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DragoFlare posted a comment on Friday 15th May 2009 11:17pm for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Slytherin's heir watched gleefully as his deatheaters razed another city to the ground.

Voldemort casually cast a fireball at the propane tank that heated the local orphanage and watched the building go up in flames.

Shortly after, he spied a fountain with a pair of bells hanging above it In front of the display was a plain white sign with black printed letters saying:

Throw a coin into the fountain and ring the bell, then you will have a new fortune.

The Halifax tourist association

"Well, I can always use more good luck, so why not?" the dark lord mused, pulling out his change purse and tossing a knut into the water.

He gave the bell rope a firm tug...





After a single ring the bell came loose from its moorings and fell on Voldemort, squashing him flat and killing him instantly.

The sign said the ringer would get a new fortune, not necessarily a good one.

eiahmen posted a comment on Thursday 14th May 2009 8:50am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

*giggles madly* Oh man, all these are so great. Here are a few from me.

Voldermort had searched Europe for months for the self proclaimed "King of the Vampires" before he learned that the Lord of the Night had been at the height of his power in fifteenth century Romania. So after much research and one exhausting spell casting later, Voldermort found himself standing in the province of Wallachia, in the year 1476. Now he simply had to find this vampire king and "persuade" him to join his cause. Vampires lived forever after all, so he knew that he would only have to return to the future, and his new ally would be waiting for him.
Before he could contemplate on where to go, he heard voices approaching his locations, and a few minutes later, four people stepped into the clearing and stopped and stared at him.
Voldermort, tired and shorter tempered than usual from the spell casting, narrowed his eyes in anger and raised his wand to curse the four in front of him. Before he could utter a single syllable, he found himself stabbed in the chest by a throwing knife, frozen in place by ice, lashed with a whip, and decapitated by a sword.
"What do you think that was, Belmont?" one of the four asked as they walked away. "Could it have been one of Dracula's minions?"
"I don't know, Grant." the one carrying the whip replied "But it's dead now, so let's move on."

"Master," Lucius Malfoy said as he knelt at Voldermort’s feet "I have learned the location of where Potter went to get extra training. He went to the United States."
Voldermort’s eyes narrowed. "Did he now?"
"Yes Master, here are the apparation coordinates."
Voldermort appeared on the deserted city street with a loud crack! and looked around before he spotted the glowing red sign.
"Devil May Cry?" he sneered "So this is where Potter went for training? How pathetic." And with that he cast Reducto on the double doors, blowing them apart, and confidently strode through the billowing dust and floating splinters, his wand raised and a curse on his lips.
"Jackpot!" a male voice sounded from somewhere in front of him, and a red clad blur was all the warning he got before a large broadsword, crackling with electricity, cleaved him in two.
Dante Sparda looked down at the two halves of the former Dark Lord before he looked up at the green eyed teenager standing in the back corner. I thought you said he’d be a challenge."

Voldermort stood in the weed choked courtyard, looking at the lion statue in front of him. He had easily disposed of the lesser demons he had encountered so far, and an overpowered Aquamenti spell had taken cared of the lava spider, and it seemed that getting what he had come for was going to be much easier than anticipated. He had come to Mallet Island because he had read in ancient texts that it was possible to access the Underworld through there. Once he was in the Underworld, he could take control of the demons there and use them to lay waste to his enemies.
But before he could do that, he needed to awaken this "guardian". He touched the statue and heard in his voice say:
"The guardian is sleeping. Magical power will awaken him."
Voldermort raised his wand. "Avada Kedavra!"
There was a shriek from the statue, a black aura flared out around it, and the stone startled to crumble, revealing a black mass that flowed down into the ground like liquid before taking the shape of a large panther, with glowing red eyes and long fangs. It growled at him, and then it leaped into the air and spun like a boomerang before launching itself down at him. Unfortunately for Voldermort, his recreated body was not fit and capable of dodging quickly enough.

David Thacker posted a comment on Saturday 9th May 2009 5:58pm for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

I got this one from rereading Sunrise Over Britain and it is Flaming Flatulence.

