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Holden Dreasher posted a comment on Saturday 29th October 2005 9:25am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

Very funny chapter. Thought the magazine hit right on the mark about "the talk". Brings back not-so-fond memories. Looking forward to the next post. Good luck with finding a good dating story. All of the ones I have went pretty normally. So no good ones from me.

Drajjen posted a comment on Friday 28th October 2005 8:24pm for 16 - Harry and Tonks

I guess the way to start this off is to tell you how much I am enjoying the story. So here goes, I am really enjoying the story so far :)

At any rate I wanted to applaude you for almost making me go off in a delight full flame on you for making me think this was a H/G fic.

Now before you get angry, I just want to say that I don't begrudge anyone for likeing that particular ship. I personally don't like it, but to each his/her own I say.

The reason I wanted to go off on it was because the fic is clearly labled under the H/T category, and not the H/G one. As such I would of never even attempted to read this if it was listed under the H/G one.

Now on to what I found appealing and what I didn't. I love the interaction between Harry and Dumbledoor and honestly belive that JK herself could of done something other than what she did in book 6. In JK's world Harry is a brainless git, who is afraid of asking anyone a simple question. Although, I do admit that he was a lot more forceful in HPHBP, and I did like that, but she could of taken that much further.

Now to the points I don't like. The first would be the possiblility of Harry being a Metamorphmagus. It is so over used that I normally click the back button immediatly upon seing that. However, there have been some that was ok, since Harry didn't have much of the ablitity at all.

I would like to take this time to point out something. Everyone who seems to write fanfic, after they make Harry more assertive or something of that sort, then procede to make him hide his identity to some extent. My question is why? Why hide? He is now an adult (at least in your world), so why should he hide? I can't think of a good reason at all for him to do so. If he plans on changing the wizarding world to some extent, he can't be afraid to show his face can he?

Lastly, all this guilt thing you have him going through. I am just not sure I understand any of it. Although, I see it in every fic I read, none of it has yet to make any since to me. I will grant, that right after Cedric died Harry questioned his role in that death, but any sane person would realize that there was nothing he could of done. I can point to cannon (book 5) and it proves Harry doesn't carry any guilt over the incident. He is however, still leary of talking about it but not guilty over it.

Mostly the same thing with Sirius. While Harry could of done some things differently, if he would of had more information, he in fact didn't have anymore info, so once again a sane persone wouldn't be blaming himself over it.

It is my honest opinion, that if an author wants to make Harry feel guilty, it should be for not asking more questions of the adults in his life rather than feeling guilty over things he had no control over.

Anyways, I hope you made it this far into this review. I didn't really mean to get up on a soap box or anything. I was just hopeing I could help you look at things from a different angle.


mx posted a comment on Thursday 27th October 2005 4:10am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

No matter what anyone says, you made the right choice in ship! =)

TimGold posted a comment on Wednesday 26th October 2005 7:00am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

Update please! I fell in love with this story :< even tho i dont like when Hermione is against Harry, or with Ron :S

Keldore posted a comment on Tuesday 25th October 2005 11:50am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

Great story. Read it start to present just this evening. I like how you played the Godric ghost thing. Powerful, but not absurd and being able to make Harry instantly absurd. I'm eagerly awaiting the next update.

patrik svensson posted a comment on Tuesday 25th October 2005 3:53am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

grejt story,
keep upp the good work.

Opinions are like assholes.
Everyone has one - but some just smell worse than others.

Dave posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 11:28pm for 16 - Harry and Tonks

*amused chuckle*

You waited 16 Chapters to drop this one? I hope it doesn't scare anyone off! Good to see another of my favourite authors tackling Harry/Tonks, though.

Nice gentle start to their relationship here.

Kirk posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 4:04pm for 16 - Harry and Tonks

That was funny!

josh posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 12:23pm for 16 - Harry and Tonks

Alright, finally got around to reading this story. I must admit that I'm really enjoying it. I can't wait to read more. Hope you update soon. No worries from me about the pairing. Keep up the good work!

stu posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 12:22pm for 16 - Harry and Tonks

thank god!! you had me scared for a moment, i thought for sure you were going for ginny (im sure she does to) and i would loose another good story to that god awful ship, i mean really who would want to date molly jr. can not wait till ginny figures out is not her, please make it public, as a small gesture for all the raving she has done in most other stories.

Ronnie posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 11:24am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

Running to hide from the H/G crowd? Maybe you should be hiding from G! ^_^;

Manatheron posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 10:16am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

excellent story, I'm glad to see that (Apperently) Unlike your co-authors on this site, you are not rushing into the physical aspect of the relationship.


I'm probably one of the few men left on the planet who is still a virgin by choice (At twenty no less, and despite three VERY tempting offers} and I'm glad to see that I'm not the only person who feels that relationships built off of physical attration fail most of the time,

Keep up the excellent work!

M. R. Moore posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 9:08am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

the ship i follow is Harry/any girl with a heartbeat, or if they can convincingly do Harry/a female vampire then maybe.

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 6:20am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

I like Harry/Tonks stories.

You really should have had Harry milk Remus' embarrassment for a bit more. Just pretending to be completely clueless and asking really stupid but embarrassing questions could have continued until he broke down laughing.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 5:57am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

Bobmin, while Molly may have objections to Harry dating Tonks because of the fact that the age difference is in the *wrong* direction (Tonks as the older party), she would find Harry dating Ginny FAR more objectionable for other reasons, the primary one being that Harry is (unknown to her, literally) cursed with having to deal with Moldieshorts. If Harry tells Molly the Prophecy, it could very well grind her objections to Tonks to a rather abrupt halt. In a Tom-free world, Harry would likely be less objectionable to Molly; however, Harry is well aware that is NOT the case. With Ginny and Hermione both not available for consideration, unless Harry is basically going to be a priest, the only real choice is Dora Tonks.

Black's Phoenix posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 5:48am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

Bravo you fooled me with your letter to Ginny last chapter.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 5:43am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

Crys, I am NOT a member of the H/G crowd (I tend to prefer Harry/Tonks or Harry/Hermione, actually), and you DID lead into this with a comment that Tonks herself made in an earlier chapter (the comment was, in fact, made to Harry); still, I can be pleasantly caught by surprise that Harry would actually admit it to Tonks (with some prompting from Remus). And I *definitely* like how Harry managed to catch Tonks by surprise (not only by NOT being Kingsley Shacklebolt, who Tonks was expecting, but surprising her by admitting that the feelings are NOT just hers for him). And I hope that Tonks tells Harry just how far back her interest in him goes. (Tonks' comment to Harry leads ME to think that it could go all the way back to when he was a firstie at Hogwarts, and now I am curious about if it really DOES go back that far.)

Dave Mackey posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 5:12am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

Yeah no H/G. Harry can now date any women he wants
with Tonks' metemorph abilities. Another excellant chapter, looking forward to the next one.


Greg Johnson posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 4:45am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

Good Chapter! Keep up the good work and update again soon.

m4r13 posted a comment on Monday 24th October 2005 4:31am for 16 - Harry and Tonks

yess !!

lol, that was grand. The talk. the most embarassing talk. That was grand. And with Harry eavesdropping it was really the most funny thing. Poor Remus, so alone. No friends (cowards).

Harry and Tonks are touching. Cut couple, and after a lot of H/G reading it's kinda new and in this fanfiction it doesn't bother me.

I'm wondering how there first date outside Godric's house will go. Where Tonks can lead Harry. Somewhere loud like a club or something a little out of character but more romantic ?

Marie *wondering*