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Author Notes:

Yep, this is still going.

25 April

151.  Bunny by Gullwhacker

Tom Riddle staggered out of the Hogwarts library under a stack of tomes.

"That busybody Pince," he muttered to himself.  "'That's too many, you can't carry them all,'" he mimicked her voice.  Continuing his grumbling, he carefully moved toward the staircase that would lead to the dungeons. 

"Bloody heavy," he said next.  He knew better than to try any Shrinking or Lightening Charms on these, though.  Anything he got out of the Restricted Section was treated with respect.  He'd learned that lesson in his third year.

One careful step at a time, he started down a staircase.

"Tom!" Lucius called out to his friend.

Tom turned his head at the same moment that the staircase started moving.

Overbalancing, he fell over the side over a two story drop above a hard, unforgiving stone floor.

152. A variation of a bunny from Killer07

The Devil was annoyed.  Its quota from the UK was far, far behind.

That Riddle person was behind it all.  Far too many "good" people were being killed by "not good" people.

It wouldn't matter in the long run, of course, but in the short run . . .  Well, it looked unseemly.

Fortunately there was an easy way to deal with this.

The Devil had ultimate control over all demon and demon-type creatures in the entire cosmos.

Including a lesser demon type colloquially known as "dementors".

25 April

27 April

153  Bunny by Vincent

Voldemort worked feverishly on the ritual.

His Death Eaters were all caught or killed, all of his bases had been destroyed, and he'd been chased from one hiding place to another by that infernal Potter brat.

No matter.  This ritual would get him away.

Finally, the ritual was complete and Voldemort disappeared from this planet and this time.

He reappeared in the middle of a desert that stretched as far as he could see.  Cursing his folly in not bringing a broom, he picked a direction and started walking.

It didn't take long before he heard a deep rumble that quickly gained in intensity.  Wand out, Voldemort looked for the source, finally spotting a shifting in the sand coming toward him.  As if a large object were swimming or crawling through the sand at an amazingly fast rate.  Just as it got close enough for him to cast a spell, it came to the surface, revealing itself to be a huge, worm-like beast.

"Avada Kedavra!"

A Great Maker, as the Fremen people called it, utterly ignored the spell and ran over the single human standing on the desert sands, simply crushing him with its great bulk.

Having successfully defended its territory, the sand-worm of Arrakis burrowed back under the surface.

154. Scene by LoneWolf.  Reproduced with only slight modifications.

"Hey, Aunt Caitlin," Harry asked as a sleek helicopter lifted off from Privet Drive. "This thing is armed, right?"

"With enough firepower to destroy a small city," Caitlin confirmed.

"Any chance we can swing by Little Hangleton before we head home?" Harry asked. "May as well take care of some unfinished business."

"String?" Caitlin asked.

"Michael is going to kill us," Stringfellow Hawke muttered, before ordering, "Turbos."

Twenty minutes later, the old Riddle mansion was a burning pile of debris, courtesy of a Hellfire air-to-ground missile from the helicopter code-named "Airwolf".

155. Bunny by Tildessmoo

As the air-raid sirens screamed, and all of the residents of the orphanage were huddled in the basement, Tom Riddle raged to himself, One more year!  One year and I could protect this miserable building with a ward.  But no, the idiots in the ministry won't allow me to cast spells yet!  Any of a half-dozen rituals or spell wards could save all these . . .  Why bother?  I'll just leave instead.

As the sixteen year old Riddle was silently fuming, a German bombardier pressed a button in the skies above.

156. Scene by Tildessmoo.  As well as credit (or perhaps apologies) to Monty Python

Voldemort ran.

He ran through streets, under bridges, through the countryside, past farms and cottages and fields.

He ran for hours, ignoring the stitch in his side, ignoring the sweat that beaded on his scaly brow.

He ran until he could run no more . . . because he ran out of ground. His last thought, a moment before he impacted face-first with the beach a hundred feet below the cliff he had just run off the edge of was, Wait a tick! Why am I running from a horde of topless muggle women in bikini bottoms? And why are they wearing matching bicycle helmets?

