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Suukibotan posted a comment on Wednesday 12th August 2009 3:01pm for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Voldemort let out a triumphant laugh as he stood over the battered form of Harry Potter. "You have lost! I, Lord Voldemort, shall rule the Wizarding world forever!"

Voldemort lifted his wand, the killing curse on his lips, when a strange grinding noise sounded above him. He looked up in time to be squashed by a blue box with the words 'Police Public Call Box' written on the top.

Harry stared in amazment as the door opened and a brown haired man stepped out followed by a blond haired girl.

"Look, Rose, It's not my fault the Tardis fell like that. There must have been something in the way." The man noticed Harry and gave a huge grin. "Hello, I'm the Doctor! Did I interupt anything?"

Vincent posted a comment on Thursday 6th August 2009 10:26pm for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Here is another idea for voldemort to die but it requires some knowledge of Terry Pratchett's discworld series, namely this The Luggage
Somehow harry gets this item and when Voldie tries to kill him, the luggage doesn't take kindly and well..... it eats voldie (bonuspoints if it gets sick from eating voldie)

akun5000 posted a comment on Tuesday 21st July 2009 9:17pm for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Here's a few I came up with.


Voldemort, upon hearing the full prophecy, strode forth into battle with his Death Eaters, ignoring all attacks, save the ones that came from Harry Potter as he floated arrogantly off the ground to show his might.

He came to a very messy end very quickly as the combined magics destroyed his body and magical core.

"What about the prophecy?!" Dumbledore asked, flabbergasted at the complete defeat of Lord Voldemort aka. Tom Riddle at the hands of someone other than Harry Potter.

Everyone shrugged.


Voldemort, upon hearing the full prophecy and wisely waiting until Dumbledore was dead, strode forth into battle with his Death Eaters, ignoring all attacks, save the ones that came from Harry Potter as he floated arrogantly off the ground to show his might.

Naturally, because of the fear of his might, many aurors and even members of the Order of the Phoenix didn't dare cast a single hex his way.

That is, until Hermoine Granger noticed no one was even willing to challenge the Dark Lord. A bit of the infamous Gryffindor courage boiled up within her and she cast a powerful 'Finite' spell at him to cancel his flying powers.

Lord Voldemort stiffened, then collapsed into dust.

"What just happened?!" came the inquiry from Professor McGonagall asked, flabbergasted much in the same manner that Dumbledore would've been at the complete defeat of Lord Voldemort aka. Tom Riddle at the hands of someone other than Harry Potter.

"I... think I just ended the Horcrux spell... as well as the ritual magic keeping his artificial body together." Hermoine said, blinking with confusion.

"You mean that would've actually worked?!" Harry inquired. He'd contemplated casting the Finite on Tom back in the graveyard, but had gone for the safer disarming charm...

David Thacker posted a comment on Tuesday 21st July 2009 3:44pm for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Here ios one that hit me when I was reading a Vampier Harry story and it is Harry useing the same spell that Lockhart used on his arm on Riddles whole body.If it has been done then over look this.

Regina Noctis posted a comment on Sunday 19th July 2009 9:54am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Whee, I got more! XD Hope you enjoy it! :D

P.S. In my Torchwood entry, I forgot to italicize the spells. I'm an idiot. xP



"Yes, Ron."

"You remember what I told you about what we Weasley Brothers would do to anyone who ever hurt Ginny, right?"

"Well, of course. But I haven’t hurt Ginny, so what—"

"Don’t worry, we know that. It’s not you we’re talking about now, it’s Voldemort. We’ve just finished a Weasley Family Council and decided that the incident with Voldemort’s diary in second year qualifies as an attempted assault against our Ginny, and we’re going to have to take some action against him."


"Between Bill’s Curse of the Mummy, Charlie’s dragons, Percy’s flying cauldron army with perfectly consistent bottoms, Fred and George’s deluxe magical bombs, and my Amplified Castration Hex…Harry, I don’t think there’ll be enough pieces of Voldemort left that will be big enough for the prophecy to apply."


Voldemort met Chuck Norris.

End of story.


Voldemort decided to install a set of lifts in the old Riddle Manor that was serving as Death Eater headquarters these days. As soon-to-be Supreme Ruler of the Wizarding World, it only made sense that he have a little luxury in his everyday life, right?

