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Sinfield4 posted a comment on Sunday 4th March 2018 8:19am for Epilogue

Was a interesting read thanks

Maha1959 posted a comment on Monday 29th January 2018 4:51pm for Epilogue

hello, i discovered your fic when i was reading the author JECONAIS.

i read it in 2 days and i found it beautiful and with the main topic (chattel) very enlightning.

thank you for this. i hopr to hear of you Maha from Paris

Paddybee posted a comment on Sunday 10th December 2017 11:40am for Epilogue

It is so nice to read a fanfic written in competent English, no bad idioms, correct spelling and a logical entertaining plot.

Thank you, I look forward to reading more.


ichaos posted a comment on Tuesday 18th July 2017 12:45am for Epilogue

I'm sorry, but I did not like this story. The phrase "no pain, no gain" comes to mind. As usual, Harry faces the pain but this time he doesn't really ebd up with anything to show for it

karry299 posted a comment on Saturday 19th November 2016 7:43pm for Epilogue

Ah, i wasted my time on this story. Good to know.

sudoapt posted a comment on Sunday 10th January 2016 1:24am for Epilogue

What the f*ck!

Great story...worst ending I have ever seen! Not only does the one girl to show affection and possibly budding love to Harry dies, but the other girl...who gains her freedom wants to stay with an honerable man like Harry...and he's answer is "it would be just too weird"!

What the actual fuck?

Lastly, everyone who has a modicum of knowledge of Harry as a character knows that Harry HATES politics...he would never have become minister of magic...ever!

You may not have wanted a romance story but thats what it was shaping up to be...and it had alot of potential to be a great romance story. This ending was absolutely awful!

Himanshu.99 posted a comment on Sunday 3rd January 2016 12:10pm for Epilogue

I agree with author but still he should have ended up with someone maybe Luna. Anyway it was one of the best story although last two to three chapters felt rushed but its up for author to decide.

mwinter posted a comment on Saturday 11th April 2015 5:22pm for Epilogue

Still really enjoy rereading this.

rgshea96789 posted a comment on Monday 17th November 2014 12:05am for Epilogue

Well done! Nice timeline.

The Seeker posted a comment on Friday 31st October 2014 6:44pm for Epilogue

After your wonderful examination of Pureblood-driven laws, specifically that concerning 'chattel wives,' and the tense build up to the Voldemort/Harry confrontation, for me at least, the story fell apart. Using Brad's highly limited pov was irritating and out of context with the rest of the story. Basically, it detracted from what I wanted to know - how Harry and his group were doing, the confrontations with the DEs inside the house, finally meeting Riddle, etc. Handling it through another's pov diminished one of the two primary threads to almost the level of a footnote.

More frustrating than the minimalizing of the battle and defeat of Riddle was the complete dropping of your primary theme: the chattel wives law. Unlike your AN #2, Harry not ending up with Tracey, Daphne and/or Hermione didn't bother me per se. Instead, I wanted to see how this law affected the lives of Harry, Tracey and Daphne after they graduated from Hogwarts and entered 'adult' life. You'd done an excellent job describing the pitfalls, loss of self-identity, and prejudice through most of the story. So, I was shocked when you killed Daphne to eliminate having to do anything later with her. Even more irritating was Harry and Tracey shrugging their shoulders and fabricating a very flimsy scam to get Tracey out of the chattle contract, as if what they went through meant nothing to them. These two decisions - to kill off Daphne and get Tracey out of the contract/marriage caused the rest of your story to become meaningless.

Sorry,but I thought the story was well written and interesting until the battle chapter, then it felt like you lost interest in it. - The Seeker

gtgrouch posted a comment on Wednesday 30th July 2014 5:28pm for Epilogue

Good story: worth a read!

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Wednesday 4th June 2014 9:02am for Epilogue

He's the bloody MINISTER?! Frankly it's almost impossible to tell from reading this. I thought he was just Lord Potter, but I suppose you DID say he hadn't a seat in teh Wizengamot...?

aikawa akihiko posted a comment on Saturday 1st February 2014 2:58pm for Epilogue

this story was very interestng. it's not everyday you can come across a story with this kind of set up without it turning into a bodice-ripper/romance. and even though that was what i thought i was going to be reading, I like that Harry didn't find anything remotely sexy or romantic about the stuation they were in.

