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Scion of Gryffindor
45 - Football and School Boards

By Crys

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Harry / Tonks ship

"At the half, the visiting Hammers of West Ham United have no goals and our own Arsenal Gunners have one.   While we wait, the staff of Highbury would like to welcome one of our owners to today's game.   All you Gooners join us in welcoming Harry Potter!"

Seamus Finnegan, having barely paid attention to the announcer before those final words caught his ear, nearly fell out of his seat.   He turned and shared an incredulous look with Dean Thomas.   "Did he just say . . ."

"Uh, yeah, I think he did," Dean agreed, eyes wide.

"You don't think . . ."

Dean thought about it for several seconds.   "I dunno.   What do you think?"

"Maybe," Seamus said slowly.   "Me mum has always said the Potters are one of the oldest and richest names."

"We did just find out that that he's the heir of Gryffindor, too," Dean agreed.

"Do ya think we should go and check?"

The boys shared a look and grinned before jumping up from their seats and making their way to the aisle.

It was only a matter of minutes before they made their way to the executive boxes in the Clock End of the stadium.   There, they looked around for an indication of where their former roommate might be.   They quickly spotted Remus Lupin standing in front of a short hallway.

"Professor!" Seamus called.

Lupin looked over, his face breaking into a smile as he spotted the two Gryffindor students.   "Mr. Finnegan and Mr. Thomas!   Fancy meeting you two here.   Speaking of that, how are you two here?"

Dean looked mildly embarrassed.   "Well, Professor, you see . . ."

"We aren't here," Seamus stated when his friend trailed off.

Remus chuckled.   "Understood.   Believe it or not, I was once a student, too.   The group I hung out with would think nothing of leaving the school for a Saturday afternoon to catch a quidditch match."

The two boys grinned.   "You, Professor?"

"Yes, me.   I was a prefect, but I'm afraid that Harry's father was a bad influence on me."   Remus grinned wryly in rememberance.

Dean paused momentarily to assimilate that tidbit of information before he said, "How are you doing?   I mean after what we heard happened at the school last week."

"I'm fine now, thank you for asking.   Now, what can I do for the two of you?"

"We heard the announcement.   Is Harry really here?"

Remus tilted his head for a moment before a devious grin formed.   "Yes, he is.   I'm sure he'd be happy to see two of his former roommates."   He waved down the hallway behind him.   "Go on in."

The two boys quickly thanked their former professor and then hurried down the hall.   Dean knocked at the door before opening it immediately and stepping in.   "Harry?"

Looking over Dean's shoulder, Seamus saw some movement before a flash of red light came at them, causing Dean to crumple to the floor.   Giving an undignified squawk of fright, Seamus grabbed for his wand before another flash of red light came at him.


Seamus's eyes open to see a widely smirking Remus Lupin looking down at him.   "Are you okay, Mr. Finnegan?"

Seamus blinked once, slowly.   "Wha' 'appened?" he asked thickly.

"Sorry about that," Harry said, standing beside the couch.   "You startled us."

Seamus levered himself to a sitting position as Lupin woke Dean up.   Aside from the door, the opposite wall was a floor to ceiling glass.   From having seen it from the outside, Seamus knew it to be a one-way mirror.   A couch sat in the middle of the room, a pair of tables at either end.

Harry Potter was standing behind the couch, looking down at his two former roommates with worry etched on his features.

Seamus blinked again as something strange about the scene finally registered.

Harry wasn't wearing a shirt.   And his trousers hadn't been fastened properly.

"Uh, Harry?" Seamus asked.

"Yeah, Seamus?"

"Why aren't you dressed?"

Harry looked down at himself as if noticing his lack of clothing for the first time.   "Uh -"

"That'd be my fault," a young woman stood from the couch and turned to face Seamus.

Seamus gaped at her.   She was, quite simply, one of the most gorgeous women he had ever seen.   Her small but undeniably feminine body was clad in a short-sleeved, white shirt of some stretchy material that fit every contour of her body like a second skin and only came down to her midriff, exposing a fair bit of toned stomach.   She was wearing a skirt of glossy black leather that was barely long enough to protect her modesty, showing off her muscular, tanned legs.   A pair of tall black boots rested near the couch.   Seamus barely noted that her long black hair hung loose, one side hooked behind her ear, not quite covering the pair of tasteful black earrings she wore.   Incongruously, her navel ring was bright purple.   "Aaah," Seamus intelligently said, staring at her.