Killer07 posted a comment on Monday 4th May 2009 7:42am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty


after a long time i got bitten by a plot bunny again.

Voldemort was in a meeting with Hades and his assistants Pain and Panic to get the ultimate ally and form of Imortality. "Tom please say that again i thing i got some ashes in my ear..." "To break Harry Potter we should first kill his friends like Hermione Granger" "Tom let me get this right... you... want to kill MY BELOVED GREAT GRANDDAUGTHER?????" As Hades speaks his fires turned from blue to red.


Killer07 (I think Voldy just now reserved himself a extra warm place in the underworld)

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Tuesday 21st April 2009 1:28pm for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

no real substance to tis one, but Voldie meets Maz Smart. The KAOS involved with a meeting between Voldie and 86 would have shocking consequences for anyone not in CONTROL, so swear Harry etc in as CONTROL first, please. Other than that, just run with it.

misterq posted a comment on Monday 13th April 2009 7:04am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

More plot bunnies just keep burrowing into my mind...


"You see, Tom," said Harry Potter as he stood before his nemesis at the Ministry of Magic's lobby, "Most magic artifacts were created before the invention of the assembly line. It took me a little bit to figure out how to automate it properly with magic, but I'm confident with the results."

"What results, Potter?" asked Voldemort, his patience growing thin even though he was intregued at the possibilites.

"Why this result." Harry said as he lifted up a tiny chrome orb the size of a ping-pong ball. It was gleaming like metal, but also translucent - as though it existed only partially in phase with everything else.

"You see, Tom, I've been working on a way to make mind control much subtler than the 'imperio' spell your forces tend to use like a sledgehammer. These little mind orbs can turn invisible, bypass any wards, and phase into a person's head - perhaps while the target is sleeping. Then, they sit there and quickly erase any thoughts I don't want the targets to have even before the thoughts are fully completed. They can also override any physical instructions. Rather handy little things."

"Interesting, Potter. But what does that have to do with me."

"Oh, well, I created the assembly line machinery in the old Chamber of Secrets to churn out these things by the barrel full. And as of a few months ago, everyone is now subly under my control."

"Oh really?" Voldemort narrowed his eyes and tried to curse Potter. As his nemesis glared at his wand hand for refusing his mental comands, Harry continued talking with a slowly expanding grin.

"Hmm, perhaps you should reexamine the meaning of the word 'everyone', Slaveamort," said Harry Potter, the new secret ruler of the entire world.


Harry was tied to the gravestone in the cemetary, but wasn't looking to worried. He was more upset about Cedric than anyone else. If he had reacted faster, then he could have saved his fellow studen't life. Then Cedric would have owed him a life debt, but at least he would still be alive.

Pettigrew approached Harry with a dagger to draw some blood, when the boy spoke up, "Hey, Pettigrew. I'm cashing in the life debt you owe me. Your new mission is to destroy Voldemort and any of his loyal minions, other than yourself. And possibly Snape."

Pettigrew felt his magic pulse in relation to the life debt. Without warning, the rat animagus aimed his wand at the huge cauldron in the middle of the cemetary and sent the massive iron thing careening towards a stunned baby-sized homuculous Voldemort.


Harry and his friends had found the mysterious room full of levers and one large mirror inside Hogwarts castle a few months before the war. It was Hermione, however, who figured out exactly what it for.

So while his friends watched, it was Harry Potter who sat in the single chair, expertly manipulating the control levers. The boy smiled as looked intensly at the mirror that showed the view outside. With a little bit of magic, the mirror scene zoomed onto the shocked face of Voldemort as Hogwarts itself, a magically flying citadel, rapidly approached from the sky and landed solidly on himself and his panicing forces.


Voldemort's head suddenly exploded without explanation or warning during one of his Death Eater meetings.

At Hogwarts castle, a bossy tone called out to a messy haired boy who was clutching both his nose and the scar on his forehead. "You shouldn't hold your sneezes in, Harry. Who knows where they will come out," said Hermione.


