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Engrprince posted a comment on Friday 13th September 2013 11:08am for Epilogue

I enjoyed the story except that Harry is not with someone. You have developed a Relationship with three girls showed Harry would be a great husband. One dies and the other two aren't with him. That there is no relationship with some female (Ginny, Susan, Luna, Katie or any other know character) is such a let down takes a lot away from the story. Too Bad

draco6812 posted a comment on Thursday 25th April 2013 3:51am for Epilogue

I love the story but i have to say that that was the dumbest ending. I mean Harry did all that and he ended up alone...or did you put him with ginny?

raven3182 posted a comment on Tuesday 15th January 2013 11:46pm for Epilogue

This is a good story. However, as you noted that some of the other reviewers said, I think the ending was a bit lacking. You do have your argument as to why Harry didn't end up with one of the girls, but it just feels wrong to the reader. You may be right that it probably wouldn't work out that way in real lfe, but this isn't real life, it's a story. And in stories the hero gets the girl, or else the happy ending isn't so happy. Anyways, that point aside, I really enjoyed reading this. You managed to take a situation that is normally used simply for smut and make and intelligent, well developed story. Well done. Thanks for writing!

Gioia posted a comment on Friday 22nd June 2012 2:08pm for Epilogue

I really enjoyed this fic as something other than a smutfest or romance. Smut and romance have their place in some stories, but a premise that involved slavery was not, in my opinion, the best place for either. So your way of handling this was just perfect.

I really do love the Harry Potter series, but the truth is that it was written for kids, which means that a lot of the serious issues are glossed over. As a 30-something mom, I've been bothered by the things that are not pursued to their logical ends: Child abuse, slavery, date-rape potions, etc. - these are real and are all depicted in the HP universe. I therfore appreciated how you took this crackish idea* and used it to look at some of those serious issues, following them through to their logical conclusions. If a world in which those other issues I named are allowed to continue as part of the status quo, a scenario such as you have here does make sense. And if that's a part of their world, what does it say about their people, their customs, and their laws? Very little that's good.

* And just for the record, lest anyone misunderstand, by calling the story premise "crackish," I don't mean that as an insult to either you, Rorschach's Blot, or the idea itself. I'm very fond of crack!fics, especially when an author has the ability to turn them into well thought out, logically scripted stories such as this one.

Thanks for all of your hard work! This was fun. :)

Crys replied:

I agree, smut or romance have a place, but I'm not likely to produce either.

I'm also a parent, and some of the topics in the series also bother me.   The very concept of laughing off a love potion . . .

I didn't take offense.   My personal definition of "crackish" is different, but I see where you were coming from.

Glad you enjoyed the story.

Banner posted a comment on Thursday 7th June 2012 3:29pm for Epilogue

I enjoyed this one all the way through. I love the characterizations - they feel absolutely perfect to me. The ending was quietly satisfying. Thank you.

Crys replied:

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Clell65619 posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2012 4:10pm for Epilogue

- Ok, I've just re-read this one, and I have to say, I still love it.

- I know you took a lot of crap for the ending, but god it's good.

- So when do we see something new from you?

Crys replied:

Glad you enjoyed it, Clell.

I have a small to medium piece that's nearly done, as well as working on Snide 7.   Two other pieces that may or may not go anywhere as well.

I've slowed down, but I'm not quite stopped.

amsev posted a comment on Thursday 19th April 2012 2:55am for Epilogue

Compelling story about some awfulness considering the archaic nature of the wizarding world. I'm sorry one of the 'Bines died, but this was an excellent story.

Thank you for writing!

stargenna posted a comment on Saturday 14th January 2012 7:11pm for Epilogue

It felt like one big tease. HP got the raw deal. Why lend his name and fortune to Tracy so she could kick his helping hand back in his face? The bondage discussed here doesn't sound like chattel slavery to me. Read some firsthand slavery narratives. This is like the movie The Help in that it doesn't suit or ring true to the fear entailed.

RavenKnight013 posted a comment on Tuesday 27th December 2011 8:51pm for Epilogue

Good story, good pacing overall. It was interesting throughout, though I was a bit irked at Daphne dying like that and the fact that Harry didn't get the girl, as was so quaintly written...
But I can understand where you came from either way- not everything works out absolutely for the best in real life and a fictional story isn't necessarily any better in that respect.
One last thing- I like the way that Voldemort was weakened before the battle- that was awesome!

havok117 posted a comment on Monday 19th September 2011 2:05am for Epilogue

Everything was fine with your story up to the last two chapters. They were crap. Your the author and its your story but it doesn't change the fact your ending was bad. Harry lost the girl that liked him then lost most of his money and finally became the Minister...

