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Cathal posted a comment on Wednesday 11th October 2006 4:07am

You have to do a second chapter, just so we get to see Harry's reaction.

I'm going for gibbering panic before he runs for the hills, most of the female population of Hogwarts tearing after him. And Beaubaxtons. And... heh heh heh.

Crys replied:

Sounds like a good continuation, Cathal.

Did you just volunteer  to adopt this bunny? :)

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Wednesday 11th October 2006 3:55am

Now this is cute: Voldy's Last Plan not only misfires, but misfires in spectacular fashion! He takes down most of the wizards of wizarding Britain, but he also takes down ALL of his Death Eaters (and gets himself captured for his troubles). Harry's (literally) the Last Wizard Standing (or able to father kids) which makes him more valuable than all the gold in Gringott's (to most witches). A bummer for Remus, though (that he's sterile); however, Ron will think this truly sucks. (Harry gets *all* the witches; and Ron himself is basically *grounded* magically.)

Good thing this was a dream.....or was it?

Heather posted a comment on Wednesday 11th October 2006 3:46am


Wow. That was very amusing. Kind of figured where it was leading once you explained the effects of the curse, but Harry's reaction outside the dream was just as funny as Dream!Harry's cluelessness.