Dean was clearly in better condition than his best friend.   He stood and took a step toward her, hand outstretched and smile at full wattage.   "Hello, gorgeous creature.   I'm Dean Thomas and my witless friend here is Seamus Finnegan."

She laughed, showing off even, white teeth.   She took Dean's hand and shook it.   "Call me Tonks."

"I think I'm in love."

Everyone turned to Seamus, expressions showing some variation of amusement.

He flushed.   "Sorry, did I say that out loud?"

Everyone laughed.   "Afraid so, mate," Dean said with a wicked grin.

Tonks moved behind Harry and wiggled her way under one of his arms.   "Sorry, Mr. Finnegan, I'm already spoken for by this gorgeous hunk of man-wizard right here."

Seamus groaned theatrically.   "Do you happen to have any family my age?" he asked hopefully.

Harry snickered.   "She's Draco Malfoy's first cousin," he offered.

Seamus made a face.   "Even if his father hadn't killed him, that still wouldn't be funny, Harry."

"I thought it was," Dean observed.

Harry waved the two boys to the couch.   "Even though you two so rudely interrupted us, please have a seat."   He turned to Remus.   "Speaking of them rudely interrupting us . . ."

Remus smiled innocently.   "I remember them from when I was your professor.   I knew they were former roommates of yours, Harry.   Don't tell me you didn't want to see them since they happened to be here."

"But right then?"

"Your timing stinks," Tonks mentioned to the two boys.

Remus, grinning broadly, threw Harry a mock salute.   "With your permission, sir, I shall resume my post."

Harry glared at him.   "I'll get you for that," he promised.

Remus's grin widened a notch before he left the room.

"That werewolf is crazy," Harry stated with a sigh, letting Tonks drag him back to the couch.   Seeing the other two were still standing there uncertainly, Harry waved at the empty half of the couch.   "Really, guys, have a seat."

Seamus quickly took a seat next to Tonks.

As Harry was putting his shirt back on, Dean snapped his fingers.   "Now I remember!   Tonks, you're the one that the Prophet has been writing about dating Harry, right?"

"That's me," she cheerfully agreed, snuggling into Harry's shoulder.

Seamus asked, "You used to be an auror, right?"

She nodded.

"Also a metamor . .   something?"

"Metamorphmagus.   I can change my appearance."   To prove her point, she changed to look like Minerva McGonagall before she curled up tighter to Harry's shoulder.

Seamus shook his head at the image.

Dean laughed.   "Now that is something I thought I'd never see."   He turned to Harry with a grin.   "I always thought you were the one with the weird abilities."

Smirking, Harry did a combination of a morph and a wandless Glamour Charm.   As an afterthought, he also transfigured his clothing.   Seeing what Harry had done, Tonks laughed and transfigured her own clothing.

It'd taken a few seconds, but the expression on his former roommates' faces was worth it.

Stunned, Dean and Seamus looked at Minerva McGonagall and Argus Filch snuggling on a couch.

Seamus groaned and dropped his head into his hands.   "I'm scarred for life."

Dean laughed along with Harry and Nim.   "That was very impressive," he said to the couple who were reverting back to their previous appearances.

"Thanks," Harry said.   "Some of the skills I'm learning I'd rather not become common knowledge, though."

Both boys nodded, understanding what Harry was asking.

Dean frowned a little at Tonks.   "Auror Tonks?"

She waved a hand.   "I'm not an auror anymore.   Just call me 'Tonks'."

He nodded and continued his previous thought, "I noticed your earrings changed color with your hair."

She nodded.   "Harry gave them to me.   I change my hair color a lot."   She demonstrated with a rapid shift through the rainbow of colors, ending with the previous black.   The earrings in question were only a moment behind the hair in shifting colors.

Dean hesitated over his next question.   "Uh, should I ask why your navel ring was purple and is now pink?"

She grinned, and her eyes sparkled, but she didn't make a sound.

"No," Harry stated.

Seamus looked back and forth for a moment.   "Oh.   Oh."

"Not to change the subject, but I'm changing the subject," Dean said with a smirk directed at his best friend.   He turned back to Harry.   "There are some wild rumors floating around about you, Snape, and Dumbledore."

"What those two do is their own business.   I'm very much heterosexual, though."

Dean grimaced.   "Now I'm scarred for life, you prat.   You know what I meant."

Seamus mumbled, "First Filch and McGonagall and now he's talking about Dumbledore and Snape?  Yuck."

"Sorry," Harry said with a total lack of regret.   "What rumors are going around now?"