157. Another bunny by Tildessmoo

Voldemort looked around the room in disgust.  To say it was filthy was an understatement.  It reeked of cheap tobacco and other, even less wholesome odors.  There was no longer any question in his mind on whether it would be possible to bribe Mundungus Fletcher.  Perhaps teaching him a couple cleaning spells would be payment enough.

Voldemort pushed aside an ashtray that seemed to double as a drip bucket for the hole in the ceiling.  Idly wiping his hand to rid it of the yellowish sludge from the ashtray, he cleaned the chair and settled himself down to wait for the aptly nicknamed "Dung".

Fletcher was immensely surprised to find a dead Dark Lord in his living room that evening, the apparent victim of three different types of poisoning.

158. Bunny by Evan Mayerle

Disembodied, Voldemort finally managed to assemble enough energy to cast one, final spell in a gamble for his very existence.

"We're sorry, but the mind you're trying to reach is currently busy.  Please hold or try again later."

. . .

"We're sorry, but the mind you're trying to reach is currently busy.  Please hold or try again later."

. . .

"We're sorry, but the mind you're trying to reach is currently busy.  Please hold or try again later."

. . .

"We're sorry, but the mind you're trying . . . . . . . . .

159. "Original Bunny by Crys" (R, tm, C, patent pending)

Harry was idly looking over the Marauder's Map when he spotted dozens of new dots swarm in from one side.  Looking closely, he identified many names as Death Eaters.

Finally, one last dot appeared on the page.  Lord Voldemort.

He sighed.  So it had finally come.  Idly, Harry smashed his thumb down on the dot representing his archnemesis before moving his thumb further along, overtop the mass of other dots.

Before Harry's shocked eyes, the all of the dots smeared for a moment before fading altogether.

160. Another bunny by Evan Mayerle

The night after the third task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Harry Potter was dosed with a Dreamless Sleep Potion.

This was a mistake.

If he'd been in a normal sleep or awake, Madam Pomfrey would have realized that he was going through detoxification from all the power enhancement and stabilization potions that the false Alastor Moody had been dosing Harry with.

Voldemort, on the other hand, was disintegrating as those same potions, now a major part of his magically created body with the aid of Harry's blood, were wearing off.

27 April

3 May

161. Bunny by Vincent

Voldemort staggered as he finished the forced apparition through the wards they'd put up to hold him in place.

He looked around, not recognizing where he was but somehow finding it familiar.

"Who're you?" a young adult voice asked from behind him.

Gripping his wand, Voldemort turned around.

And came face to face with a man that he instantly recognized as Tom Riddle, Senior.  Face twisting in rage, Voldemort raised his wand.  "Avada Kedavra!"

Unfortunately for him, Merope Gaunt hadn't yet finished brewing the first Love Potion she was planning on using.

162. Another bunny by Killer07

Harry and Voldemort dueled up and down a street in a town in the American south-west.  Bludgeoners, Cutters, flame spells of all descriptions, and even more damaging spells flashed back and forth, tearing apart the parked cars and the roadway, each combatant trying to land a hit on their elusive opponent.

Without warning, a black Trans Am started up behind Voldemort and drove itself into the flabbergasted dark lord, hurling him to the side and into another parked car.  The dark lord was instantly knocked unconscious.

Harry, nervously clutching his wand, looks closely at the car sitting placidly in front of him.  There was no driver.

"Do not be alarmed," a calm voice told him, apparently coming from the car.  "My sensors detected that this individual wasn't completely human and that the directed energy weapons you were both using would have seriously harmed you."

"Uh, right," Harry agreed.  "Um, thanks for helping me out.  I'm Harry Potter," he finished, not sure what else to say to a machine that apparently just captured the most dangerous dark lord in recent times.

"You're quite welcome, Mr. Potter.  My name is Kitt."