McGonagall was having the class practise switching charms while Harry waved his wand at the prickly cactus while deep in thought. 'Anything would be better than having this accursed scar on his forehead linking him to Voldemort's mind. Even having a patch of cactus instead.' the boy thought to himself.

And just like that, magic did its thing - even better than expected due to the muddled nature of the boy's thoughts. The next thing he knew, Harry had a smooth patch of skin where his scar had been while a chunk of cactus was simply missing.

At his hideout, Voldemort fell to the floor and twitched a few times before remaining still. Bellatrix cautiously did the few medical diagnostic charms she knew, but disregarded her findings. She couldn't believe that there would be a large chunk of cactus poking into her master's brain with it's spines.

Lucillia posted a comment on Saturday 21st March 2009 1:31pm for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

how do I send an idea? I got one.

Crys replied:

Just put it into a review.


Minerva Granger posted a comment on Sunday 8th March 2009 11:39am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

By the way, from my last, it's one of Comdt Lassard's GOLF balls, not the typo I managed to put. And one other thing. I actually meant Fackler when I put Sweetchuck. If you've seen the movies, you know what I mean. With Fackler, the possibilities for Voldie deaths are endless.

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Monday 2nd March 2009 11:31am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

I've been watching Police Academy, and it inspired me a bit.

Voldemort chokes on one of Comdt Lassard's gold balls.

Zed temporarily returns to his old ways.

Sweetchuck. Just Sweetchuck. The possibilities are endless.

Jones' imitations are used as cover for real explosions.

Puck1 posted a comment on Wednesday 11th February 2009 8:30am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

How about Voldermort has had a marriage arranged to a muggleborn?

Crys replied:

Bunny  added to the file.   And then two variations also added.   Thank you.

misterq posted a comment on Saturday 7th February 2009 4:28pm for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

A few more..

Harry cast the tripping charm at Voldemort and dived through the floo. The Dark Lord fell after him so only his head and arms emerged from the other side. Harry quickly whirled around and cast a sticking charm on Voldemort's wand hand before racing off. Voldemort was still trying to free his hand when the floo powder ran out, shutting off the mystic transportation fire, and incidentally slicing him in half.


It was Hermione who made the spell, but Harry who cast it on the Dark Lord. Voldemort tried to cast the killing curse in retaliation, but midway through the process, he was suddenly distracted by a cloud shaped like Nagini. He tried again, only for a sparkly rock to catch his attention. The former Dark Lord screamed in frustration at his new curse of extreme ADD before suddenly noticing how fluffy a random squirrel's tail was. He was futilely still trying to catch the small creature when the aurors came.


At first, Harry thought it was a mistake to introduce the twins to muggle cinema. But as time went on, the Weasley brothers started sending him working items they developed from the movies they watched. He already had a magical light saber and a ring that would turn him invisible (and that's all it did, or so the twins claimed). But Harry smiled as he thought of Voldemort and his army gathering at the gates of Hogwarts and then looked down at his new working replica of the Ark of the Covenant in all of its face-melting glory.

Crys replied:

All three of these used.   Thanks

misterq posted a comment on Friday 30th January 2009 10:44am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Thanks for including more of the little plot bunnies that run around my mind. :) Here are some more...


This was it. All the Horcruxes were gone and it was down to just Harry and Voldemort, dueling each other in the Chamber of secrets.

The spells were flying fast and furious. Voldemort's shield gave out right as Harry sent out two lethal curses and a jelly leg jinx. Years of experience made the Dark Lord avoid certain death and step into the almost harmless spell as he worked on getting a new shield cast.

That was when Harry yelled out a phrase he had seen on television once. "Shut yo' mouth!" the boy shouted in parseltounge. And the last sight Voldemort saw as he lay on the ground with unresponsive legs, was the great stone mouth of Salazar Slytherin biting down.


Harry Potter and Ginny Weasly looked at the twitching form of the soon-to-be-dead Lord Voldemort.

"Remind me never to get you mad enough to cast that spell, Ginny."