"Snape tried to kill you, and you got him fired for it.   You're blackmailing Dumbledore."

"Both true," Harry cheerfully admitted.

The two Gryffindor boys just stared.

Tonks explained.   "Snape intentionally botched the Wolfsbane.   He was trying to use Remus to kill Harry, me, and our friend Kingsley.   Harry demanded that Snape be arrested.   Unfortunately, we can't prove he tried to kill us, so Harry sacked His Greasiness instead."

"And I'm holding some past actions of Snape and Dumbledore as blackmail against Dumbledore leaving me alone," Harry added.

"Harry, what's happened to you?" Dean asked.

"What do you mean?"

Dean frowned in thought.   "You're the most Gryffindor of us all.   Hell, you are the Gryffindor, My Lord," he finished with a grin.   His expression cleared and he went on more quietly, "Now you're blackmailing the Headmaster?"

Harry sighed.   "I didn't want to do it, you know.   He keeps trying to control me and everything I do.   If he were actually helping me, I wouldn't be fighting him.   But he keeps trying to put limits on me without so much as asking my opinion.   I finally got tired of it and did something to pry him off my back."

Dean and Seamus looked very uncomfortable.   Seamus picked up the thread.   "But Harry, he's . . .   Well, he's Dumbledore."

"And that somehow gives him the right to dictate Harry's life?" Tonks shot back with venom.

Seamus leaned back a little but continued his thought, "I'm sure he's had good reason do do whatever it was -"

Harry cut him off with a curt gesture.   "You guys shared a dorm with me for years.   You know about the Dursleys.   What you may not know is that Dumbledore put me there against my parents' wishes.   And he keeps sending me back there every year despite none of us wanting me to be there."

"I'm sure he had a good reason," Dean repeated his friend's previous thought, though there wasn't much conviction behind it.

"He may have," Harry acknowledged.   "In fact, I'm willing to accept that almost everything he's done is for the 'greater good' that he always goes on about.   That doesn't change the fact that he consigned me to hell for ten years and then never checked up on me while I was there."   He sighed.   "I'm angry with him.   No question of that.   However, I think he has his heart in the right place.   Unfortunately, the only way to get him to allow me my legal rights is to pull a Slytherin-worthy move.   I don't like it, but I deserve the freedom that he's denied me all my life."

"Damn right," Tonks grumbled.

He smiled at her.   "Does that answer your question, Dean?"

"I suppose so.   What about Snape?"

"Yes, I fired him," Harry stated bluntly, face losing all expression.   "It was for the good of the school, but I can't say it didn't feel good on a personal level, too."   His expression melted and became pensive.   "I just don't get him.   He's obviously intelligent.   Head of the house of cunning and ambition, Potions Master, and rumored to be an excellent duelist.   But despite rooting around my memories for a year, he still acts like I'm a spoiled little prince.   He hates me for what my father and godfather did to him twenty years ago.   He has to be smarter than he acts toward me."   Harry frowned in frustration.

"He's spent too much time sniffing potions," Seamus suggested.

Everyone grinned or chuckled.

"Maybe he's sick?" Dean offered.

"For five years?" Harry asked skeptically.

Dean shrugged.   "One of my uncles had a brain tumor.   It made him violent and moody for years before they figured out what it was."


"Some curse?" Tonks suggested.   "Merlin knows what Voldy does to his followers."

Seamus and Dean's eyes went very, very wide.   "Look, I know he's a mean git, but that doesn't mean -"

"He is," Tonks interrupted.   "He turned spy for Dumbledore the last time Voldy tried to take over."

"Supposedly turned spy," Harry corrected her.

"Supposedly," she agreed.

Dean shook his head.   "I'll pretend I didn't hear all that.   Anyway, something you said a second ago, Harry.   Something about rooting around in your memories?"

"Those 'Remedial Potions Lessons' I had last year?   He was supposed to be teaching me Occlumency."   At their uncomprehending expressions, he explained, "Defense against mental attacks.   This damn scar links Voldemort to me somehow.   Dumbledore thought that learning Occlumency would defend against that avenue of attack.   It requires calm, patience, and thorough explanations.   Unfortunately, he assigned the absolutely worst person imaginable to teach me."


"Snape," Harry agreed.   "He spent more time belittling me than he did testing me.   Or attacking me, depending on how you look at it.   He spent almost no time at all actually teaching me anything.   Shack taught me more per session than that git did over six months."

Harry shook his head.   "Enough about greasy gits.  Tell me about Shack.   How's he doing teaching you guys Defense?"