163. Another bunny by Killer07

Voldemort and Lucius, running from a contingent of Aurors led by Harry Potter, broke into an old, Victorian mansion.  In the basement, they found a plain looking man working with an old-style set of medical scientist equipment.

Lucius pointed his wand at the man.  "Help us or die a very painful death."

The man sighed.  Lifting a vial with an unidentifiable fluid in it, he said, "I do wish you wouldn't threaten me like that.  By the by, I'm Doctor Jekyll.  I'd like you to meet Mr. Hyde."  He then drank the contents of the vial.

164. Another bunny by Killer07

Wand lit, Voldemort led six of his Death Eaters through an underground passage.

"Forgive the question, My Lord, but where are we, and what are we doing here?"

Voldemort considered killing the insolent fool but decided to answer him instead.  "We are in an ancient mining complex abandoned long ago.  I have heard of a demon running loose in this area.  I shall negotiate with this demon and win him as a servant in exchange for his freedom."

Unfortunately for him, the balrog wandering the Mines of Moria had no interest in serving anyone, powerful sorcerer or not.

165. Another bunny by Killer07

Wraith-Voldemort, knowing he was about at the end of his strength, suppressed his revulsion and possessed a muggle sitting in a restaurant.

When Voldemort opened his eyes, he saw another sitting across the table from him.  Something felt wrong about this muggle, though.

The Devil, who'd been negotiating with a ruthless businessman only moments before, smiled.  "Ah, Tom.  I've been looking for you.  And here you are, finding me.  Thanks for saving me the trouble."

166.  Yet another bunny by Killer07

Wormtail brought the goblet to the homunculus-Voldemort.  "Your sustenance, My Lord."

The baby-like figure took the goblet and swallowed the concoction as quickly as it could.  Moments later, it started choking.  Pink froth forming at its lips, it rasped out, "Fool!  You forgot to mix the other ingredients with Nagini's venom!"

3 May

15 May

167.  Bunny by Eric Oppen

"Bone of the father, you will renew your son!"

Wormtail should have done his research.  A flood had hit the cemetery in 1956.  Not all of the tombstones had been placed above the correct graves.

The bone that dropped into the cauldron belonged to one Clifford Bennington, drunken wastrel who'd died of syphilis.

168.  "Original Bunny by Crys" (R, tm, C, patent pending)

"Nagini, kill Voldemort."

"No, kill Potter!"








"Voldemort!  I command you as my familiar, strike now!"

Nagini, now thoroughly fed up with the crazy humans, did precisely as her master commanded.

169.  Bunny by Gullwhacker (though that name is kind of disturbing all on its own)

"Finally!" Peeves the Poltergeist exclaimed as he pried the last one loose. 

Slowly and ponderously, one of the doors to the Great Hall creaked.  The magic held for a few moments, but eventually gravity won this battle.

Tom Riddle, nose buried in a book, walked past at exactly the right moment to be squashed by a huge, falling door.

170.  Another bunny by Killer07

"Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken, you will revive your foe."

When the droplet of blood touched the bubbling potion, a curious reaction occurred.

Not even Harry was aware of it, but Fawkes's tears not only healed the wound on his arm in the Chamber of Secrets, but some also entered his bloodstream.  Exactly enough, in fact, to perfectly balance the basilisk venom that was also in his bloodstream at the time.

Instead of both substances leeching out of his blood over time, they both remained.  Deadly poison balanced by powerful healing.  Two years later, a drop of this blood came into contact with a potion that was part of a dark ceremony.

The phoenix tears were immediately overwhelmed and destroyed.

The newly re-embodied Voldemort died of basilisk poisoning three seconds after standing up.

171.  Another bunny by Gullwhacker

Voldemort was creeping through the darkened hallway of a muggle suburban home.  A crash of thunder outside accompanied the raging thunderstorm.

He didn't notice the music start.  If he'd heard it, he may have become nervous.  It was just that kind of music.

From the next room came the sound of a small motor starting up.  He paused in confusion, not understanding.