On his first trip in the new lift, Voldemort stepped into the boxy chamber from his second-floor study and pressed the button that would take him to the ground floor.

Nothing happened. The doors didn’t even close.

Voldemort pressed the button again, perplexed. Again, nothing happened.

Beginning to get annoyed, Voldemort punched the button repeatedly as hard as he could. Still no response.

Finally, he drew his wand and aimed it at the lift’s control pad. "Avada Kedavra!" he screamed, hoping to get some response out of it.

The lift responded by snapping its cables and dropping all the way down to the ground floor, exploding in a smoky fireball at the bottom of the shaft.


Voldemort Apparated to the place where his trackers had last registered the location of his prey. There, sitting at an "outdoor" café table in the middle of one of London’s biggest department stores, was Potter. The boy looked up and, seeing Voldemort appear right in front of him, jumped up, knocking over his table in the process, and fled on foot.

Voldemort bared his teeth and followed on Potter’s heels. All the way to the base of a Muggle escalator that Potter was taking in leaps and bounds, sometimes skipping two steps at a time.

Voldemort quickly discovered several things during his run up the escalator after Potter.

First, he was badly out of shape.

Second, the escalator was moving in a downward fashion, resulting in both himself and Potter not actually getting very far.

Third, Muggle trainers and jeans seemed to have an advantage over long Wizarding robes when it came to moving on escalators.

Voldemort tripped when his robes snagged on the steps, landed flat on his face, and was promptly pulled under by the inexorable "teeth" of the escalator.


Voldemort Apparated to a shabby building in London where his trackers had last registered the location of his prey. A sign at the entrance of the building read, MUSIC SCHOOL FOR BEGINNERS. Voldemort sneered and entered, stalking through the corridors before stopping at the door which practically pulsed with Potter’s magical aura.

With a flourish, Voldemort blasted the door open—

And keeled over at the sudden blast of harsh sound that came from the room.

Harry stared in some confusion at the dead Dark Lord sprawled at the entrance, then at the bagpipes in his hand which he’d just taken a blast on when Voldemort attempted to enter.


"Potter, you’re mine!" Voldemort crowed over the boy’s prone body in the final battle. But just before he could kill the boy…


A bearded man of gigantic proportions came running over, his every step visibly shaking the ground. He was waving a ragged pink umbrella over his head, which he suddenly brought to bear on Voldemort’s chest, skidding to a halt before the stunned Dark Lord.

"No one’s goin’ ta hurt me Harry!" bellowed the man. He waved his umbrella around like one would a wand, showering Voldemort with sparks, before shoving the umbrella forward like a rapier.

Hagrid accidentally skewered Voldemort on the end of his umbrella while trying to cast a protective spell over Harry.

Regina Noctis posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 4:22am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

misterq, the Gummy Bears (and I think it is Gummy Bears, unless it's different in the UK) idea is HILARIOUS. I bloody love the things. I'll never be able to stop laughing when I see them now. XD

Regina Noctis posted a comment on Thursday 16th July 2009 3:37am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Yay, and here's another one! Can't remember if you've already done a Torchwood one, though. >.>


In a time-travel experiment gone wrong, Voldemort found himself stuck a decade in the future with no way of getting back to kill that noisome Potter brat. After snooping around the local underground scene for a few days, Voldemort caught wind of talk of people called Time Agents who might be able to help him. One of the number happened to be living in Cardiff, which wasn’t terribly far from the London secret-house he was staying at. Voldemort Apparated to the town one morning, walked around a bit until he found the building that was known to his sources as "Torchwood," then Apparated directly inside.

The presence of such a powerful magical being made the lights and other electrical machinery in the room flicker off and on madly, which also drew the attention of the two shirtless men snogging in the Atrium where Voldemort arrived. With a contemptuous sneer, as much at their obvious Muggleness as at their disgusting behavior, he pointed his wand at the closer of the pair. "Avada Kedavra!"

The man dropped like a stone, and Voldemort flicked his body away without a second thought. The other man’s cry of horror at his lover’s death had been cut short, and now this man was staring at the tip of Voldemort’s wand, now aimed at his chest.

"I need to see a Time Agent. Are you one?" The man shook his head frantically, but remained silent. "Well, who is, then? Take me to him!" The man did not respond. Voldemort scowled. "Fine, if you don’t want to talk. I’ll just have to make you, shall I? Cru—"

And then a .35-mm bullet tore through his larynx and settled into the base of his skull, destroying his brain stem and killing the Dark Lord instantly.