Both boys brightened.   "He's good!   Even better than Lupin or you were."   Seamus stopped.   "Er . . ."

Harry laughed.   "It's okay, Seamus.   I can accept that a senior auror who taught at the auror academy might be a better defense teacher than I am.   My ego, fragile as it is, can stand it, I think," he finished dryly and with a grin.

"How very mature," Tonks said, matching his tone.

"You were acting appreciative of my maturity earlier."

"Instead of pursuing that, and probably making Seamus insanely jealous," Dean paused to grin at the mock-pouting Seamus, "why don't we tell you about Professor Shacklebolt?"

"This Hogwarts Board of Govenors meeting is called to order."

Harry looked around the table curiously.   The  twelve witches and wizards on the board all looked middle-aged to elderly, which for a magician could mean anything after 70.

Aside from Headmaster Dumbledore, he didn't recognize anyone in the room.

The apparent chairperson read the parchment in front of him for a moment before looking up at Dumbledore.   "Headmaster, before we get to your usual report, perhaps we could address some specific issues?"

"Certainly, Mr. Brown.   What can I help you with?"

"First, the dementor attack.   I have read your report.   I also have an independent report that Mr. Potter there," he nodded toward Harry, "was instrumental in the fight.   Your report does not mention him at all."

"That was at my request," Harry said before Dumbledore could say a word.   "Yes, I was there.   I don't know how 'instrumental' I was, but I was there casting Patronus Charms."

"Why didn't you want your name on the report?"

"I felt at the time, and still do, that the accolades should go to the D.A. and the professors.  I dislike the noteriety I have, but I recognize that if it were included that I was part of the defending group then the story would become an heir of one of the founders valiantly defending the school from harm instead of the simple fact that I did no more than a dozen other students who were there.   In fact, I did significantly less than some.   Specifically, Hermione Granger and Padma Patil were the leaders of the D.A."

"Which you founded last year."

"Which I led for one year," Harry corrected him.   "I tried to teach them duelling.   They expanded on that themselves.   Their cooperative tactics were something I had no hand in."

"So you're saying you didn't do anything to help at the fight?" one of the others asked.

Harry frowned at him.   "No, I'm not.   I'm saying that I did as much as many others.   However I did not do the most."

"So what did you do?"

"I cast a Patronus multiple times.   I was a flyer guarding the escape route.   I also helped conjure the walls we finally used to contain the dementors."

"As far as casting, that was more than just about anyone else accomplished," a third person pointed out.   "Miss Granger and Miss Patil were apparently directing the D.A. and the evacuation, not casting spells."

Harry nodded.   "True.   However, I'd think that casting a Patronus Charm would be easier than controlling a few hundred panicking students."

The questioner laughed.   "No doubt.   What I was saying, however, is that the number and power of the spells you admit to casting was higher than anyone else with the possible exceptions of Professors McGonagall and Flitwick."   She turned to Dumbledore.   "At least that is the impression I got from the report, Headmaster."

Dumbledore nodded.   "Minerva and Filius were the two who cast the most, I believe.   Between the Patroni and later conjuring the walls, it was quite impressive."

"Where were you, Headmaster?   After all, you're generally accepted as the single most powerful wizard who was there."

"I thank you for the compliment, Mrs. Brinkman.   As to your question: I directed the staff to herd their Patroni toward the structure.   I heard Miss Patil do the same with her D.A."

"Mr. Potter," the second one re-entered the conversation.   "I do wish you'd make up your mind.   Did you help or didn't you?"

"He's already answered that," another wizard pointed out.  

"Yes, but why didn't he do more?"

Harry tried to keep control of his temper.   "What would you have had me do, sir?"

"I don't know.   Banish the dementors or something."

"I'm unaware of any such spell.   If you have information on how to deal with these things that's better than the Patronus Charm, please share it."

He huffed.   "I don't know anything better.   I'm no spell creator or Unspeakable."

"Neither am I."

"But you're Lord Gryffindor!"

Harry cocked his head.   "Should that somehow grant me more knowledge than everyone else has?"


Everyone in the room was now looking at this wizard in confusion or a small measure of pity.

"I'm sorry to say that being the Heir of a Founder does not give me access to any forgotten arcane lore from the time of Merlin.   I'm not all-powerful.   I'm just a sixteen year old wizard trying to make my way in the world."

"You're the Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One, and Lord Gryffindor!"