After a dramatic moment of hesitation, he strode forward (instead of being stealthy) and flung open the door, silhouetted by the doorframe.

Inside, a muscular individual was wielding a chainsaw.  It suddenly revved and buzzed louder as it slashed toward him.

172.  Another bunny by Killer07

"You have failed me for the last time, Wormtail."

"My Master, I beg you for another chance."

"Avada Kedavra."

Voldemort really should have studied the resurrection ceremony better.  The designer of this ritual knew that the followers of such a person may be killed, but he never expected for them to be killed by the one the ceremony was resurrecting.  Therefore, Voldemort's body was to a large extent tied to the Wizard's Debt that he owed to Wormtail.

15 May

4 June

173.  Another bunny by Killer07

"Transfero magus en toto a Voldemort!" Voldemort screamed, finishing the power enhancing ritual.

This particular ritual stripped all of the magical power from all participants (not that he told his followers this ahead of time) and gave it all to the person named at the end of the ceremony.

He should have remembered that Voldemort was a pseudonym and that Magic only recognized birth names.

174.  Bunny by Evan Mayerle

Voldemort stumbled as he forced his Apparition through the wards.

Standing, he looked around.  One of his old bases of operation.  That was good.

What was bad was the handsome young man looking at him in surprise.

"What in the name of Merlin are you?"

"I'm an immortal dark lord, you insignificant bug," Voldemort answered the somewhat-familiarly looking wizard.  "Bow to me now and I may let you live."

Face twisting in anger and hate, Tom Riddle raised his wand against Voldemort, who had unknowingly just travelled back in time.

175. Another bunny by Evan Mayerle

"Open," hissed Tom.

Just as he jumped into the opening to the Chamber of Secrets, Hogwarts herself intervened.  She didn't want that beast loose to prey on her children.

The hole closed upon Tom Riddle, bringing an abrupt end to his planned reign of terror.

176. Variation of a bunny from Killer07

" - Horcrux," Tom Riddle panted out, finally finished with the immensely difficult ritual.

Just as the young wizard was beginning to grin at the first completed step on his path to greatness, a being appeared in front of him with a suddenness that was jarring.

The being leaned forward and picked the diary-Horcrux off the floor and casually ripped it to pieces.

Horrified, Riddle looked at his visitor.  "What are you doing?  Who are you?"

"I thought that was obvious, Tom Marvolo Riddle.  I'm destroying a piece of your soul.  You're stepping into my domain now, and you're not welcome here.  As to who I am?"  The non-descript, almost genderless individual smiled and morphed into a hugely muscled, red-skinned, horned beast with hooves and a tail.  "Why, I'm the Devil."

177. Another bunny by Killer07

Rogue program detected.  Program acting outside acceptable parameters.

Matrix instability possible.

Agents dispatched to delete rogue program designated DLV-ID-10-T-PEBCAK also known as "Tom Marvolo Riddle, Junior".

178.  Bunny pointed out to me by Musings of Apathy.  He got it from "The Wizard of Gotham" by Skysaber:

Lucius Malfoy looked at the object in his hands in disbelief.  "Tell me you're joking, rat."

"Afraid not," Wormtail said with a notable lack of regret in his voice.  "Our Lord was destroyed by a raging case of athlete's foot."

Malfoy thought it over for a few seconds.  "Well, at least we can bury him in his favorite teapot."

4 June

26 June

179. Bunny from a thread on the FFA forums initiated by Alternator.

Harry stepped around a tree to face Voldemort.

Shocked at the young wizard's audacity, Voldemort didn't react when Harry started speaking.  "Ah, there you are.  I finally found out what that 'Power He Knows Not' is."

Voldemort's eyes narrowed, but he didn't speak.

"Time Travel," stated another Harry Potter as this one stepped from behind another tree.

"Lots and lots of time travel," a third Harry Potter said.

"Lots," said a fourth.

"Lots and lots," chanted more and more as they all appeared around the flabbergasted Voldemort.