The formerly-dead man slowly stood up from his corner of the Atrium, tossing the handgun back into the desk drawer he’d retrieved it from. Then, he limped back over to the dead Voldemort. "Hmm. Humanoid, but the first I’ve ever seen with a wooden blaster." He kicked away the wand without another thought. "Should I take the body down to Medical, Ianto?"

"Nah. Myfanwy can have him," Ianto Jones said, referring to Torchwood’s pet pterodactyl. "Besides…I think he interrupted us, didn’t he, Jack?"

"Oh. Right." Captain Jack Harkness, Time Agent and immortal extraordinaire, grinned. "You can start by kissing my pains away…"

Suukibotan posted a comment on Monday 13th July 2009 8:37pm for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty


Voldemort laughed as he stood over the dead body of Harry Potter. "I've won! I've cheated Fate and Death!"

Suddenly he tripped on a rock, which sent him tumbling over a cliff, which happened to have razor sharp rocks on the bottom as well as a large population of flesh eating slugs, which was very strange because he was in front of Hogwarts.

Fate is a very sore looser.


Voldemort had completed his final horcrux and now stood on a hill, a storm raging around him as he gloated. "I am now immortal! I am greater even than the Gods!"

A bolt of lighting hit his out stretched arm.

"Well, maybe equal-"


"Maybe n-"


"Okay! I get-"


"I'm sorr-"




The gods looked down at Voldemort. "Is he dead yet?"

"He better not be! I ain't getting him in the afterlife!"

Suukibotan posted a comment on Monday 13th July 2009 8:05pm for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

i've got another one for ya.

Ridcully looked at the stain that now in habited the ritual room's wall. "What do you think it is Stibbons?"

Ponder adjusted his glasses and peered closely at it. "I'm not sure, Archansallor. But it was humanoid."


"It was human-like, sir."

"Ah, yes. And where is Rincewind? Did he survive the trip?"

"Well, according to my calculations, the spell should have been able to slow him down before his arrival. Unlike this....person."

"Poor chap. Oh well. Let's see if we can find that poor excuse for a wizard this time."


Rincewind looked at all the skull masked men in dark robes nervously. "Um, so sorry to intrude. Nice costumes. I'm sure Death would be impressed."

The robed figures stood silent, still in shock over their master's disappearance.

Rincewind decided that this would be a good time to run. And run he did.

Suukibotan posted a comment on Monday 13th July 2009 6:45pm for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

how about this? it's more about what happens to voldy after his death. hope its okay.

Death sat behind his desk,idly toying with his model of the Discworld as he studied the red-eyed dog called the Grimm.

SO, YOU NEED ME TO DISTRACT THIS...He glanced at an empty hourglass as he pulled it out of his robes, TOM RIDDLE DURING A DUEL SO YOU MAY COLLECT HIS SOUL?

The Grimm nodded and Death sighed.

Voldemort and Harry were trading spells as fast as they could, speaking almost no incantations. They were evenly matched and beginning to slow down.

Harry cast a Reducto at Voldemort's head and Tom was about to throw up a shield, but hesitated a split second too long. Harry's spell hit and Voldemort perished in a fountain of blood.

Harry was then enveloped in the embrace of his two best friends, but he still had a puzzled look on his face.

Ron noticed this. "Mate, what's wrong?"

Harry shrugged. "I don't know. Just before my curse hit Riddle, he seemed to have seen something over my shoulder."

All three turned to look behind them, but saw nothing besides the cheering crowds.

"Oh well," said Hermione, "at least the bugger's dead."

Ron and Harry nodded at this, then the trio joined in the festivities.

"What!?" Tom spun around and his expression turned from annoyance to pure rage. "You! You're the one who distracted me with that muggle blade!"


"Who are you?"


Tom's face displayed his horror. "No! Impossible! I am Lord Voldemort! I am immortal!!"


"Wait! I can demand a game, right?"

Death shrugged, a very expressive movement for a skeleton, and turned to the Grimm who sat watching nearby. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

The Grimm nodded.


Riddle's face lit with unholy glee as he began to formulate several chess strategies(Slytherin champion seven years running).


Riddle looked up sharply. "Why not?"