"All are titles that I have no control over.   The supposed prophecy that made me the 'Chosen One' was made before I was born, or so I've heard.   I was fifteen months old when my mother's sacrifice gave me the title of 'Boy Who Lived'.   I inherited the title of Lord Gryffindor at the same time, because my father died in the same attack."

"But . . .   But why aren't you doing more?   Why haven't you defeated He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?"

Harry sighed.   "Is that what this is about?   I'm sorry I haven't vanquished the most powerful dark wizard alive.   He's been running around, practicing the darkest of magics for decades.   I learned that magic was real only six years ago."

The wizard came to his feet and pointed a finger.   "I don't care how old you are!   It's your bloody job to take care of him.   My granddaughter died because you haven't done it yet!"

Harry winced.   He was only vaguely aware that several spells had been cast to silence and restrain the grieving man.

When the room quieted again, Harry looked sadly at the red-faced man who was tied to his chair.   "I'm sorry for your loss, but there is nothing more I can do."

Without a word, one of the other board members stood and floated the bound man out, returning moments later.

Chairman Brown cleared his throat.   "I believe we've sufficiently covered this topic?"   He glanced around before turning back to Harry.   "I apologize on Mr. Smythe's behalf.   There will be no more outbursts.   Shall we continue, Lord Gryffindor, or would you like to reconvene at a later time?"

Harry closed his eyes for a few moments before he straightened in his seat and said calmly, "Thank you for the offer, Mr. Brown, but I believe I can continue."

Several members of the board looked vaguely impressed.   "Well done, Mr. Potter.   Or shall I call you Lord Gryffindor?"

"As this is in regards to the school, perhaps Lord Gryffindor is more appropriate.   I don't want to seem arrogant over it, but it makes sense."

"Indeed.   Purely for my own curiosity, what was that you just did, Lord Gryffindor?"

"Just a calming and centering exercise that my Occlumency teacher taught me."

"It is good to see that you took lessons you had with Professor Snape to heart," Dumbledore put in.

Harry glared at him.   "That . . . individual has never taught me anything of worth.   I learned it from Kingsley."

One of the board members spoke up, "Professor Snape never taught you anything?   Has he not been your Potions Professor for years?"

"Yes, but he didn't teach.   He put the brewing instructions on the board and spent the rest of the class terrorizing us."

Pensively, Harry went on.   "I take that back.   He never taught us anything in a classroom.   He did teach us that there are bullying individuals in authority and that complaining is pointless.   Also, he encouraged the Slytherins to do the same.   Hopefully with him gone and the worst of the Slytherins at least neutralized, the school will get better."

Dumbledore shifted uncomfortably.

"Do you have something to add, Headmaster?" Chairman Brown asked neutrally.

"It is true that there have been some long-standing . . .   issues with Professor Snape.   Now that Lord Gryffindor has banished him from the castle, we shall see how everything settles itself out."

One of the witches scowled at Dumbledore.   "Don't you try to blame this young man for fixing the situation you created, Albus!   Yes, he banished that man.   You say that like it was unjustified; it was not.   For the sake of the students, it should have been dealt with long ago."   She turned her head.   "Not that I blame you in the least, but what triggered your actions, Lord Gryffindor?"

"Remus Lupin gets his Wolfsbane Potion through the Black Foundation.   He and I went to the castle to get it from Snape.   Though I cannot prove it without giving him Veritaserum, it is the opinion of myself, Professor Shacklebolt, and former auror Tonks that Snape intentionally caused the Wolfsbane to be faulty with the intent to kill us."

"What makes you think he did it intentionally?"

"A couple things.   Three years ago when Remus was a professor, the Wolfsbane that Snape produced was perfect for the entire school year.   Similarly, when he started producing it this past autumn, it was fine.   This is the first month that nobody was watching over his shoulder, whether Headmaster Dumbledore or the ministry representative.

"Also, when Tonks and Shacklebolt cornered him while I was dealing with a transformed werewolf, some of his statements made it clear that he knew that the potion was bad.   He'd walked away from us before we knew the potion was faulty, so he had to have known it some other way."

Brown took up the questioning.   "Professor Snape sent in an editorial to the Daily Prophet with his side of the story."

Harry grimaced.   "Yes, I've read it."

"Then you're aware that he claims he neither did nor said nothing to provoke you or them and that Miss Tonks drew her wand first."

"I wrote a counter-editorial that invited him to compare his pensieve memories against those of Tonks and Professor Shacklebolt.   As both he and Kingsley are Master Occlumens, precautions would have to be made to prevent tampering with the memories.   It's been several days, and he has not responded to my suggestion."

