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David Maddern posted a comment on Tuesday 6th October 2009 3:35pm

Like the fic. Nice take on Rorschach's prompt.

BTW, it seems like 'Raid and Ron' has vanished. I can't get to it. The reviews for it are there, but the chap itself is...absent.

Just FYI.

Crys replied:

Everything appears to be there now.   Maybe the website had a hiccup.

Thanks for reading

Harry2 posted a comment on Tuesday 6th October 2009 7:58am

good story and nice character development.
i tried to read the story from the beginning but i couldn't get to the most recent page. do you know why?

Crys replied:

Everything appears to be there now.   Maybe the website had a hiccup.

Thanks for reading

creepingdoom710 posted a comment on Sunday 4th October 2009 5:31pm

good job with this story im enjoying it a lot please keep up the good work :)

TurtleBlue posted a comment on Sunday 4th October 2009 10:51am

Been following this fic with eager anticipation and much enjoyment but this chappy left me with this quandry: wha happen with the weasel bashing? The cliffie at the I am ok with but where is the won-won blood and gore that should be splattered all over the griffie commonroom?

Harry is being trained by flicwick for weeks and yet Ron catches him with a sucker punch right in the kisser!?! While he is with his two wives in the "sacred safe halls of hoggywarts"!

Bit of a letdown if you ask me. At least I had hoped that grainger would have made sure that ron's block and tackle was no longer attached.


William Lack posted a comment on Wednesday 30th September 2009 11:12pm

So what exactly was Harry doing in the bedroom with his shirt off and Daphne needing to adjust her robe as she came out when Tracey arrived with news of Ron's attempted rape of Hermione .....? Had Tracey been asked to be elsewhere while Daphne's virginal status was being 'adjusted'?

please post faster than once a fortnight as I can't take the waiting....!

Crys replied:

You're the first person to ask about why he was coming out of his bedroom without a shirt, followed by Daphne adjusting her clothing.

The PG version is that she was healing his back/shoulder (she's his de facto physician) after a training accident and chose to remove her robes (while retaining the rest of her clothing) while doing so.

Now, if you want to spin some other possible scenario . . .

Thanks for reading.

Susan Burton posted a comment on Wednesday 30th September 2009 11:55am

This story is getting better and better with each chapter. Please don't keep us waiting for the next chapter. I look forward to seeing the next installment.

Bob Officer posted a comment on Wednesday 30th September 2009 8:54am

Nice job of Ron bashing.

Harry putting Bumbles in his place was a good scene.

I found all too many problems with Dumbledore and his being so wise.

The large logic gap in the story is if peter is still alive, and peter was the promise keeper, then the Potter cottage would still be invisible. Canon Didn't mention the release of a fidelis charm other than the death of the secret keeper or the the secret keeper directly or indirectly giving away the secret.

Hagrid should not have been able to locate the cottage on Dumbledore's instructions.

Illusia posted a comment on Wednesday 30th September 2009 4:56am

nice ending. really looking forward to the next chapter.

What bothered me most about the chattel is that I can't see a reason why Harry would obey the expectations of a pureblood society. It's not been said that there is a law to say how chattel must be handled nor can they be taken away from him if he doesn't treat them as such, so why would he worry about it? there's no magic bond that would break and harm them if he didn't acknowledge them as slaves, there's just a bunch of purebloods wanting it so and it irks me that Harry is basically saying 'I'll obey you'. I don't understand why he would. Is there something else, besides purebloods, that force him to say they're chattel?

Crys replied:

It's mostly peer pressure.   Society (including several who he actually listens to [Nev, Tracey, Daphne]) is saying that this is how he's supposed to act.

He isn't acting completely as society wants.   He's not micro-managing them, treating them as house-elves, or using them as sex toys/favors.

He's acting in some visible ways to how the pure-bloods want, but not to the extent that they want.   He's trying to find a happy medium.

You're right that he could completely ignore society, but that has repercussions.   The girls will be taken advantage of (they have no legal rights), and he'll lose some social standing.   Annoying as THAT is, it IS a concern when he is honest with himself about it.

That was all kind of rambling, but I think I answered it.

Thanks for reading

MarinePotterfan posted a comment on Tuesday 29th September 2009 2:36pm

Thanks for writing

Hawklan posted a comment on Tuesday 29th September 2009 4:20am

ohh I hope that was not all what will happen to Ron after what he tried, even if they now have such minor things like a battle on their mind *g*
I was suprised about the mellow reaction of Dumbledore.

Rob8 posted a comment on Sunday 27th September 2009 8:40pm

liking this story more and more... the interesting take on chattel works really well as well as the reaction from certain people.. looking forward to seeing how this pans out... and I dont mean the fight with Voldie... keep up the great work. Rob

djo posted a comment on Sunday 27th September 2009 7:59pm

are we approaching the end or is this 'just' a first (sort of) clash of arms???
I have a feeling we have not seen the last of Ron; something bad will come of him...

LynnTerald posted a comment on Saturday 26th September 2009 8:57pm

Cliffys. Hate them. The story is good thus far and well paced. I wouldn't mind at all if the next chapter didn't end with Voldemort's death.

noylj posted a comment on Saturday 26th September 2009 8:20pm

Oh, very nice...and I have absolutely no idea what Harry has planned. I would think that Bumbles, as much as I hate the "man," would be a welcome addition. Though I also do not know if he really has enough fight in him since he can't even punish a teacher or student for attempted rape.
I almost expect to see Ron come out of the house...
I can see Neville and Hermione being a couple, but I still would prefer her to be Harry's prime wife. Oh well...Nev does care a LOT for and about her (insufferable know-it-all [IKIA, as I like to call her] that she is).