"Fine. You may chose the game."

"No! I demand a rematch!"


"I don't care! I will win!"




"I know, I know! Arg! I hate CandyLand!"



ShadeHawk posted a comment on Sunday 12th July 2009 11:18am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

From Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts by Clell65619 (not mine):

A few minutes later the sounds of combat faded, only to be punctuated by a single, sibilant voice crying out, "DAMN YOU POTTER! This cannot be! I cannot lose! I am invinci...."

"Would you please just shut the hell up? Every bloody time we've faced each other you told me that I can't possibly be doing what I'm doing. It's very annoying."

"oh-h-h-h, SHIIIIIIIIT!"

"You know Harry... That's not really what I expected a Dark Lord's last words to be."

misterq posted a comment on Sunday 5th July 2009 5:40am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Sometimes my brain scares me... here's another one:

"So you're saying that Voldemort has this thing where he can hear anyone in Britain say his name at any time? And he gets an image of who said it and their location in his mind?" Harry asked Hermione.

"Yes, Harry. It's called 'taboo'," the bushy haired witch answered before noticing a slowly spreading grin on Harry Potter's face, "What are you smiling about, Harry?"

"You'll see. I only have a few months before holidays, but it should be enough time," The boy muttered to himself as he left a thoroughly confused witch alone.

Time passed and Hermione was spending Christmas at home with the family. One Saturday morning, she got a strange phone call from her friend from Hogwarts.

"Harry? Is that you?" she said in the phone.

"Yep. Do me a favor and turn on the telly to any channel that is showing cartoons."

Hermione did that, "Okay, now what?"

"Now, well. Just wait for the next commercial."

Hermione sat through ten minutes of mind-numbing children's programming before the commercial started. Immediately, her jaw dropped.

On the screen were two animated children that more than resembled herself and Harry Potter. There were sitting in the forest around a table made from a tree stump, complete with tablecloth, and eating some kind of cereal with great abandon.

"I love these Crunchy Wizard Flakes!" exclaimed animated Harry.

"I love how the eleven vitamins and minerals help me grow." exclaimed animated Hermione.

"I love getting Crunchy Wizard Flakes all for myself! Mwahaha!" from off screen appeared a crudely animated version of Voldemort, although a perpetual rain cloud hung over his head at all times and moved when he did.

"It's Voldemort, the Soggy Sorcerer!" exclaimed the animated children.

"Now to find out Crunchy Wizard Flake's crunchy secret!" animated Voldemort pulled out a soggy limp noodle-like wand and cast a soggy limp spell. Animated Harry used his bowl of cereal to reflect the magic back at the animated sorcerer and causing him to become all soggy and limp. Animated Voldemort tried to take a step, but tripped over his robe and fell down on the ground in a heap.

"Your soggy sorcerer magic is no match for Crunchy Wizard Flakes, Voldemort!" exclaimed animated Hermione.

An animated version of Dumbledore appeared behind the two kids, "Crunchy Wizard Flakes are good for you, taste great, and stay crunchy in milk because in addition to all the vitamins and minerals, there is a little bit of something magic in each bowl."

The real Hermione noticed tiny print appear near the bottom of the television that said 'Actual magic not used in the manufacture of Crunchy Wizard Flakes'.

"Crunchy Wizard Flakes!" exclaimed the animated kids that were now levitating a soggy animated Voldemort.

"Now with marshmallow wands!" exclaimed animated Dumbledore.

"Ow!" exclaimed animated floating Voldemort as his head accidentally hit a tree and tiny birds appeared around it, which his rain cloud immediately drenched. The wet birds fell to the ground as the commercial ended.

Hermione reached for the remote and turned off the television without saying a word.

Then she just sat there, with her mouth opened.

"Hello? Hermione, what did you think? Are you there?" asked Harry Potter over the phone.

After a moment, Hermione regained the power of speech. "What do I think? WHAT DO I THINK!?"

"Yeah, brilliant, wasn't it?"

"No. No it wasn't. Now the Dark Lord is going to come after everyone at the television studio and.."

"No he won't. I had the animation and voices contracted out in Asia. The taboo doesn't reach there. Plus, he isn't going to be doing much of anything, Hermione."

"What do you mean?"

