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vertru posted a comment on Thursday 27th September 2007 5:02am

Crys, my friend, I hate to admit this but I think you may have a sicker sense of humor than I. Oh well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Anyway, I forgot I had read the earlier chapters and just now read the whole thing. Have to say some of your scenarios are both fun and unique. Now the chapter previous to this one i had not read and found the ending to be quite poignant. The whole story made one think about what comes next. I just cannot see the HP as written in the first five books ever going to work as an Auror. He would want to do something exciting, but cop work ain't all that exciting the vast majority of the time. Anyway, this last chapter was really quite interesting in the way the girls became stuck to him. I loved Hermione's solution, and truly thought that was the only logical outcome. However, it was done in such a way that it was still a surprise. Good job on that.


Ben Russell-Gough posted a comment on Thursday 27th September 2007 4:33am

Eep! Yeah, I think that the dream ended at the interesting bit too.

Well, an interesting possible start to a H/Hr/G triofic. With your permission, I might even try to make the bunny into a Godzilla (full-length story). It would be interesting to see how this situation works out in the long run, especially as the oath will always require fidelity and support if not physical contact...

Then there is the fun of explaining to Arthur, Molly and the Grangers why their very underage daughters are suddenly both getting married... to the same boy. :-p

An interesting little AU possibility. Well written too!

BenRG's Rating: 8/10

Crys replied:

If you want to use the idea (or even what's written as a springboard), you're welcome to do so.  All I ask is a link when you're done and an honorable mention in the A/N.

Glad you enjoyed it.

David Thacker posted a comment on Thursday 27th September 2007 3:48am

That was funny and a great start to new story.

DrT posted a comment on Thursday 27th September 2007 3:40am

Very cute little story. If it had been Luna and Hermione, I'd adopt it <g>


Crys replied:

Hey, if you want to use it as a springboard, you're welcome to do so.  The bunny's out of my system now, so I certainly won't keep others from using it so long as I get an honorable mention in the A/N.

Gardengirl posted a comment on Thursday 27th September 2007 3:35am

Poor slob, to be awakened at that point! The consummation(s) would have been amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Lostchyld posted a comment on Thursday 27th September 2007 2:47am

I'd kind of like to see this one play out a bit more.

Christopher Patton posted a comment on Thursday 27th September 2007 2:43am

Cute story, it would be fun to see it expanded out to see the reaction of everyone else as they were told and understood the implications.

Plus, I always like the opportunity to read some well written H/HR/G stories.


Cliff Bryner posted a comment on Thursday 27th September 2007 2:31am

I enjoyed this. And, it looks like you are going in a very interesting direction. I joyfully anticipate your next installment.

Particle_Accelerator posted a comment on Thursday 27th September 2007 2:18am

Hey, I liked this one! The whole premise would be a nice little ficlet to extend if you're ever so inclined. Nice job!

Robert Owen posted a comment on Thursday 27th September 2007 2:01am

Oh my, LoL! Poor Harry. I'm really looking forward to seeing the reactions of Mrs Granger & Mrs Weasley. LoL


sanghamitra posted a comment on Thursday 27th September 2007 1:48am

god this is awful !! awfully funny that is ...

Charles Slone posted a comment on Thursday 27th September 2007 12:41am

*laughs lightly* glad to see your back Ryan and heres to more "Why does it always happen to me" HP stories lol

Crys replied:

Glad you enjoyed it.

BTW, my name isn't Ryan.  My yahoo account was named after my first OC in the Chessman Chronicles.

Zane posted a comment on Monday 6th August 2007 1:04pm

I like it. By great technicallity, he is the last man in the wizarding world.

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Sunday 29th July 2007 5:56pm

Muses! Kill all muses, especially Hijacking Muses!

Crys replied:

I really don't think you meant that.

Without any muses, nothing would ever get written.

Jimbocous posted a comment on Friday 1st June 2007 8:04am

Interesting little bunny there, and one that could certainly be developed. There are certainly no shortage of post-Voldie fics out there, but not so many good ones that can get past the tortured Auror / Quiddich brat / Minister of magic cliches. What made this interesting and unique was Moody's perspective. Nicely done.