180. Bunny from Kokopelli

The diary of Tom Marvolo Riddle was seriously contemplating suicide.

Being a diary was tough enough.  Having to be kind and sympathetic to snot-nosed brats was bad enough, but this was far worse!

Those Weasley twins could drive even a book to suicide!

181.  "Original Bunny by Crys" (R, tm, C, patent pending)

In his animagus form, Voldemort ran, spurred on by primal instincts.

On and on he ran, heading toward a destination only his subconscious knew.

Finally at his destination, Voldemort and every other lemming in the herd threw themselves over the cliff.

182.  Bunny from JoeFenton

Harry put the final touches on his devious plan while wearing a demented grin.

Done, he stepped back and shouted, "Voldemort!"

Voldemort, shaken out of a sound sleep, jumped to his feet and drew his wand.

Smirking, Harry waved his wand, and cancelled the illusion over Voldemort's wand.

Voldemort had less than a second to look at the stick of dynamite in his hand before the fuse burned down.

183. Bunny from Gullwhacker

Voldemort stared at the stone guardian.  "You guard the Fountain of Myrrdin, do you not?"

"I do," agreed the stone construct.

"May I pass?"

"You may."

Voldemort grinned.

"I care not what you do so long as you do not try to destroy it."

"I understand that simply drinking from the fountain will grant me a boost in power."

"This is true."

Nodding, Voldemort walked through the portal and found himself in an underground room with a pool of water fed by individual drips coming out of a crack in the rock wall.  Voldemort conjured a goblet and dipped it into the pool, bringing the goblet to his lips for a deep draught.

The ice-cold liquid was refreshing and brought him a surge of energy.

Voldemort drank again and felt another surge of energy.

Giddy, Voldemort dipped the goblet into the pool again and brought it up for a third drink.

The resulting magical explosion proved that greed is one of the seven literally deadly sins.

184. A variation of a bunny from Gullwhacker

Voldemort groaned, clutching his middle. 

"How ignominious!  The Dark Lord Voldemort done in by food poisoning!" he groaned.

185.  Another bunny by Killer07

"Ah, but I have the Sword of Slytherin," Voldemort cried triumphantly.

Harry, holding forth the Sword of Gryffindor, gaped.

Voldemort pulled back the sword to first behead this brat then the witch standing at his back.

To his shock, the sword spoke to him.  "Tom Riddle, I deny your claim to the Slytherin name.  The witch before you is a more direct descendant than you can claim.  I will not harm her nor those protecting her."

With these telepathic words, the sword turned on Voldemort before Harry and Hermione's shocked eyes.

186. Scene by dontbe_vain.  Reproduced here without modification.

Voldemort, tired and stressed from Potter hunting, was currently in the shallow end of the pool playing with a rubber ducky when Goyle Senior reached over and grabbed the ducky from his hands. Enraged and without his wand, he chased Goyle around the pool, ignoring the obnoxious whistles coming from the lifeguard station.

"No running on the deck!" The young lifeguard shouted. He watched helplessly as the skinny pale man slipped, cracking his skull on the wet tiles. Voldemort groaned and he rolled over, face first into the edge of the pool. Feeling uncompassionate towards the man who had stolen toys from the other children watched as his flailing arms slowed to a stop. "I told him not to run."

187. Scene by dontbe_vain.  Reproduced here with only minor modifications.

Voldemort cackled evilly as his plan to destroy Harry Potter was nearing completion. Potter was being detained in North America, and he was currently flying toward his arch-enemy. Deliriously happy at his good fortune, he didn't see an American Airlines jet flying dangerously close behind him. His cloak was sucked into the turbo jet engine along with the rest of his body.

Down below, a short woman in black rimmed glasses smirked as the large middle aged man sitting across from her stared up in shock.

"See what I mean? No capes!" Edna exclaimed.

26 June

19 July

188.  "Original Bunny by Crys" (R, tm, C, patent pending)

Harry moved through the fight easily, effortlessly.  No matter what Voldemort attempted, Harry countered perfectly or simply dodged.

