignoble would suit his death quite well. Like a death eater attack on hogsmeade and harry casting a cutting curse on a random death eater and it turning out to be Snape after combat would suit me well.

Imo malfoys death should be something self inflicted by his stupidity or bigotry, something from mugle origins like explosives or firelegs.

Crys replied:

Unfortunately, it's difficult for Harry under the circumstances.   He is getting comfortable with the girls, but so long as they can't say "no", then "yes" is meaningless.   How do you romance someone who cannot refuse you?

You and I may know that it's still possible to do,  but Harry -  from the "inside", so to speak - can't see the situation nearly as clearly.

Glad you don't need the lemons.   Cuz I can't write them to save my life.   Not to mention I don't want to bump the rating.

Promise, no super-Harry (just an above average power and dueller), no animagus forms.  

Snape and Malfoy senior will be dealt with.   Never fear.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

gunners posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 6:28am

A very good chapter. At last somebody put the Malfoys in their place, but still they outmaneuver Harry.

Any chance to see the relationship of Harry/Daphne/Tracey improving more than it is now?

howard kammerer posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 6:09am

nicely done, very nicely done! I have to admit, it's a pleasast surprise to see Albus actually learn something and admit that he screwed up!

Thanks for the speedy updates and I'm really looking forward to more of this story.


DJ posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 6:05am

So was Ron so dumb as to bocome a DE? Any way fun chapter keep it up and tanks for writting.

ken payne posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 5:53am

I'm glad you're continuing this. I find myself looking forward to each update. I only have one question? When do we get to the consummation of the marriages?! It's been chapters and months!

Crys replied:

They'll consummate the marriage(s) when they're honestly in love with each other.

Thanks for reading

Anthony May posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 5:37am

Great work, I wish that Ron and Harry were tight - they've been through so much together. Anyway, I realize that this is your story and it is a great one. Thank you and leep the updates comin!

dexterz posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 5:29am

all that planning and stuff but harry doesnt have the common sense to get his vision corrected? sucks

Mikee posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 4:58am

Wonderful chapter. I so enjoyed Harry's "prank" ... especially the outcome. I can't help but wonder if that one wizard from the Board of Governors - who wanted Harry expelled -- is a Death Eater.

I'm quite looking forward to seeing what you do next.

Thank you.

Crys replied:

Good spot.   No, he's not a DE, but is in Malfoy's pocket and is a sympathiser.

Thanks for reading

Wolf550e posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 4:46am

A girl is called a whore in from of everyone and she is not allowed to slap the boy? Is that your idea of morality? Or manners? I understand you really like living in Saudi Arabia, then?

Jason Karr posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 4:27am

I do enjoy reading this story. I like how you got rid of malfoy jr. and the other jr. deatheaters

Lee Dickie posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 4:06am

A well written chapter full of intrigues.

Wolfric posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 3:41am

Thanks for the fine chapter. It brightens my day to see to see a contribution from one of my favorite authors. As a practical matter maybe Harry should have killed Malfoy in the duel. Of course it might not have served the story as well. Maybe using this situation as a precedent the ministry could start checking for dark marks before allowing entry to the ministry or board of governors meetings. Thanks again. W.

Crys replied:

Now, Wolfric, those are good, logical ideas.   So of course they won't be implemented.

Thanks for reading