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G posted a comment on Wednesday 21st September 2005 9:14am

Really really well done. I don't think I have read anything from such a direct perspective before, really liked the angle you wrote from.

Like all fanfiction readers out there though, I would love to know what happens! But that gets in to a proper story which is time consuming etc.

Other than Neville (in my opinion) He will always be a bit wet behind the ears, and to hear that he got laid...hmmm...ah well, funny really that I can accept that Harry gets a threesome, but not that, ah well!

And Ron gay...especially like that, as I don't tend to like him, think i've read to much fanfiction!

Thanks anyways,

Keep up the writing!


BenRG posted a comment on Wednesday 21st September 2005 12:55am

As I think I mentioned on Jeconais' message board, this is a lovely story, and one of the few that handles what I call 'HMS Indecisive' (aka H/G/Hr) in what I regard to be a sensible way - ignoring all explanations and just getting on with it! ;-)

Seriously, you managed to get all the characters more-or-less IC (although the concept of RW/CC makes my eyes bulge). The ending conversation between Dean and McGonagall was lovely and I loved how having a girlfriend changed Neville.

I wouldn't say "no" to a sequel, possibly a sort of "The Week After" explaining how Harry, Hermione and Ginny explain their altered living arrangements to their family and friends.

All in all this was a funny, enjoyable and surprisingly innocent story in many ways. I especially liked your 'inner monologue' of Harry's from in chapter one.

BenRG's Rating: 9/10

Well done for making one of my favorite ships respectable!