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Gardengirl posted a comment on Thursday 27th August 2009 11:27pm

Ewww. Great job writing something despicable! I trust that Harry will settle up with him for real here soon, though?

in-fanficauthors posted a comment on Thursday 27th August 2009 3:05pm

I wonder how long Harry is going to hold out. Daph does seem pretty determined. Hermione is being very solicitous. Perhaps the Ron-clue has dropped and she is wondering if there might not be better fish?

Muggle leave stuff to their pets all of the time. Can something similar be done in Harry's situation?

I will be interested to see where you go with this. Please keep going.

jazed posted a comment on Tuesday 25th August 2009 3:23pm

Looking forward to more on this story. Like how your writing is going so far. want to give you a Thank you for letting us see & enjoy it.

Quackpotty posted a comment on Tuesday 25th August 2009 9:05am

Loved the story so far and I eagerly await more.

ichtys posted a comment on Monday 24th August 2009 6:23am

Thank you for writing and sharing this story. I look forward to read the next chapter.

scribbler posted a comment on Saturday 22nd August 2009 7:59am

Aug. 22, 2009

It's a very, very interesting story, though I'm always disappointed to see Harry with anyone other than Hermione as at least his primary wife. I loathe and detest the idea of her being with Ron. He's an incredible loser and it's always frustrating to think about how anyone could accept Hermione being pared with him.

However - you've written a very good and compelling story and I look forward to your next chapter very much.

Pointer posted a comment on Friday 21st August 2009 4:59pm

"Thanks for the offer, but we're going to have to start doing these things without your help, Hermione."

There's cliffies and there's cliffies, that attitude is going to bring nothing but trouble.

vheritas posted a comment on Friday 21st August 2009 9:26am

Lovely, beautifully crafted story. The characterizations are particularly good, as is the dialogue.
Will Harry take an actual wife too? Maybe save Hermione from the Dreaded Ron?
Keep up the great job.

Sandrine Lupin posted a comment on Wednesday 19th August 2009 6:55pm

It is a very good story and an original one.
I like it a lot and I hope to read the next chapter quickly. I hope Harry will see that Daphnee really want him for who he is and not because she has no choice but him.
I understand that the family Potter does not have a lot of money but it is surprising for the Black family, isn't it? Or maybe there is a lot of money or jewels in grimauld place?
Maybe the three of them can live in there parents house ?
Maybe Harry can loose Tracey in duel for the guy who she loves. like "Oh, I am awkward, I lost my wand, sorry, you win"
Or he can say after the batle with Voldemort, "I save everybody so now you abolished this stupid law of chattel..."
I stop there in my guesses and wait for the next chapter.
thanks for writing this one and good luck for the end of the story

Crys replied:

Yeah, in canon the Blacks have a fair fortune, but for purposes of this story I'm going to say that they've squandered it away by following Voldy.   12GP is their only remaining significant asset, and that has a lot of back-taxes due.

There are all sorts of things the three can do after graduation.   12GP, living with one of the in-laws, finding a place of their own.

Yes, once the girls find someone they want to marry, Harry can find all sorts of ways to "give" her to him.   He just can't free them, though, no matter how much he may want to.

Post-Voldy (if the story goes that far), he may have the political clout to abolish this law.   We'll see.

Thanks for reading.

winoniel posted a comment on Wednesday 19th August 2009 3:16pm

Great chapter. I liked the way you've written Figg, and I was happy to see that the three are still teenagers. You're developing their characters quite credibly, and also doing a good job of showing Harry not only coming to grips with the situation, but allowing the girls to help him mature and grow.

0x517A5D posted a comment on Wednesday 19th August 2009 9:58am

I've been wondering what happens to the girls if Harry should die.

"Die," Daphne said bluntly, "or kill us."

On Harry's death, does their status change from property back to people? Or are they handed to Harry's heir?

If the second, Harry really needs to make a will and see to the disposition of his property. If the first, maybe there's a way to trick the magical laws involved?

Crys replied:

When/if he dies, they'll become people again.   Yes, somewhat contrary to common property inheritance, but chattel-wives isn't exactly what I'd classify as "common".

Harry has made a will.   Sorry I didn't mention that, but not a central part of the story.

00_Knight posted a comment on Tuesday 18th August 2009 3:39pm

Typical Harry Potter nobility at its finest! I would probably have done the same thing, for the same reasons, inspect both of them first and then remember to be embarrassed.

Excellent as always, though I'm exceptionally curious as to how Tracy is going to play this out, is she going to let Daphne have all the fun teasing Harry, or is she going to try and have a true relationship with him, like he wants before he'll "sleep" with them.

All in all it was well worth the wait, and the next chapter will be even more exciting, because you didn't give us a cliffhanger! So let the expectations run rampant!

Ladyofthelight posted a comment on Tuesday 18th August 2009 6:58am

Very nice! It definitely makes me feel for Daphne and Tracey, but also Harry as well. Good job, and update soon!

Poirot posted a comment on Tuesday 18th August 2009 6:29am

Great chapter! I've been surprised at how much I am LOVING this story. Usually slavery fics upset me so much I cannot enjoy them, but this is very well written.

Crys replied:

Glad you're enjoying it.

cwejr posted a comment on Tuesday 18th August 2009 4:16am

A most enjoyable story. I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter. I did notice a few homonym errors. (that's one word I just cannot spell.) The errors were not too bad and didn't detract from the story. Very realistic characters, I could believe that this could happen. 'Great.



Illusia posted a comment on Monday 17th August 2009 3:45am

Does magic itself punish Harry somehow if he acts not like a master?

Crys replied:

How is he not acting like a master?

He's providing them food, shelter, and protection.   In the future, he'll be providing them meaningful activities (they're still students, and he'll help them get jobs later when they graduate).

Just because he doesn't bed them doesn't make him a bad master.

amulder posted a comment on Monday 17th August 2009 2:33am

considering Harry distaste of slavery, I'm rather surprised at him being nervous about meeting the inlaws. Frankly, I expected him to be furious and to want to roast the fathers.

He also needs to sit down and read that contract in depth and see what his options are. If he really wants to give Tracey and Daphne the ability to say "No", then something has to change.

thanks for the work, keep it interesting!

Renzo7 posted a comment on Monday 17th August 2009 12:00am

Nice chapter, very entertaining to read.

Keep up the great work and please update soon.

White Knight Leo posted a comment on Saturday 15th August 2009 10:52pm

As before, excellent writing. My apologies for having nothing specific to contribute, but pray continue what you are doing.

t-dugong posted a comment on Saturday 15th August 2009 7:01pm

Thank you for this lovely chapter. You treated Mrs. Figg quite well, compared to other fanfic writers. I hope to see where this goes, and keep up the good effort. Sorry if there's no good suggestion or whatnot. :)