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NarutosBrat posted a comment on Monday 11th June 2018 8:39am for Snape's Detention

Damn, I was hoping I'd be wrong about Ron. Like I said in my other review, not exactly surprised it happened.

Seriously, I wonder if Dumbledore knows he bears some of the blame for Snape's actions, what with constantly protecting him. Although, it does make me wonder. Snape tried to force himself onto Tracey without Harry's permission, so wouldn't Harry be able to bring some kind of charges against Snape for theft of property or something.

ibskib posted a comment on Sunday 8th April 2018 8:39pm for Snape's Detention

In the previous chapter the dark mark was mentioned as an example of ownership, making Snape and the other Deatheaters defacto chattel, something Harry or one of the others should at least have thought of at some point, which they could have thrown in Snape's face.

Himanshu.99 posted a comment on Sunday 3rd January 2016 4:38am for Snape's Detention

Nice story so far. I think you should also post this story on fanfiction to get more appreciation and reviews. Hope this helps.

reader1writer1 posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2011 10:10am for Snape's Detention

Excellent chapter, though I do wonder why Snape's actions weren't considered a slight against the Potter family with all that that entails

Wolfman posted a comment on Wednesday 18th November 2009 6:48am for Snape's Detention

Wise words from the tiny Prof.!

slickrcbd posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 2:23pm for Snape's Detention

I don't think I made it clear, given that they were going to expel Harry and send him to Azkaban, yet when it turns out everything they accused Harry of doing Draco actually did, they turn around and let him off with a mere detention. Harry should have insisted on enforcing what they considered to be a "fair" punishment on Draco that they were going to force on him. Go to the press about it as well.

Crys replied:

Malfoy and the one board member kept trying to get Harry expelled.   Cooler heads prevailed before it came to that.

Yes, your suggestions are what Harry should do.   Unfortunately, his "saving people thing" keeps getting in the way.   Not to mention that it'd make for a short and unsatisfying fic.

huskerfan posted a comment on Wednesday 9th September 2009 3:26pm for Snape's Detention

Great chapter. I like that you got Snape removed from his job and that the girls are so protective of Harry. Can't wait to read more.

Jeffrey Meehan posted a comment on Wednesday 9th September 2009 3:23am for Snape's Detention

Are you ever going to do a lemon in this fic?

Ken Warner posted a comment on Sunday 6th September 2009 4:05pm for Snape's Detention

I have greatly enjoyed the story to date, including re-reading the entire story as each chapter is posted, nicely done in getting Snape fired, but attached to a post with nice dry wood would an even better way, after he was silenced and magic suppressing manacles were locked on him would an even better firing.

I loved the comment to Dumbledork aka MOB about the character references towards Snape - is there the slightest hope that he will open his firmly shut eyes?

thanks for sharing

Crys replied:

There's always hope.

Thanks for reading

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Sunday 6th September 2009 3:50pm for Snape's Detention

Very good chapter.


Prince Charon posted a comment on Sunday 6th September 2009 9:22am for Snape's Detention

Well written. Sad that its so easy to believe, bot that Snape would, and that even with that provocation, it was still that hard to get rid of him.

I suspect that even if she hadn't been chattel, Dumbledore would still have gone for such a lenient punishment.

Crys replied:

Unfortunately, you could well be right.   AD's actions toward Snape have always been illogically lenient, at least from my PoV.

Thanks for reading.

Zicou posted a comment on Sunday 6th September 2009 7:20am for Snape's Detention

This story is awesome !!!
Hope to read more soon so...

Mickey posted a comment on Friday 4th September 2009 9:35pm for Snape's Detention

Very nice chapter. However I have a few problems with the explanation of Ron's behavior. First Tracy's analogy was a poorly chosen one, a better one would have been Ron asking to borrow Harry's Owl. Second if Tracy's explanation was accurate then there'd be no reason for the Weaslies to apologize. Third while I (unfortunatly) see nothing unbelivable in a culture where some humans are considered chattel with as much rights as a book and where it would be acceptable for a young man to ask his friend to borrow his slave in any culture where human slaves are not common and most where they are the young man's girlfriend would still be expected to object strongly to his having sex with a slave.
The reactions of pretty much all characters except Tracy fit this model which makes her explanation even odder.

Shadowface posted a comment on Thursday 3rd September 2009 5:23pm for Snape's Detention

Pretty interesting. I can't say that I've seen this done before. Please update soon.

switchhammerhit posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd September 2009 1:42pm for Snape's Detention

I've read again, I still like your story very much. I prefer to be patient when reading these things but I was wondering if Harrys relationship with the girls has changed much since the Snape ( jerk ) incident? Has Tracy become more intimate, you know, hugs and maybe short kisses of affection? Some time has passed since jerk it seems. Plus the girls seem much more protective of Harry now as Tonks found out. I was wondering if you have a date set for the posting of your next chapter?

Crys replied:

Tracey continues to be close, yet not intimately close  with Harry.   Daphne is as close as Harry will allow her to be.

Yes, all three are protective of each other.

Chapter every other Friday.   Next one planned on the 11th.

Thanks for reading

Tarheels posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd September 2009 9:54am for Snape's Detention

I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying the story so far. Although, I am confused how Harry's property can be given detention. You can't give a charms book detention.

Crys replied:

I'm going with the thin line that the girls are students yet not people.

I apologize that this is an illogical distinction to draw, yet it is needed for the story.

Oh, and I bet that Snape would give Harry's charms book detention, especially if it pointed out how much of a greasy git he is.

CootiePatootie posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd September 2009 2:46am for Snape's Detention

This just continues to be a great story. I really, really, really hate Snivvelus. Did I mention that I really hate that man?

I like the Flitwick/Harry relationship in this story - it is believable and provides an explanation for some of Harry's maturity. All in all, it's a good mentor-mentee relationship for Harry to be in.

As always, the protective girls are so funny. I like that Hermione is SLOWLY beginning to understand that everything is not black and white and sometimes situations are out of control of the person who is most affected by them.

Ron, Ron, Ron...what a twit. And Malfoy, an even bigger twit.

So, will we find out that there was more to the hospital wing meeting than met the eye???

Thanks for the great update,

Cassie P

Bobmin356 posted a comment on Tuesday 1st September 2009 7:26am for Snape's Detention

Harry should still leave. You've painted an image of the wizarding world that any sane person would be fighting to get out of. Frankly the punishment of Snape shouldn't have been enough to keep Harry from transferring.

As to Hermione, she got what she deserved. A sharp kick in the pants even if it wasn't hard enough.

If she's smart she'll find herself a nice smart muggle to settle down with.

switchhammerhit posted a comment on Tuesday 1st September 2009 7:16am for Snape's Detention

This has been a very interesting story so far. I am looking forward to the next segment. Well written with an intriguing plot. Nice work.

Lord Seagen posted a comment on Monday 31st August 2009 12:09pm for Snape's Detention

I simply love your story. It is a whole new take on the marrage contract scenario. Please update soon.