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noylj posted a comment on Saturday 10th April 2010 2:00pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

So, was Blaise male or female?
The problem with epilogues is that they always sound so boring.
I hope Harry had a lot of happiness during the rest of his life.
Thanks for the story, but there still was no explanation of how Moldie survived the "rebounded" killing curse (though I certainly don't miss those damned horcruxes).

Crys replied:

Blaise. Well, in canon it's a he, but in most earlier fic it's a she. As for in my epi? Either works.

Yes, Harry had a long life of happiness. I didn't see the need to write about his joy teaching his kids to ride a broom or watching his daughter play seeker. "And they all lived happily ever after."

No, I never really did give a specific reason for Moldy surviving. Then again, neither did JKR until she made up horcruxes at the spur of the moment. Unnamed "dark rituals" is good enough for the situation.

maddsloth posted a comment on Monday 22nd March 2010 7:34pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

Nice story, the run through the house was cool liked Voldemort’s end a sword in the back is always a nice way to take him out.

loverly09 posted a comment on Saturday 27th February 2010 6:24pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

Very well written xD I loved the story line and how you made the cliché plots very... believable and uncliché like ;) I loved this story and I can't wait to see what other stories you come up with xD

Kuronosa posted a comment on Wednesday 10th February 2010 2:16am for 48 - Post Voldemort

Very, very, very good.

This is a Harry/Tonks that one just has to read if they are going to call themselves a fan of that pairing.

Your writing style, in my opinion, is good, and your chapters are long enough to make the story interesting, without being drawn out.

I'm sorry that I didn't see this in development, but I only just found out about this group of authors about...9 months or so ago, after finding Jeconais' Hope off of FFNet.

I would love to read more of this ship from you, if you ever get the idea to do so again, and also would love to beta-read for you, if I ever get office back on this stupid laptop of mine.

Overall, I believe that you did a good job, and this is one story that I would not mind reading again and again...just not for a few days in a row....after all, this took 6 hours to read in all...I think.

Nancy Austin posted a comment on Monday 14th December 2009 1:08pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

Thank you so much for another delightful story.
I understand the pros and cons of posting all at once vs posting chapter by chapter. Personally, I prefer to read stories that are complete. Being older (55), I am beginning to have trouble keeping story lines straight. Waiting for updates only makes it worse because I read other stories in between and wind up having to go back a chapter or two to remember what was going on.
I have a bunny I would love to donate to someone, but I have to discuss it off-line; preferably with a writer who is also a mom.

SlytherinSlayer21 posted a comment on Wednesday 21st October 2009 4:47pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

amazing story!

Setty posted a comment on Monday 19th October 2009 11:15pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

I really liked it. *grins*

LuffyLaxer posted a comment on Tuesday 15th September 2009 7:55am for 48 - Post Voldemort

very good. interesting making remus gay. oh well it was good to say the very least. 10/10.

Jonez227 posted a comment on Monday 7th September 2009 12:11pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

very excellent i love tonks and she is a good match for harry. you obviously put a great deal of time in this story and should be commended for it. i thank you


Harriverse posted a comment on Monday 27th July 2009 12:47pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

Positively perfect!!! What an incredibly intelligent and balanced account of an alternate history.

darksidhe posted a comment on Saturday 11th July 2009 3:21pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

That was good. Thx for not going Super-Harry on us. It would have been easy to do that in this one. All in all, a very good way to waste a Saturday. Thanks!!!

normalguycap posted a comment on Thursday 14th May 2009 3:29am for 48 - Post Voldemort

I have grown to really enjoy this site and HP/Tonks pairings. I did like this story and admire you skill at creating great argumentative dialogue, such as your court scenes. I suppose if I had to be picky I was disappointed in the lack of moments between Harry and Tonks. It doesn't have to be smutty, but I would have expected more romantic things or more kissing between the two. This definitely was a great read that kept me hooked till the end without any big problems in structure or grammar. I would hope in the future you may write more like this one! And your very flirtatious Tonks was just plain fun while still being sensitive! Bravo!

Crys replied:

As I mentioned in the closing notes of the story, there were various things I'd have like to change, but the post-as-I-go method didn't lend itself to revisionist history.   Not enough romantic moments between Harry and Tonks is one of those things.

Glad you enjoyed the story.

Belegrath posted a comment on Tuesday 21st April 2009 7:54am for 48 - Post Voldemort

Masterful best complete storyi have read in a long time

Lerris Smith posted a comment on Sunday 12th April 2009 4:13pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

Good overall. The more Harry Potter fanfiction I read the more common elements I see, which I presume are from the original story that I have yet to read.

I suppose after some thought I see two issues with this story where improvement could have been made. The first, and most obvious, was the raid on Voldemort. It was insane for only those two to do the initial raid by themselves. They should have had at least a couple more. Harry should also have been held back, to a certain extent so as not to exhaust him before he met up with Riddle. Still, it was nice to see the bad guy die at the end for a change.

The second point I see is Tonks herself. She met all the expectations one would expect in a traditional girlfriend and such, but it was not clear to me, why he fell for her, beyond circumstances putting them in the right place at the right time with the right skills.

Still, it was nonetheless a quite enjoyable read and I am certainly glad to have been able to enjoy the story. Good luck with your future writing.

Wolfric posted a comment on Tuesday 24th February 2009 6:52pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

Hi Crys,
I just finished rereading your fine story. I have read it a pouple of times over the years and it still works for me. Thanks for all the enjoyment. I hope you are working on some more great stories; in any event I wish you the best. Thanks for writing. W.

[-Nox-] posted a comment on Monday 19th January 2009 10:39pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

Just read through this one all in one sitting cause it hooked me that much and I'm impressed. It started off, in my opinion, a little shaky but quickly got a good flow to it and didn't have a dull or pointless moment as far as I'm concerned. The ending hit me like a ton of bricks. Really good story.

Crys replied:

Glad you enjoyed and thank you for letting me know.

el Rey posted a comment on Wednesday 17th December 2008 9:25am for 48 - Post Voldemort

Great story, i only disliked the last 2 chapters to be honest. Harry as the heir of Gryffindor is nothing new but your story certainly is one of the best in its category.

I like the fact that Harry wasn't overly powerful but the fight with Voldemort was kind of anti-climatic. Like in the original Harry Potter series, there was a Deus ex machina but it wasn't worked out that good.

Last Chapter:
I didn't like what you did with snape, you were implying some kind of curse or disease first but nothing really happened. The epilogue might have been better if it were longer but it isn't too bad. i guess i'm a little sad that the story's over.

Armand posted a comment on Tuesday 18th November 2008 10:29am for 48 - Post Voldemort

OK, this is like my 4th time through your story. still love it. i only have one problem with it(always have, but that's because its a bit of personal preference)...who Mione ended up with, to tell you the truth, i actually can't see her ending up with anyone except for Harry...but seeing as this is a Harry/Tonksie story, I'll live, lol.

LeprechaunJV posted a comment on Tuesday 11th November 2008 1:33pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

Excellent Story........

Rob Roy Baars posted a comment on Friday 26th September 2008 8:57pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

Sorry I read over that bit about the auror academy's dueling chamber. Very good story really liked how you gave closure at the end

Crys replied:

Glad you enjoyed it.

And I really should read all the reviews before responding to any.   Previous one deleted.