"It was too hectic in the middle of battle, Harry. All I did was accidentaly add a word and suddenly, my 'bat bogey hex' became the 'bat brain bogey hex'," said the girl as several grey bat-like forms made their way out of the former Dark Lord's ear canal.


Voldemort sat on his throne. Another nation had fallen to his rule, but still there were rebels, discontents, and more countries to crush. Always more plans to be made.

"How long is he going to be like this?" Harry asked Hermione while pointing to the Dark Lord, who looked as though he was smiling in his sleep.

"I never made a way out," the bushy-haqired girl said. "The device runs off of his magical core. It provides the nutrients his body need, handles life support, and creates progressivly more difficuly challenges as time goes on. It also suppresses all thought about the simulation not being actually real."

"That's brilliant! So he's stuck like that until we destory all his soul pieces?" Harry asked.

"We can toss him into a Gringotts vault and work on that at our leasure while he plays 'Sim-World-Conquest'," Hermione smiled, "I think he is on level three out of infinity at the moment."


After seeing Draco effortlessly, although briefly, turned into a ferret, Harry started researching transformation spells. To his delight, he found them easy to cast and hard to reverse by the victim. So it was not surprising that next time they dueled, Voldemort suddenly turned into a small white mouse and was promptly gobbled up by Hedwig.


Voldemort woke up in his bed, vowing revenge on Harry Potter the failed 'Endless Nightmare' spell the boy tried to cast. That was when he noticed his face felt funny. The dark lord reached over to rub it, only to have a large chunk of flesh fall away. He tried again and again, until all that was left was a grinning skeleton - and soon even that was coming apart!

Voldemort woke up in his bed, vowing revenge on Harry Potter the failed 'Endless Nightmare' spell the boy tried to cast. That was when he noticed he was completly cocooned in an acromantula web, covered in spiders. And one spider the size of a truck was slowly leaning closer in order to plunge his venomous fangs into him.

Voldemort suddenly woke up in his bed, vowing revenge on Harry Potter the failed 'Endless Nightmare' spell the boy tried to cast, only to notice that something was moving under the skin in his arm. Many somethings. And then the pain started.

Voldemort shakingly woke up in his bed, vowing revenge on Harry Potter the failed 'Endless Nightmare' spell the boy tried to cast....


Crys replied:

4 of these scenes used.   Thank you.

LordofDigitalAlchemy posted a comment on Wednesday 28th January 2009 2:42pm for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

They're based off of the video game series, "Contra", by Konami. Specifically the first two are based on the ending of the original Contra, and the third based on the recently released Contra 4.

Does that help improve the chances of being accepted any?

LordofDigitalAlchemy posted a comment on Tuesday 27th January 2009 7:37pm for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Here are a few suggestions for you:

Hearing rumors about a mystical, unknown power source located on an island off the coast of New Zealand, Lord Voldemort apparated to the given co-ordinates.

* * *

The sounds of hi-tech gun fire filled the cavern, as dozens of spider-like creatures were destroyed with every round, and the noise didn't die down until after the creatures had stopped twitching. Two muggle men walked forward, smoke still coming from the ends of the advanced rifles, and looked around carefully.

"Think thats it, then?" asked the one on the left. "Still have the heart to take out." the one on the right responded, motioning forward with his rifle at the small tunnel ahead.

They trotted forward at a careful pace, towards the massive, beating red heart that took up the back wall ahead of them and began opening fire on it. A low pitched thump, thump, as the heart was torn apart and tried to keep beating filled the cavern, until after nearly a minute, it was shredded and destroyed.

The two smiled at one another grimly and made to turn around and head back for the entrance, when Voldemort reappeared right before the now dead and destroyed heart.

Taking one look at the pale white skin, snake like face, and glowing red eyes, the two muggles opened fire again. Voldemort only had enough time to raise his wand before the laser rounds tore through his body.

"Looks like Red Falcon had one last form left afterall." Bill Rizer commented dryly.

Hearing rumors about a mystical, unknown power source located on an island off the coast of New Zealand, Lord Voldemort apparated to the given co-ordinates.

