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impatientuser posted a comment on Saturday 17th October 2009 12:11am

short and sad =(

tomandeva posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 11:11pm

I love the way you handled Harry and Tracey's 'divorce'. It felt so - right.

But, I'm a little confused about 'goodbye'. It's late May. Don't Harry and Tracey still have a month before they graduate (and their N.E.W.T.s still to sit)? Are they going to just ignore each other for that period, or did Dumbledore let them graduate early?

Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 10:05pm

This seems off a bit, maybe because Harry saved them from Malfoy, and the Daphne dies anyway, and he and TRracey, who seemed to be heading in a nice direction, are splitsville. I've got to wonder what else might be with this, or if this is it. If so, a little let down just because I hoped the three of them would have a happy ending, and we'd find out what happened to the others. If there's an upcoming twist to this, then obviously, I'll be waiting anxiously, and looking forward to what happens with them all, as well as finding out more about the others that went with Harry and those that didn't. Happy writing, and thanks for a wonderful fic.

Peter Clark posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 9:17pm

? Only one scene? Most unusual for Crys. Good scene, though. Gave lots of info about the aftermath.

Crys replied:

Yep, only one scene.

The previous chapter was from another PoV, and the next chapter is set in a different time frame, so it made sense to split it there.

Rage and Light posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 8:47pm

You know I was enjoying this story up until the last two chapters, I am sorry to say that I was hoping for a much more happy ending with alot more romance and I also hate that you killed daphane off. But part from that this was a good story but the ending has ruined it for me


Darke Gray posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 5:33pm

Well... honestly? The story was great, the ending left a lot to be desired. It's cool that Tracey got her freedom and everything but... it just left a bad taste in my mouth after reading it. Also I was highly disappointed that Daphne had to die, I liked her character a lot better than Tracey in this story. The way she acted throughout the story and especially the way it ended makes it seem like she just used Harry, even wanting to marry him in the end seems suspect to me. She never showed any interest at all and NOW she says he is deserving to be her husband? She seems pretty full of herself. If you decide to write an epilogue type chapter to follow this one I hope you have Hermione come and help Harry get better with a little tender-loving-care and have Tracey either fade into the background or have the rest of the "pure bloods" turn there backs on her, the 'dark' ones for her being a slave at one point and the 'light' ones for bringing a lawsuit against Harry when he had originally only did what he did to save her.
Anyways, I know that most likely what I hope won't really be added but it's how I would like to see this end.

LynnTerald posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 5:18pm

I politely disagree with James and say that you did not fuck up the ending, but that is just my opinion. The ending fits well with the rest of the theme of the story and one can appreciae that his "wife" is no longer to be viewed as property. I cn also appreciate how she got free. It just seems like you could have done a little more with it is all.

LynnTerald posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 5:15pm

Its an alright ending, but not up to you usual par.

James Barber posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 4:57pm

What the FUCK are you doing!!!!!!!!! you took a great story and totally FUCKED it UP!

Drake Vega posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 4:36pm



Huh. Well.

No doubt I'm not the only one who will say they didn't see _that_ end coming, but I
_LOVED_ it! A perfectly trippy/twisted ending to a rather good story considering the dark backbone of it.

Nicely done.

Crys replied:

Glad you liked it.

94caddy posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 2:53pm

Sorry to say but after a great story I thought that was a bad last chapter. I love your writing so anything new I will look forward to reading.

Bob Officer posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 1:40pm

Sort of anticlimactic isn't it? No death visions, not much other stuff...

Short and to the point. Not even any open questions left.

Not even much of a life goes onward.


ridmania posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 12:08pm

alright now as always you've writtewn really great but damn lol didn't like how that turned out but good story anyway.cant wait for another one from you

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 10:02am

Great. Fantastic. Sequel. Please. Oh, and get a wriggle on with 1001 deaths. I love your writing.

00_Knight posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 9:55am

I have long since been spoiled by good authors that have given a great couple of hours of reading per update. So while you've got excellent literary skills, its still disappointing to have such short chapters from you when you've started out with big ones.

As far as Tracy's freedom/lawsuit I saw that one coming, or at least her freedom, as well as guessing about the last bit about "Being free to say 'No'" and the rest.

A+ for the first 7 chapters, and C- and B for the last 2 respectively. All in all it was a decent read.

Can't wait to see where your imagination takes you next, I can only hope it doesn't abandon you halfway through though! :-D

Carol Layland posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 9:44am

Well, You are right. Two very short chapter, good ones though, but where do you go from here? Please let there be more to this wonderful story. Please let there be a happy ending for Harry as well. Carol Layland.

whatareyouevensaying posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 9:30am

Definitely unexpected, but in a good way. I've read a lot of stories in which Harry has female slaves (the deviant in me is strong, I guess), but I don't think I've ever seen them be freed. It is a horrible thing that Daphne died, but I will admit that Tracey was the more interesting character.

I wonder what the next chapter will bring. I'll be looking forward to it, as always.

Cenladil posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 9:27am


mwinter posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 9:25am

I have to say the story was well written. I meaning the grammer and spelling. I have enjoyed most of the story. Wished Harry had a bit more back bone when coming to dealing with Malfoy and Snape. But the last two chapters have left me dry in the mouth thinking that these while could go with what you wrote just don't seem to fit with the story. At least in my opion. I did see the death of Harry however breif would lead to the girls being set free. If you have another chapter now I see based on the story that your setting up Harry and Hermione (possibly). But the last two chapters just don't sit well with me. Well even though i wish for a different ending the author is the one who wrote. Thanks for posting.

Brian64 posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 8:40am

Well... after 7 thoroughly enjoyable chapters the last two have left me thoroughly depressed. I haven't felt this let down by a fic since I read Clell's Marriage Contracts story.

Hey, I admit it, I'm selfish. I read for my own enjoyment, not so I can bask in the awesomeness of an author's wordsmithing. Funnily enough, I don't enjoy reading about Harry's love interests getting either raped (as in Clell's fic above), or killed (as in this one).

Was the fic well-written and believable? Absolutely. Was a death telegraphed (before chapter 8)? Not that I picked up, but I did spot that Harry's brief death would break the chattel contract even before Tracey reached for her hair clip.

I think I understand why you split chapter 8 and 9. I can't see you doing it just to get a whole bunch of 'oh noes, don't kill Daphne!' reviews, so I'm pretty sure this was your take on the "your cat's on the roof.." method of breaking bad news to your readers.

Well, since the tale is still marked WIP, I'll assume there is more to come. I can only hope it's not going to be one of those 10 years later epilogues where they meet up again and decide to start dating (after the best of their youth is gone). I think that kind of RL style mediocrity would suck what goodness was left out of your fic.