Finally, Voldemort screamed in frustration.  "Why can't I hit you?"

Harry smiled.  "Felix Felicis."

189. Scene by Tildessmoo.  Reproduced here with only minor modification.  (as Tildessmoo pointed out, "why the heck hasn't this been used?")

Harry Potter faced off against Voldemort.  This was it, the final duel.  No holds barred.  Neither can live while the other survives.  Well, only one would survive the day, so one of them had to stop living.  And, really, there was only one spell truly suited to the purpose.

"Avada Kedavra!"

190.  Bunny by Dale

"What is that in your hand, Potter?"

"One penny nails."

"What do you think you can do with a handful of muggle items?"

Harry grinned at Voldemort.  "Watch."

Harry tossed the handful of slivers of metal into the air then cast an overpowered Banishing Spell at them.

191. Bunny by Dale

Ron joined Harry looking down at the mutilated body.  It had numerous burns, cuts, and contusions to the point that it was almost unrecognizable as the former Lord Voldemort.  Harry was satisfied at having won, nauseated at his opponent's condition, and also a little amused.

"Why're you smiling, mate?" Ron asked.

"Your mum."

Ron blinked.  "My mum?  What does she have to do with it?"

"She's the power Voldemort knew not.  What she taught me, anyway."

"What're you on about, Harry?"

"She's a great cook, right?  Well, you've seen her produce gravy out of her wand.  I used that to make Tom slip and fall.  Then we have the food preparation spells.  Vegetable peeling, potato cutting, cheese shredder, and all that.  Heavy-duty stain cleaning charm.  Boiling water.  I think you get the idea."

Ron had a funny expression.  "Thanks a lot, Harry.  Now I'm not sure I can ever eat my mum's cooking again."

192.  Bunny based on "Raw Power" by Laume:  Used with permission.

"What is being wrong with me?" Harry asked in a high-pitched voice.  He was standing in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place and looking at Dumbledore with panic.  His body had been changing since awakening that morning.

"It turns out that your mother's line isn't totally . . . human.  As the cross was with a magical race, it has not affected your aunt or cousin."

"But what is it?" Harry asked again, squirming uncomfortably.

Dumbledore paused.  "We found a relative on your mother's side.  Perhaps it would be better if he explained."


Harry turned and found Dobby the house-elf smiling at him.  "Harry Potter is Dobby's great-nephew!"

~ ~ ~

"Yous is a bad, evil wizard," Potty the house-elf said to Voldemort.  "I be cleaning you."  One wave of his green hand and all the evil staining his body and soul was wiped out of existence.  This had the effect of disassociating the body completely, resulting in a small pile of loose snake scales.

"Yuck."  Potty waved his hand again and the scales disappeared.

"Is you done?" Dobby asked his nephew.

With a nod, uncle and nephew popped back to Hogwarts kitchen to do some celebratory baking.

193.  Bunny based on "Die, Voldie, Die!" by Laume:  Used with permission.

Voldemort blinked with surprise at the Boy Who Lived.  Harry had just parachuted into the midst of an Inner Circle meeting.  "What are you doing here, Potter?"

"Why, driving you to suicide!" Harry answered.  Without another word, Harry grabbed Severus Snape, pulled him close, dipped him, and locked their mouths together in a deep kiss.  Wet sounds emerged as their tongues fought for control.

"EEWW!" was the collective response from the watching Death Eaters.

Voldemort stared at the two in horror before clawing at his eyes, trying to gouge them out in the vain hope of erasing the picture now seared onto his brain.

Thus Voldemort and most of his Death Eaters died that day, driven to either insanity or suicide by the most appalling scene they had ever witnessed.

194.  Scene by WhyDoYouNeedtoKnow?  Reproduced with only minor modifications.

"You're having me on," said Ron. "You didn't kill him?"

"Didn't need to." Harry sipped his drink. "After the Horcruxes were gone, he was as mortal as the next man, and nothing mortal survives getting hit by an articulated lorry."

