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Harry heard a knock at his office door and looked up.   "Come in."

His assistant entered and said, "You have two . . . guests."

Even as she was speaking, Hermione Granger and Tracey Davis entered from behind the slightly older witch and took seats on Harry's large visitor's couch.

"Thanks, Nancy," Harry said, smiling at his two visitors.

"Have fun, boss," Nancy said with a smirk as she closed the door.

Harry sighed and shook his head.

"She thinks we're -" both Hermione and Tracey broke off and turned to stare at each other.

Harry snickered.   "Yep."

"But you and Longbottom -" Tracey said as Hermione objected with, "But you and Blaise -"

They both broke off and again in chorus said, "What about me and -"

Harry laughed at the pair.

They both turned to him and glared.   "Harry!"

"Yes, dears?" he asked with an attempt at an innocent expression.

Tracey rolled her eyes and leaned back on the couch.

Hermione huffed in exasperation.

"What can I do for you, Tracey?" Harry said, bringing a bit of seriousness back into the conversation.

She perked up.   "I've finally got the votes.   I just need you to propose the legislation."

His eyes lit up.   "You do?   Great!   Will the March session work?"

She nodded, settling back again with a satisfied smile in place.

"Congratulations, Tracey," Hermione said honestly.   "I know what this means to you."

The other girl nodded.   "Just trying to stop that archaic law before another poor witch gets caught."

"Hey, you got my vote," Harry said with a grin.

"Well, I kinda figured that out when you agreed to sponsor it to the Wizengamot," Tracey observed dryly.

He just smiled at her.   Turning, he asked, "Hermione?"

"Just thought you should be warned: Ron was arrested last night.   Again."

Harry sighed.   "What'd he do this time?"

"He hit his girlfriend."

"Is she alright?   Romilda Vane, wasn't it?"

Hermione nodded.   "St. Mungo's has already released her."

"When will he ever learn?" Harry asked tiredly.

"He won't," Tracey stated plainly.

"Yeah," Harry agreed in disgust.

"Oh, and we're about to move on Snape."   Hermione ignored Tracey's low growl of anger.   "He sold a level 5 controlled potion to an undercover auror."

"About time we got him off the street."   He smiled at Hermione.   "Nice to have friends in the judiciary."

She smirked faintly.   "That's everything I needed.   Tracey?"

"Naw, that was it."

"C'mon, Tracey, tell us how everyone is doing."

"You're after gossip?"

Harry waved a hand vaguely around.   "Not like I hear anything in here."

Hermione gave him a disapproving look as Tracey barked out a quick laugh.   "If you say so, Harry.  

"Minerva finally got full use of her leg back.   Everyone else is the same.   Filius and Remus say, 'Hi.'

"Oh, and the board finally agreed to add an elective on Warding.   Bill Weasley has agreed to teach it."

The three spent several more minutes idly chatting before Hermione became visibly anxious to leave.   Laughing, Harry escorted them out the door, a hand gently guiding each with a light touch on their backs.

Once in front of Nancy's desk, Hermione turned to Harry and gave him a not completely innocent peck.   "Be good, Harry," she teasingly admonished him.

Tracey smiled lazily and said in a sultry purr, "It was a pleasure, Minister Potter."

- The End -

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Author Notes:

Most of the reviews (though politely phrased) boil down to one of two topics:
1) Those last three chapters felt rushed/different/what happened?
2) Harry got short-changed!   Why didn't he end up with Daphne/Tracey/Hermione?

To answer:
Yes, the last three chapters were shorter.   None of them covered much of a timeframe at all.   I cut each at those points because the fight was from a different character's PoV, and the last two were years apart from each other.

Second, everyone felt that Harry should've ended up with one of the girls.   As Harry said in the previous chapter, "It would be just too weird."   I never claimed this was going to be a romance story.   Even though he's the hero, sometimes he and "the girl" do not end up getting together.

Frankly, I felt I left it in a nice place for him.   He's Minister of Magic, Voldy's gone, and most of his friends and allies survived.   Life is good for Harry Potter at this point.

Thanks to everyone who read and enjoyed it.

A few have asked what I'm going to do next.   The answer is some variation of, "I'm not sure."   It'll be short stories or "Dream" chapters.   I don't think I have another longer story in me, at least anytime soon.

Thanks for reading.

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