I see that there is a lot of whinng about how it didn't have a happily-ever-after. I have to say that i really like the ending for this! the hero did not "get the girl", a troupe that places women as trophies that the hero has earned a right to by doing good. Instead, you kept true to your overall theme that Tracey and Daphne were PEOPLE and not things, with rights and desires of their own. very nice.

TWScott posted a comment on Sunday 29th December 2013 10:14pm for Epilogue

Decent story however there is a MASSIVE flaw. Since the contracts were only legal instead of magical Harry's death would need to be registered in the form of a Death Certificate before the contract could even be thought to be terminated. If the contract was done by magical means yes the stopping of a heartbeat could cancel the contract, but that was not the case. No magical solicator would take the case to press in Wizengamot for fear of starting a series of cases where magical stasis was used to decalre someone 'dead'.

Muroshi9 posted a comment on Thursday 19th September 2013 9:56pm for Epilogue

I was really enjoying this story till you went for the tragedy ending. Even if he didn't end up with one of the three that still was no cause to just kill off Daph. Harry was already dead from Voldie's last strike. It could have ended with both girls free. Her death just seems arbitrary. And it wasn't made very clear that he was minister. Just that he had an office and his friends came to talk.

Crys replied:

Daph dying was the plan from the start.  As you pointed out, this was a borderline tragedy.  I wasn't being gratuitously evil, I was trying to point out that not everyone lives happily ever after, even if Harry thinks he's in a pretty good place.

Minister: his secretary called him Minister and he can introduce bills to the Wizengamot.  Okay, I didn't specify Minister of Magic, but I did try to imply it.

thank you for reviewing.

Engrprince posted a comment on Friday 13th September 2013 11:08am for Epilogue

I enjoyed the story except that Harry is not with someone. You have developed a Relationship with three girls showed Harry would be a great husband. One dies and the other two aren't with him. That there is no relationship with some female (Ginny, Susan, Luna, Katie or any other know character) is such a let down takes a lot away from the story. Too Bad

draco6812 posted a comment on Thursday 25th April 2013 3:51am for Epilogue

I love the story but i have to say that that was the dumbest ending. I mean Harry did all that and he ended up alone...or did you put him with ginny?

raven3182 posted a comment on Tuesday 15th January 2013 11:46pm for Epilogue

This is a good story. However, as you noted that some of the other reviewers said, I think the ending was a bit lacking. You do have your argument as to why Harry didn't end up with one of the girls, but it just feels wrong to the reader. You may be right that it probably wouldn't work out that way in real lfe, but this isn't real life, it's a story. And in stories the hero gets the girl, or else the happy ending isn't so happy. Anyways, that point aside, I really enjoyed reading this. You managed to take a situation that is normally used simply for smut and make and intelligent, well developed story. Well done. Thanks for writing!

Gioia posted a comment on Friday 22nd June 2012 2:08pm for Epilogue

I really enjoyed this fic as something other than a smutfest or romance. Smut and romance have their place in some stories, but a premise that involved slavery was not, in my opinion, the best place for either. So your way of handling this was just perfect.

I really do love the Harry Potter series, but the truth is that it was written for kids, which means that a lot of the serious issues are glossed over. As a 30-something mom, I've been bothered by the things that are not pursued to their logical ends: Child abuse, slavery, date-rape potions, etc. - these are real and are all depicted in the HP universe. I therfore appreciated how you took this crackish idea* and used it to look at some of those serious issues, following them through to their logical conclusions. If a world in which those other issues I named are allowed to continue as part of the status quo, a scenario such as you have here does make sense. And if that's a part of their world, what does it say about their people, their customs, and their laws? Very little that's good.

* And just for the record, lest anyone misunderstand, by calling the story premise "crackish," I don't mean that as an insult to either you, Rorschach's Blot, or the idea itself. I'm very fond of crack!fics, especially when an author has the ability to turn them into well thought out, logically scripted stories such as this one.

Thanks for all of your hard work! This was fun. :)

Crys replied:

I agree, smut or romance have a place, but I'm not likely to produce either.

I'm also a parent, and some of the topics in the series also bother me.  The very concept of laughing off a love potion . . .

I didn't take offense.  My personal definition of "crackish" is different, but I see where you were coming from.

Glad you enjoyed the story.

Banner posted a comment on Thursday 7th June 2012 3:29pm for Epilogue

I enjoyed this one all the way through. I love the characterizations - they feel absolutely perfect to me. The ending was quietly satisfying. Thank you.

Crys replied:

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.