* * *

He reappeared just as Galuga Island exploded due to the large amounts of C4 stashed along it.

Some distance away, in a military grade helicopter, two muggle men looked out on the explosion with satisfied smirks. "Looks like thats the end of the vile Red Falcon." Bill Rizer commented dryly.

Hearing rumors about a mystical, unknown power source located on an island off the coast of New Zealand, Lord Voldemort apparated to the given co-ordinates.

* * *

He arrived just as four of the muggle worlds arguably most bad-ass men alive descended from a military grade helicopter.

Taking one look at his pale white skin, snake like face, and glowing red eyes, all four opened fire with their laser rifles.

The crisp and smoking form of Lord Voldemort dropped to Galuga Islands soft grass.

The four barely gave him a passing glance as they rushed forward to take out the rest of Black Vipers alien scum.

Crys replied:

Sorry, but I'm afraid I don't recognize the reference.

Doc Sportscar posted a comment on Monday 5th January 2009 6:22pm for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Here's a couple suggestions. Modify if desired.


Voldemort smiled in triumph as the ritual circle flared and he felt himself moving through time and space. Soon he would be at the source of the greatest evil to be encountered by Man, and its power would be his.

But when the black light fell away from his vision, all he saw was a metal sphere inside three gyroscoping rings, spinning away in front of him. Then the rings lined up and locked, and the sphere flared with light.

The last thing Tom Riddle ever heard was the Event Horizon 's computer say "Gateway Opening".


Voldemort could taste triumph. He had Potter cornered here, in the deepest bowels of the Department of Mysteries, with no way for the brat to escape. Now the boy was running for the Veil itself, the one place where Riddle could kill him regardless of whatever protections his Mudblood mother had put on him. Voldemort threw the door open, a smile of unholy triumph already stretching across his lips.

His foot slipped on a patch of slick grease as soon as he put it down inside the room, and Voldemort fell forward. His other foot and body landed against more grease, and as he slid over the floor towards the waiting veil all Voldemort's mind could do was shriek that this was impossible. Someone would have had to know exactly where he would step to know where to put the grease! How could anyone possibly-

Voldemort looked frantically over his shoulder for a way out. He didn't find one, but the brightly smiling woman waving goodbye to him from next to the door gave Tom Riddle one last thought to take with him into eternity.

Sybil Trelawney was an even better actress than she was a diviner. She had spent nearly twenty years pretending to be completely ineffective at predicting the future.

Crys replied:

Scene  added to the file.   Thank you.

DragoFlare posted a comment on Friday 2nd January 2009 7:49am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Lord Voldermort was many things, a powerful wizard, a psychopath, ana a lover of Elton John songs, but one thing he wasn't was careless, most of the time.

Every six months since his resurrection, Tom made sure to check on his hidden Horcruxes to ensure the traps he set around them were still active.

He was on the final leg of his latest inspection, the orphanage where he spent his childhood and hid Helga Hufflepuff's chalice.

Riddle made sure to disable all the hexes and spells he place throughout the building, the decapitating curse on the entrance, the trapped stairs, and the incinerating ward on the room itself where Helga Hufflepuff's cup rested.

"Now why do I get the feeling that I'm forgetting something important...?" the dark wizard thought to himself as he cast several obscure detection charms over the cup to verify its authenticity.

"I'm sooooo bored! When is the master going to bring my my next meal?" a voice whined off in the shadows.

"Oh bugger! Now I remember!" Voldermort gulped.

"Oh master! you came you came! Can I have my meal now? I starving! After thirty yeard of living on rats, I welcome some variety with open arms! That is if I had any!" A hundred foot basilisk chortled in parseltongue as it slithered out to meet its master.

"Um, I sorry, but I didn't bring you anything to eat..." the dark lord muttered as he backed toward the door. It was at that moment when he remembered why he stuckthis particular Basilisk here. It got very temperamental when it didn't get fed.

And my temperamental, I mean that the body count was usually into the dozens by the time Riddle and his Death Eaters managed to subdue the thing.