Harry continued, "As to who pulled a wand first, Tonks freely admits that she did.   Incidentally, this is immediately after he basically admitted to trying to kill her, her de facto partner, and her Patriarch using yet another close friend as the weapon.   I can hardly blame her for drawing her wand under those circumstnaces."

"I suppose not.   Albus, do you have anything to add?"

"I do not.   I was not a witness to any of it.   I can only say that I trust Severus Snape with my life."

"Unfortunately, I cannot in good conscience trust him with the health and safety of a school full of children, which must be the main focus of this board.   Though Lord Gryffindor does not need it, he has my full backing on this action."   Most of the rest of the board nodded, making it clear that the entire board supported Harry's actions.

This made Harry feel slightly better about what he'd been forced to do.

Brown went on, "It is a bit ahead of ourselves - this meeting was originally only supposed to cover the first term after all - but how is Professor Shacklebolt working out?"

"Quite well," Dumbledore said.   "He was an auror instructor and so had a measure of teaching experience before coming back to Hogwarts.   He is relatively young, but that has not proven to be a detriment thus far.   By all reports, his Defense lessons are very popular.   We shall see how the students do in their O.W.L. and N.E.W.T. exams."  

Chairman Brown nodded at the information.   "One last item I'd like to discuss before Headmaster Dumbledore's regular status report.   I see that you made a suggestion of two Head Girls next year instead of a traditional Head Boy and Head Girl?"

"That was me again," Harry said.   "After the fight, it occurred to me that both Padma Patil and Hermione Granger would be well suited to the position.   None of the boys in my class stand out in my mind as exceptional Head Boy candidates.   With those two things in mind, I suggested to the Headmaster that possibly Hermione and Padma could be co-Head Girls and the school would do without a Head Boy."

"This is not the first time such a situation has come up, and we've had the discussion every so often.   The most recent was four years ago, if memory serves."   He sighed.   "The problem with that is that there are many gender-specific issues that require a Head Position for boys and one for girls.   If we do not, then the senior prefect will get the responsibilities of a Head Position without any of the authority or perks.   That's not fair to them."

Harry nodded slowly as he thought about it.   "You make a good point.   Okay, I'll drop that suggestion.   My apologies for taking up your time."

"Not at all.   It is these kinds of suggestions that we want to hear.   The fact that this isn't a new one to us is irrelevant.   You didn't know that we'd already discussed it.

"Now," Chairman Brown went on, "unless there is anything else, I think it's time for Headmaster Dumbledore's first term report.   Headmaster?"

"Due to changes in the point and detention systems, there were some significant changes from previous years.   Specifically, Slytherin gained far fewer points than usual and the other three houses did far better."

"What caused this?"

"Lord Gryffindor altered the point system in some way."

The board members turned to Harry with disapproving looks.   "Lord Gryffindor, what did you do?"

Harry gave Dumbledore an aggravated look before turning to the board.   "What Headmaster Dumbledore failed to mention is that my changes potentially affected all the professors, but only Snape complained.

"In short, I put a review system in place.   Any point additions or subtractions had to be approved by the Headmaster potraits.   If the portraits decided that the points, positive or negative, were unjustified, then it didn't happen.   Once I heard that Snape was using detentions in place of unjustified points, I expanded the same system to detentions.

"I did NOT limit this to Snape or Slytherins.   I made this across the entire school.   Professors McGonagall, Flitwick, and Sprout as well as all the other professors were working under exactly the same system."

One of the board members, who'd previously been silent, said, "And only Professor Snape complained about it?   And Slytherin is doing far worse than usual while all the other houses are doing far better?"

"That is correct."

The board member sighed.   "Professor Dumbledore, I told you and told you, but you would not listen. It's obvious that Snape was horribly abusing the point system to elevate his Slytherins far beyond their true position and reducing the other three houses in the same way."   He turned to Harry.   "All of my grandchildren told me about him.   I warned the Headmaster here, but I didn't want to believe how bad it really was."  

He nodded respectfully to Harry.   "Lord Gryffindor, you are a better man than I.   In your position, I would have done far more than sacking him."

Harry smiled at him.   "Thank you, sir."

"After all of today's revelations, I must ask:   Do you feel that we should replace Headmaster Dumbledore?"

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Author Notes:

Seamus and Dean at a football game came from Dale.   Bunny of someone angry that Harry didn't do more at the Hogwarts fight from Musings of Apathy.   The requirement for a Head Boy and Head Girl (instead of co-HG) is from SerendipitousNightcrawler.