"But you weren't on a highway, were you?" Hermione asked.

Harry shook his head. "Not even near a road. I'd have thought I hallucinated it all, except for the evidence of one very flat Dark Lord."

"Hallucinated it all?" Ron asked.

"Well, the end of it I know I hallucinated. The bit about the lorry transforming into a giant-sized robot..."

195.  Another bunny by Killer07

A young Tom Riddle stared with utter confusion at the results of the fight he had just witnessed.  Whatever that . . . thing had been, it wasn't anything from this planet.  Four arms, six legs, three eyes?

While he was trying to figure it out, a man in a black suit held up a small metal cylinder.  "Look at this, please," he requested in a polite but bored tone.

There was a flash of red light and everything went away.

The Men in Black had never had to use a standard-issue Neuralizer on a wizard before.  It turns out to have more permanent effects on wizards than on muggles.

196.  Another bunny by Tildessmoo

"Arresto Momentum Absolum Totalus!"

Our galaxy is moving away from the center of the universe.  Our sun is orbiting the center of our galaxy.  The earth is orbiting the sun.  The earth is also rotating on its axis.

The spell that Hermione found stopped Voldemort's movement relative to the absolute center of the universe.

It took less than three minutes before the moon flew past his utterly unmoving form.

19 July

31 July

197. Bunny by HermanTumbleweed

Harry watched in horror as a Disfigurment Curse struck Hermone's chest.

His response was very much to the point.  Each word punctuated by a powerful curse.

"Hermione!  Ginny!  And!  I!  Were!  Going!  To!  Have!  A!  Three!  Way!  Later!"

198. Another bunny by Killer07

Snape handed a vial to Wormtail.  "The Dark Lord wanted this potion.  Give it to him.  I am expected back at Hogwarts."  The snarky potions professor spun and left.

Shrugging, Wormtail continued his chores.

Later, after Voldemort had finished his dinner, he asked, "Worm, Severus was supposed to deliver a Bad Luck Potion to use on my enemies.  Has he delivered it?"

Wormtail stared at Voldemort's teacup in horror.  "No, My Lord," he squeaked.

199. Scene by ScM15 in "By the Hand of the Other".  Used with permission

"I'm coming for you Tom!" Harry charged across the field, wand outstretched, dodging spells every which way...and tripped. Fortunately for him, what he tripped over was an anchor-rope for one of the siege engines Fred and George had come up with. As he went down, Harry's hand caught on the release lever.

Voldemort was laughing. "Ha, and this is all the Great Harry Potter can do? Why, you can't even make it to the battle!" His closest Death Eaters laughed sycophantically. No one noticed the shadow slowly getting larger. "Now, NOTHING stands in my way. ALL shall bow before me, LORD VOLDE--" He was cut off as the huge rock landed, sending a magical pulse rippling outwards.

That section of the Dark Lord's army, a major part of it, were knocked off their feet like bowling pins. Not that many of them would know what those were. As the blinding flash cleared, and the dust settled, Harry stumbled to his feet. He blinked, seeing the crater where the Dark Lord had been, and then looked at the lever beside him.

"Well," he said, shaking his head, "I guess it was by my hand..."

200. Another bunny by Killer07

Voldemort didn't go on many raids himself, but did occassionally want to "keep his hand in."

The mansion he and his team were facing reminded him of some of the manors at home.  Very odd for a place in the United States.

Voldemort noticed the sign in the front yard, snorting disdainfully at the message.  Silently, he strode to the front door, blasting it to splinters with a whispered word.

He should have heeded the sign.  After all the Addams did post a warning that Trespassers will be Eaten.

31 July

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Author Notes:

I'm sure you noticed that there are less than two hundred scenes here.  Don't worry that the rest of the file didn't upload or something similar.  I only have so many scenes done so far.  As more ideas are sent in or new bunnies occur to me, I'll add to this chapter until it does reach two hundred.  At which point I'll simply start the next chapter.