Crys replied:

The clues for what Harry has been doing are there.   It'll be explained by the end.

AD could be an asset in the fight, but Harry also is planning for the worst.   If he and his fighting force are assaulting the Dolohov estate, what happens if Voldy and company decide to attack Hogwarts at that moment.   He's making sure his home base is in capable hands.   AD may be many things, but nobody would think him disloyal to Hogwarts.

You're not the only one who'd be surprised to find Ron with the deez.   Given enough time, he probably would join, but there hasn't been enough time for that.

Hermione would make someone (Neville, Harry, Terry, Justin, SOMEONE) a good wife, but only if they can see her personality as what it is.   She is nagging, but that bad trait covers a whole lot of good.   If you can get through the few bad, she's quite a catch.

thanks for the review

maddsloth posted a comment on Saturday 26th September 2009 1:51pm

Harry's social position versus wealth: Potters were a long line of purebloods, but that doesn't necessarily equate to wealth. Look at Weasleys and Gaunts. He has a high social position because of what happened as an infant. Not like there was a chance to gather wealth in the meantime.
I'm sorry if he can be high profile yet not insanely wealthy. Yeah, that's the way the fics usually go (300 trillion galleons, 97 percent of the wizarding economy and 3 / 4 of Hogwarts, as you pointed out). I'm just trying to turn that cliché on its ear.
The Gaunt it was suggested that their where once very wealthy, but as they took on the campaign of insane inbreeding not just pureblood but pure Slytherin blood (I think that was canon) as their mind went their fortune with it. As for the Weasleys they seemed to kind of be the black sheep of the wizarding world, they where mocked for being poor, seeming to imply it was not a normal thing for purebloods. Or all the poor purebloods would have been mocked (the Potters amongst them) Also the dozen children they have can’t help much. Furthermore the Weasley family is not the benchmark of pureblood standard (like your Potters are)
JKR hardly touched on the economy of her world (I think we know the price of a chocolate frog). Which is why we are clueless on this, of course the other cliché thing is the will of the Potters, either the potters where almost criminally negligent with the custody issues of their child or something else.
Dumbledore: He's confusing. Is he a manipulative, evil man? Is he senile?
(yes, most likely, and probably) a much stronger case could be made for there being something very fishy going on with him and his actions then there can be for him being the kind old man. The only positive thing he ever did for their world was to defeat Grindewald.
But let’s examine what we do know about our ‘leader of the light’ Chief Warlock:
1) Never did anything to attempt to help the ‘dark creatures’ He was the "speaker of the House" "lord speaker" "President of the Senate"
2) Sat back and let Sirius go to Azkaban without a trial or a unfair ‘show trial’ we do not know which. He was not just the head of the Vigilant group Sirius worked for he was the Chief Warlock!!
3) Sat back and let the Death Eaters bribe and threaten their way out of Azkaban, what? if you claim you where under the Imperius that should not be verified with veritaserum? That is admitting you committed crimes but claim you where made to do it.
4) Knowingly placed Harry in an abusive home, may or may not have ever checked on him but with miss Fig there I would argue he know what was going on. And sent him back each year after school.
5) Did not stop Hagrid from being sent to Azkaban without proof or a trial (for the second time) in (CoS) where was the DMLE? Why did the Chief Warlock, not point out that might not be lawful?
6) Did not step in to stop Sirius’s kiss when he found out he may be innocent after all (PoA)
7) (GoF) nuff said about that really. Though could have ordered Harry to go before the Wizengamot and testify about the death of Cedric and be questioned under veritaserum and show memories.
8 ) Let Fudge take over the Wizengamot making himself a true dictator then let Umbridge do whatever she wanted in his school, and even after being reinstated as Chief Warlock he did nothing about Umbridge’s crimes.
9) 6th year, knew Draco was a death eater, and did nothing when his attempts to kill him nearly murdered several kids under his charge.
10) Maneuvered a child in to a position that he was willing to let himself be murdered never bothering to train him properly, put him in life threatening situations each year.
11) Let a man improperly teach a core class in his school, a class that was needed to become an Auror, thus crippling the law enforcement branch of his government.

The idea of Dumbledore being ‘good’ is almost laughable, the only explanation is if he is insane.

rkwahl83 posted a comment on Saturday 26th September 2009 9:30am

really enjoy the story. can't wait to see the next part and what the signal will be.

serenity16 posted a comment on Saturday 26th September 2009 9:18am

Hurray another chapter :P loved it!!!

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Saturday 26th September 2009 6:03am

Oops, looks like Ron's made the final step to "enemy to be neutralized and removed"; he'll come to heavily regret that. Meanwhile, that bit with "plausible denialbility" was nicely done the exchange with Lucius was amsuing; I don't think he quite expected Harry Potter to be so prepared. The final portion of the chapter as they prepare to move against Voldemort gives me to think that this phase of the story may be over shortly, but there's still a lot to do after dealing with Tommy-boy and that, itself, should make for quite a story.

Crys replied:

Ron managed to remove himself from the playing field.   No further effort required, no matter how tempting it is to use him for target practice for localized cutting charms.

Thanks for the reviews.

fx posted a comment on Friday 25th September 2009 11:51pm

Good job and thanks for the update! I enjoy this fic very much and eagerly awaits each new chapter :)

PopeYodaI posted a comment on Friday 25th September 2009 11:46pm

Is this sentence really appropriate given how close Tracey came to being raped? Just doesn't seem like something your depiction of Harry could laugh at.
All three of them laughed.
Anyway, pretty good chapter, though totally removing Ron's expulsion scene was a bit anticlimactic.