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Dilla posted a comment on Thursday 24th January 2008 5:13pm

I meant 'her' at the end of that 3rd sentence, my bad. I'm no slash fan.

Dilla posted a comment on Thursday 24th January 2008 5:10pm

Guess a girl? If I was going off Ron's reaction, I would eliminate Ginny and Hermione. Ron would been more vehement if it was one of them. I also believe that Harry to trust his fiance if he was planning to spend the rest of his life with him, so I don't believe houses matter. I'm going out on the limb and say Daphne Greengrass(please?). I'm a sucker for that pairing.

-Wow, this a long review, sorry about that.

Crys replied:

There is no single "right" answer.   I wrote it so that each reader can fill in the blank themselves.

Oh, and never, never, apologize for a long review.

Thomas posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd January 2008 11:32am

Aurora Sinistra. Just to be different.

blanca posted a comment on Sunday 6th January 2008 9:24am

Lovely story! Ginny, please.

power214063 posted a comment on Thursday 3rd January 2008 8:13am


WindWolf posted a comment on Tuesday 20th November 2007 1:04am

Oh I loved it! LOL! Poor Harry. Thank you for a good laugh, WW.

Panaka posted a comment on Sunday 4th November 2007 9:16am

Ok logic:

She's in his bed, in Gryffindor tower, during the summer. Despite war time students don't spend time in Hogwarts during the summer. Although most of his classmates are on the grounds that day, they wouldn't be able to stay the night or have free access to a now otherwise empty castle for security reasons. So that narrows it down to Ginny, Hermoine or a female member of the order. With Tonks being the youngest female member of the order she's on the short list.

So the choices are Ginny, Hermione and Tonks. Harry is honourable and wouldn't have put a ring on an under 17 year old Ginny's finger without Arthur and Molly knowing. And knowing Molly...
Hermoine? I don't think so because keeping something like this a secret from him would give massive problems with Ron and neither Harry or Hermoine would want that. That leaves Tonks.

Of course it would be a lot more interesting if it was Daphne Greengrass, who snuck in trough the Honeyduke tunnel.

That being said, my gut instinct screams Ginny.

squidtamer posted a comment on Tuesday 16th October 2007 11:49am

Good job. Very amusing. Had me laughing a couple of times. I like the somewhat open ended ending with the subtle hints. Very nicely played there.

And if other readers have missed it, go back and re-read it. the hints are there. tonks and ron bring their reactions to them.

borg posted a comment on Friday 12th October 2007 10:10pm

daphne greengraas or tracy davis or padma patil or penelope clearwater

borg posted a comment on Friday 12th October 2007 10:08pm

daphne greengraas or tracy davis or penelope clearwater

Lilith_L2 posted a comment on Saturday 6th October 2007 3:46am


NateGold posted a comment on Monday 17th September 2007 3:11pm

:::Chuckling::: Good story, better ending.
My choice(s)

1. Tracy Davis
2. Daphne Greengrass
3. Katie Bell

Underused and underdevelped female characters who, if paired with Harry would create a major stir.

moshpit posted a comment on Sunday 16th September 2007 5:18pm

Amusing, and the end line is the key bit. Since you've made it clear, even in the A/N, that it can be anyone, I fail to see the point of guessing or stating who you want it to be -- since it automatically becomes that person.

Thus, I want it to be Winky. He took SPEW to a whole new level of house-elf appreciation, and aside from learning a whole new kind of magic, he found a beautiful new world to explore.


Crys replied:


Glad you enjoyed it.

Hemotem posted a comment on Thursday 6th September 2007 3:12am

OHHH it would be great to know who that person was but ya know I think it would be best if it were Tonks but that is just me. now to the Sire parts does he go along with it??? I hope so hehe. Even if he just does it the magic way he gets money and well gives him some family that he soo wants.

Thank you


matthiasblack posted a comment on Thursday 2nd August 2007 6:15pm

I wouldn't mind it being anyone but Hermione, Ginny, or Luna. I am currently in a Harry/Fleur shipper but one of the Patils wouldn't be too bad either.

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Wednesday 1st August 2007 4:45pm

Tonks, of course! WHo else, since Harry and Tonks already have a relationship?!

Nova Lily Evans Potter posted a comment on Wednesday 1st August 2007 12:07pm

Oooh! Daphne maybe...or Padma (I can't see him with Parvati), Hermione, it could be anyone besides Ginny.

But my best bet is Hermione.

You should write something like a sequel to this story so we could find out who it is.


Crys replied:

Now why would I want to ruin it by telling? :)

Lionsgate posted a comment on Monday 16th July 2007 2:46am

Hermione , no other girl fits Harry better ! We still can hope JK sees the light ...

TheHard posted a comment on Friday 13th July 2007 2:27pm

Err... Hermione? but you did't mention her :(...

I think is Luna :-D

WindWolf posted a comment on Tuesday 10th July 2007 6:34pm

LOL! I loved it. For the muggle-borns it has to be worse that living in.. say Japan. There you would expect things to be weird. Here everything seems nomal, magic aside, then bam.. something blind-sides them. Poor Harry (giggle) Thank you, WW