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Bobmin356 posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 3:53am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

Hmmm... ok a couple of points....

I didn't review the last chapter because it seemed to do nothing to advance the story line at all. And I'm not sure this one does either.

Harry's letter to ginny last chapter was an indication that you were leaning in the direction of a Harry/other than Harry/Ginny. Thats not a problem except that it will probably drive a wedge between the weasleys and Harry. Molly in particular will feel that Tonks is far too old for him.

Harry/Tonks can work, but it usually takes a little maturing on Harry and Tonks' part to make it believeable.

- Bob

Anonymous Reviewer posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 3:43am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

I just reread my last review. I didn't mean for it to sound the way it did, sorry. I meant to say that the past stories of "honks" were not that good and with a better author writing one it will be much better. This isn't coming out the way I want. I hope you get what I mean. Note to self - do not write reviews while still hung over.

nonjon posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 3:36am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

I absolve you, my son.

There, that wasn't so hard, now was it?

So many of the reasons against Harry dating are because of Harry dating another student, under the roof of, and legal control of their parents. Be they overbearing mothers or dentists. Harry dating Tonks is simply more palatable because she doesn't have the baggage of being a child (or untrained), where at least as far as Harry goes, you're not dating the girl, you're dating her family (optionally including six older brothers).

Course now, some of the playful flirting with Ginny sounds really callous unless Ginny has expressed her open homosexuality with Harry and she and Luna like to explore and learn about new things. Oh yes, I like that mental image.

Fine chapter. Though I'm a bit curious the reasoning for Moony's coming out. Doesn't seem like the sort of thing to bother putting in the story without a plot-driving reason. Trying to think who would love a gay werewolf with no sense of fashion. (Shabby old robes? You can get your rainbow stripes suspended for that.) Sirius and James are out (and appreciated). A werewolf's sense of smell and Snape would never work, even if the werewolf was blind. Dung maybe? Or maybe not. Kingsley's married, Diggory's married, Elphias Doge? Dedalus Diggle? Or maybe he nicknamed the missus 'Bedroom Eye Moody'? I know. Boo on me. Trying to think about old male characters left. Ollivander? Too creepy. Tom, the bartender? Hmm... maybe. Missing teeth could make him popular, and of course access to all the privacy and rooms you want. And if there's a leaky cauldron you know someone somewhere wants to plug it. Yes, double boo on me. Rosmerta has fag hag written all over her. The Weasley's seem a bit pervy, though Bill and Charlie are older than Tonks, and JK put Tonky with Moony (though it was some evil alternate world HBP-Tonky, not the kind sweet OotP-Tonky). Oh! I know! Florean Fortescue! He's already trying to buy Harry's acceptance with ice cream and knowledge, so when he is revealed to be the long time life partner, Harry loves his gay uncle's 'friend' who will come to all future holiday gatherings and serve to only confuse the children as to why Uncle Remus doesn't have a wife.

You're a wily one, Mr. Crys.

Anand posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 3:21am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

Cool! I'm glad it's Tonks. Just adds to the overall tension that Harry will have with the Order crew. And besides that, it works in your story.

Anonymous Reviewer posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 2:22am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

I've been reading hp fanfic for awhile now and so far HONKS?(I think its called) are not that good. If you can make this ship sail more power to you. On the other hand It can work, I am proof of that. (I am 30 and my girlfriend is 19, my dad is 69 and my mom is 60, uncle is 64 while my aunt is 72 etc...). There are challenges that they have to overcome first before it will, can be accepted. Like forward to see how you handle them.

Tish posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 2:07am for 16 - Harry and Tonks


I so hoped that it could be Tonks, but you had me certain it was Ginny you sly old dog! This means that finally someone is going to write a well done, thought out H/T piece with a plot! Squeee!