"How many television sets are there in England alone? How many of those have children watching cartoons? Twenty million or so? Plus how many non magical kids will be saying his name after seeing this? I bought the cereal company and came up with the ad campaign myself for this very reason. Hermione, what do you think the effect of twenty million televisions shouting out his name every thirty minutes or so will do to Tom Riddle's brain?"

Hermione thought for a moment and then smiled, "So much for the soggy sorcerer!"

eiahmen posted a comment on Wednesday 1st July 2009 10:49am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

And here's another one that I just had jump into my head.

For quick reference; Buck-Tick is a Japanese rock band, and their vocalist, Atsushi Sakurai is VERY popular with the ladies. His friends, and many of his fans, simply refer to him as "Achan" or "Acchan".

It had taken several weeks and generous use of the Unforgivables, but finally Voldemort learned where the Potter brat had gone in search of more training. It had been a relatively simple matter to apparate halfway around the world to Tokyo, Japan, now he had to complete the other steps of his plan. Step 1: Find Potter. Step 2: Kill Potter. Step 3: Take over the world.
Brushing nonexistent lint from his robes, Voldemort stepped out of the alleyway he had appeared it see thousands upon thousands of teenaged girls (And more than a few grown women.) standing behind a metal fence, yelling and shrieking like banshees. He resisted the urge to pull out his wand and kill them all and instead spent a moment looking around to get his bearings.
"Buck-Tick?" he thought as he read the marquee on the building in front of him. "Who or what is a Buck-Tick?" His thoughts were then interrupted by the sound of a door opening, and he looked down to see five men walking out. The tall, dark haired man in the front waved at the crowd and Voldemort was vaguely aware of the sound of the fence crashing to the ground behind him and thousands of feet pounding against the pavement.
Voldemort’s crushed and mangled corpse was found a few hours later, trampled to death by Atsushi fangirls.

Vincent posted a comment on Sunday 21st June 2009 11:51pm for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Found a new way for voldy to die; Harry throws a portkey that transports voldy straight in to our sun.

Crys replied:

That idea's already been used.   See #83.  

Thanks for the review, though.

misterq posted a comment on Monday 8th June 2009 2:58am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Yep, I liked one of the ways I submitted and polished it up and posted it to my compilation page on TTHM. Hope you don't mind too much. :)

Crys replied:

No problem.   They're your ideas in the first place.

ShadeHawk posted a comment on Friday 5th June 2009 5:56am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Rabit plot bunny by misterq on TtH (Twisting the Hellmouth):

King of the World

He had found it, the legendary Aladdin's Lamp. A few rubs later and Voldemort made his wish, "I wish to rule the world!"

"GRANTED!" said the djinn and Voldemort vanished with a poof of smoke.


Voldemort, now frustrated beyond all belief (...).

Voldemort slumped. He wished to be ruler of the world, but he failed to specify which world.

Crys replied:

Yep, he sent them to me but then put them up himself.

misterq posted a comment on Friday 5th June 2009 4:54am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

The glowing white angel-like being used to be a dementor. That was before Harry and Hermione got their hands on it. After Voldemort called all of its bretheren to it, it was the only one captured during a feeding raid on a muggle town.

Harry had the idea and Hermione worked out the spellwork and cast the charms. Suddenly, it was no longer emmiting an aura that made people revisit their worst moments. Instead, its aura made people experience the best moments in their lives - pure euphoria.

This made the new promentor that much more dangerous as when it floted into the Death Eater meeting, everyone mindlessly flocked to it with a smile on their face. Almost as if they were affected by the greatest imperio charm ever cast. Even the dark lord wasn't immune to the feeling.

Then, when the crowd of murderers and villians huddled around the glowing white figure, full of euphoria, the incandescent promentor bent down and hungrily sucked up everyones' souls.

misterq posted a comment on Friday 5th June 2009 3:08am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Some more...

"Harry, I need some money!" Hermione rushed up to her friend.

"What for, Hermione?" Harry asked. He wasn't above giving money to one of his friends - it wasn't like he was using it for anything important.

"I figured out a way to help you with Voldemort, " the bushy haired girl said excitedly while clutching several books, "I was doing some research on the floo network when I though, why can't we enchant it to filter out anyone who willingly got marked as a death eater and doesn't regret it. That way, even if someone got marked while under the imperio spell, they'll be fine. As will Professor Snape be if he truly regrets getting the mark. But anyone else will go to a floo gate of our own choice."