Ivy_Snowe posted a comment on Sunday 29th April 2007 1:49pm

Well now, that was interesting. You know, that wasn't as horrible as that warning up top made it out to be. In all actuality I find it completely understandable that Harry would even consider suicide. And be helped by Moody of all people. I've often wondered about James and Lily's graves. Honestly, if you were Harry wouldn't you have asked about it before? I think I would have Third year at the latest. Anyway, good chapter. Cheers.


warpwizard posted a comment on Friday 27th April 2007 4:22pm

I didn't find it particularly disturbing. A bit downbeat, sure. I can see Harry wanting to check out, especially if Hermione or anything important person to him dies. It's not like he's had a life other than Voldie trying to kill him.

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Wednesday 25th April 2007 3:53am

Interesting dream. Of course he'll be at a loss after the last battle is won...of course he'll even consider death as a viable option.

This was very well done.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Friday 20th April 2007 12:12am going over the chapter, I have several characters' reactions, and where they fall on the List Of Suspects:

Severus Snape: While a major suspect (he is a Potions Master with known ties to the Malfoys), he definitely neither brewed the PIQ (Potion In Question) *or* administered it to Dracine Malfoy. He's upset with Harry; however, he may be actually more upset with Lucius Malfoy. He was as shocked by the results of the Charm as Harry (he is also Dracine's godfather).

Albus Dumbledore: While not a Potions Master, he also knows about the Patrus Potion (as Supreme Mugwump of the Wizengamot, however, he would know about it); he also has a Potions background (remember, he is also an alchemist). Unlike Severus Snape, however, he is NOT on good terms with Lucius Malfoy (hence not a suspect).

Horace Slughorn: Potions Master, former Slytherin, and Severus Snape's predecessor as Potions Professor (in fact, he taught Severus at Hogwarts). A possible suspect, and currently missing. Could this be one reason *why* he's in hiding?

Narcissa Black-Malfoy: Like Severus Snape, learned Potions under Horace Slughorn. Would certainly have heard of the Patrus Potion via the Black Family Library. Like all the Blacks, scarily intelligent (this *includes* Bellatrix and Andromeda). However, because of her Black Family upbringing it would have been impossible for *her* to pursue a Potions Mastery, even had she wanted to. A possible suspect.

Lucius Malfoy: Father of the victim. The *pureblood's pureblood* of his generation. Also, the most likely suspect to have ordered the brewing of the Patrus Potion and administered it (however, the *least likely* to have the skill to brew it). However, if he *did* do so, the 50,000 galleon fine is the *least* of his concerns.

Crys replied:

Why couldn't Snape have brewed the potion?  Because he acted surprised?  I remind you that he's been a spy for decades.  He's got to be a master actor.  He's also aware that being implicated in this could result in fines or jail time (and at least a mark on his reputation).  He has every reason to act surprised by what happened.  Besides, he may not even remember it himself (see below).

As an aside, he probably doesn't believe that Harry could pull off a powerful spell.  He's the one who consistently thinks Harry is a worthless wizard, and this is a tough spell to cast (only AD and FF can definitely cast it).

The scenario I came up with for seventeen years ago was that Lucius either ordered Snape to prepare it beforehand or after Dracine's birth (depending on how long it takes to brew).  Snape, being beholden to Malfoy, wanting to stay on good terms, wanting a godson and not a goddaughter, or simply for the money, does so.  Lucius either administers it himself or orders Snape or the midwife/healer to do so.

Now, here's where it can go in many directions.  Lucius could have Obliviated the knowledge from healer/midwife and maybe even Snape & Narcissa.  This, actually, makes the most sense.  He may not have Obliviated some or all, but why take the chance?  No question that he'd be willing to do all the above steps to get himself a male heir for the Malfoy name.

I agree that AD is unlikely to be in on it.  Slughorn, too, doesn't like Malfoy.  When Draco tried to horn in on the Slug Club back at the beginning of HBP, Slughorn slapped him down hard.

Narcissa is more complex.  She dotes on Draco.  Why would she want a boy more than a girl?  Possible that Lucius talked her into it, I suppose, but my hypothetical scenarios always include her not being aware of what happened.  Child taken out of the room before she could see, Obliviated later, whatever.

For the purposes of this one-shot, though, they why is irrelevant.  Only the end result is what matters to Harry.  And it is his dream / nightmare.

Patches posted a comment on Thursday 19th April 2007 8:01pm

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