KingDarius posted a comment on Wednesday 14th September 2011 10:22pm for Epilogue

good overall story. though i do find most of the criticisms you just mentioned rather valid, though honestly i did not care that he didnt get involved with either tracy or hermione. it was rather obvious you were leading up to a NL/HG pairing,and not really much leading a conclusion of a HP/TD pairing, though if it had been Daphne who survived(who i would have prefered)that would be another thing entirely. my other criticism is that ron got off way too easily for the shit he pulled.

Feno3000 posted a comment on Friday 9th September 2011 1:22am for Epilogue

Really cool version of a not-really-harem-fic... All the standardized elements are there but it's still fresh and diverse enough to stand out from the lot and shine brightly through the mist of averageness.

I'm actually smiling at the level of disgust i can feel towards your "Ron", as it's rather hilarious to emote something this intense towards a mere literary figure... and then not even either Malfoy was able to enfuriate me quite so strongly. Maybe Snape, but then it's Snivellus, one wouldn't expect anything else from the btard...

Yet another "pureblood customs" are medieval storyline... the execution was solid, the reasoning okay... the level of disbelief on the other hand did rather poorly in my eyes... even the wizarding world that followed Fudges dirt in the Prophet should not be so heavily against Harry when proof of his integrity is clearly visible before all eyes. And moreso... the purebloods and especially the traditionalist purebloods are a minority... the students at Hogwarts should not feel like treating the girls so abundantly disrespectful in their majority.

The plot around the "dissolution" of the chattel marriage was a nice twist, but also a little bit the cowards way out. showing Harry to stand and fight against the pureblood stupidity by ripping down their precious legal construct piece for piece in the Wizengamot using his after Voldyshorts Fame and the influence and cunning of the now allied Davis, Greengrass and Longbottom families (and maybe others as well) would imo have been superior to having them simply divorced because of legalities and the change put into a half sentence of the postscript... but well, everybody's tastes are different and at least you did not exclude any later romance, did you? ;)

Ledivin posted a comment on Monday 5th September 2011 12:54pm for Epilogue

That was so sad...

selonianth posted a comment on Monday 4th July 2011 2:42am for Epilogue

To be honest while I can see where you're coming from as far as he's in a nice place. You still did the same thing most of us are angry with JK for doing. You put him through hell in the form of all that shit with Malfoy and getting attacked, you killed Daphne, and then what you give him is the Ministry. I'm not flaming when I say this, but He deserved more after all that and you know it.

reader1writer1 posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2011 12:49pm for Epilogue

Good story. Slightly confusing ending, but good story.

wolfwood posted a comment on Sunday 15th May 2011 9:20pm for Epilogue

Apologies for the double post. Didn't think my first one made it.

wolfwood posted a comment on Sunday 15th May 2011 9:15pm for Epilogue

I have to agree with most of the comments you put int he epilogue, I liked everything except the last couple chapters. Quickly and quietly killing off the girl who did like him, and leaving him alone at the end, a disappointing ending that leaves the story without a feeling of resolution. No one was particularly happy, or sad, just apathetic.

wolfwood posted a comment on Sunday 15th May 2011 6:40pm for Epilogue

I have to agree with most of the comments you put int he epilogue, I liked everything except the last couple chapters. Quickly and quietly killing off the girl who did like him, and leaving him alone at the end, a disappointing ending

akki8343 posted a comment on Friday 29th April 2011 10:25am for Epilogue

A really nice story

timunderwood9 posted a comment on Thursday 7th April 2011 7:41pm for Epilogue

Nah, Daphne dying was sad, but in a reasonably good way. And while there is a strong appeal to the whole heroic romance concept, reasonably speaking expecting people to have their lives settled before turning 20 is stupid.

The problem with canon in the end was that it had everyone in permanent relationships without being a heroic romance story--- which means everyone is annoyed because they are in the wrong permanent relationships.

Despite being a Harmony shipper I actually have something of a soft spot for the Hermione/Neville pairing--- the brilliant girl with the shy boy with a learning disability who grows up to become a total badass. I'm not really aware of any major stories with that as the primary pairing, but I'm almost tempted to write one myself.

Nah my formal objection to the story here is Snape should have been put permanently off the streets years earlier than that. And someone ought to have killed Ron earlier too....