"So why do you need money?"

"To build and enchant a floo gate and buy a few ingrediants to er.. hijack the floo network."

Harry thought about this for a few seconds, "I don't care how much it is, let's do this."

A few weeks of work, a couple of visits to Arthur Weasly at the ministry of magic (where Hermione kept him busy by answering questions on muggle technology while Harry and Ron snuck off under Harrys cloak), and the floo network was modified.

Later in the year, when Harry got visions of Voldemort torturing Sirius Black, he and his friends flew to the Ministry where they found... nobody. Harry went to the prophesy room and pulled down the glass orb and listened to the entire prophesy. Then he replaced it and, not seeing Sirius, snuck back to Hogwarts.

Voldemort, on the otherhand, wondered why he had heard no word yet on the successful capture of Harry Potter. He disillusioned himeself before entering the floo and clearly saying his destination. The gate he exited wasn't what he expected. Instead of the Ministry of Magic, Voldemort flew out of a gate attached horizontally two feet above a bubbling volcano - just like all the other Death Eaters.


He had found it, Aladdin's Lamp. A few rubs later and Voldemort made his wish, "I wish to rule the world!"

"GRANTED!" said the djinn and Voldemort vanished with a poof of smoke.

Voldemort opened his eyes upon the almost surrealistic landscape he was on. Everything looked like it was painted in bright pastels. There were what appeared to be lolli-pops lining a nearby street. And looking him over were what looked like several three foot tall living gummi bears.

"Welcome! Are you our new king?" said the yellow gummi bear.

"Who are you?" Voldemort demanded.

"We're Jelly Bears!" said the red gummi bear and clapped his hands repediatly like a hyper four year old.

"Jolly Jelly Bears!" exclaimed the orange bear as his eyes rolled stupidly so they didn't focus on the same point.

"And you are our new king!" the yellow one laughed idiotically, "All hail the new King of Jelly Land!"

Annoyed at the cheering, Voldemort whipped out his wand and cast the killing curse at the yellow bear. The green light hit the bear... and turned him green.

"Ooh! Look at me! Thank you King!" the bear bounced on its rear.

Voldemort cast crucio at the red bear.

"Tee hee! That tickles! Yay!"

Voldemort, now frustrated beyond all belief, tried to cast imperio, but instead of a spell, candy came out of his wand.

"Candy!!" all the bears screamed and began to devour the sweets.

Voldemort slumped. He wished to be ruler of the world, but he failed to specify which world. Now it seemed he was stuck with moronic candy bears forever. Unless...

The Dark Lord turned his wand around and cast the killing curse at his own head.

He turned green.

Then he started to cry.

The Jelly bears' efforts to cheer him up by clumsily stuffing him full of candy did not help.

Nanoswarm1 posted a comment on Saturday 30th May 2009 2:25am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

"Headmaster, can you teach me how to make a Portkey without any safeties?"
"Why do you want to know how to do that, Harry, my boy?"
"Well, I have an idea on how to beat Voldemort..."

*A week later*
Voldemort was standing, gloating over a family of Muggles the last raid had captured who he was torturing. Suddenly, he collapsed, dead.

Portkey-blocking wards just scramble incoming Portkeys- enough to ruin electronics or turn a person into a puddle of gore, but the safeties in most Portkeys just abort if they try to enter. Rocks can survive being acrambled just fine. "Inside Tom Riddle's Brain" is a perfectly valid Portkey target.


Harry Potter and Voldemort were duelling along the streets of a small town. They carved a path of destruction across the town. Finally, exhausted, Harry ducked into a house. His nemesis followed soon after, to see him standing, hands on his knees, panting, in front of a wall.
"I have you now, Potter!" the Dark Lord cried, following it up with a devastating curse- which the Boy-who-Lived sprang away from with a burst of speed, darting out the back door.
He turned around and yelled back to Voldemort, who was still processing the sudden change from "exhausted" to "energized"
"That was a load-bearing wall, Tom!"

Eric Oppen posted a comment on Monday 18th May 2009 3:31am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Voldemort picked up the Horcrux. Unfortunately for him, it had been booby-trapped, and was now also a Portkey.

It sent him straight into the center of the sun. At those temperatures, even if he'd had time to cast it, a Flame-Freezing Charm would do less than no good.