"I think I might have heard you wrong. Did you say say you DIDN'T bring me anything to eat." the giant snake hissed as he edged toward Tom, its expression darkening.

"Erm...well." Voldermort hemmed and hawed.

"Maybe I should make a meal out of YOU!" the shake roared as it snapped at his head.

Voldermort let out an undignified yelp as he hurled himself away from the ferocious snake and scrambled for safety.

Unfortunetly, he forgot he only disabled the traps, not dispelled them all together.

As soon as he ran out of the room, the wizard ran afoul of the combustion ward he put around the doorway.


And the trip jinx at the top of the stairs.







And last but not least, the decapitating curse at the entrance of the building.


"Oh Well, a meals a meal..." The snake hissed as he dragged the headless, broken, bloody, and crispy body back inside.

Hey, I said he wasn't careless most of the time, not all the time.

Crys replied:

Scene  added to the file.   Thank you.

Regina Noctis posted a comment on Thursday 1st January 2009 3:05am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

And...HAPPY NEW YEAR! I came up with another one >.>


Voldemort glanced at the black object in the corner of his den with some distaste. Lucius Malfoy had, in honor of the Dark Lord’s resurrection, given Voldemort a present. Dark Lords needed their secrecy kept perfectly intact, and thus Lucius had given Voldemort a magically-powered shredder. Voldemort sighed and began to feed the shredder with scraps of parchment on which he had doodled plans to destroy Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore.

But long fwoopy sleeves that were mundane to magical robes did not agree with the Muggle concept of shredders, apparently.

Crys replied:

Scene  added to the file.   Thank you.

Regina Noctis posted a comment on Monday 29th December 2008 6:33pm for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Hehe. I still love coming back here to see what all you've come up with. :) And thank you misterq. I'll do my best the next time I start writing. :D

So. Another plot bunny hit me over the head the other day...but something tells me you might have already covered this topic. I'll scan your archive in a sec, but feel free to reject this if you already do have it somewhere...


Voldemort stared down at the little yellow creature that stood before him, then at the small red-and-white globe in his hand, and then back at the creature. It looked remarkably like a house-elf, albeit yellow and round and without any useful appendages. However, this droopy-eared yellow monstrosity was supposed to hold all the power needed to destroy Hogwarts and every resident inside.

"Pika?" asked the creature softly, cowering a little under the Dark Lord's glare. "Pik-pika?"

Voldemort scowled. "Don’t ‘pika’ me, you insolent little monster!" he shouted commandingly. "Go and destroy the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! And if you fail…" he cackled. "I shall show you what it means to defy the greatest Dark Lord in existence!" And he cast a Cruciatus on the creature, just to show it the meaning of pain.

The little yellow ball of fur squealed and suddenly glared back at Voldemort as the curse was lifted, seemingly growing ten times larger in a span of a few seconds. Pikachu did NOT appreciate being Crucioed.



Thanks again for posting all my other ideas, and happy Voldemort killing! :)


Crys replied:

Sorry, I have a standing habit of not using any anime references.   I don't watch any variety of it, so I simply don't understand it.

tonicwater posted a comment on Saturday 27th December 2008 1:28am for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Professor Quirrell scowled inside as he stood just inside the entrance to Platform 9 3/4, watching students come through in ones and twos. Why did he, of all people, have to get the assignment to watch the brats? Why not Snape? At least that would be amusing to watch.

A sudden uproar arose, and he looked over just in time to see Crabbe and Goyle's sons topple onto the young Malfoy. A grimace flashed across his face before he ran over to assist, keeping his cover. Unfortunately, on the way, he tripped over a badly-placed trunk labelled 'N. Tonks'. For a moment, he lay prostrate on the ground...long enough for Harry Potter to come through, running over the man's head with a baggage cart.

Crys replied:

Scene  added to the file.   Thank you.

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Thursday 11th December 2008 1:11pm for Four Hundred and One to Four Hundred and Fifty

Wow! Incredible. I actually didn't recognise my own suggestion, but well done for making it work.

Crys replied:

Glad you enjoyed it.