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MarkH posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 10:36am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

I know this is going to sound benign, but what about respecting individual's privacy?

Exposing one's arm must infringe upon the rights of the individual - and Harry is merely going around doing what he wants...

Of course, there are no rights in the wizarding world i suppose. So my comment really is benign and pointless... :-(


Crys replied:

Individual privacy is not a benign issue at all.

Unfortunately, it seems to be completely irrelevant in the British WW (as you already pointed out).   If he thought about it (or grew up with any rights of his own) then he'd realize how intrusive his actions are.   As it is, it simply doesn't occur to him.   And nobody on his side will point it out because it serves a good purpose as long as it isn't overdone.

DJ posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 10:27am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

OUTSTANDING!!! that is the best deal with Rita Skeeter I have ever read a lot of fun. Also the letters from Ginny are a nice touch and I like seeing Hermione back in Harry's camp and awyay from dumbass Ron. Keep it up I always like geting updates from you.

Greg Johnson posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 10:10am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

Great Chapter! Can't wait for the next one. Keep up the good work.

Nick posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 9:44am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

Lol, the next chapter will probably be my favorite in the whole series. I love you. and I hate Rita Skeeter, the stupidest person JK ever came up with and the dumbest plot line to humiliate harry and drag his name through the mud. I hope this is rectified. thank you

Crys replied:

Thank you, Nick, but my wife would probably get upset if I loved you back. ;)

Sorry to disappoint, but we won't be seeing Rita get burned at the stake.   We'll see some of the fallout, but the interview wouldn't cover anything we don't already know, so there's no point in writing it.

Rita was a loathsome creature, but she served a purpose.   She's the archtype of the muckraking reporter, something that Harry  (in his social position even if he wasn't quite aware of it consciously) needed to have to deal with in the books.   I disliked her (as readers are supposed to) but I understand why JKR put her in.

KLGreen posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 9:29am for 37 - Nim's Birthday


Jim_xinu posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 9:13am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

So, "the Dumbledore/McGonagall thing," should I be reading that as intimate business, or something sinister? Given what's been going on, I'd actually be more inclined to believe something sinister, like DD memory charming her or administering loyalty potions or something.

There's another plot bunny for you: The illicit potions trade, just like the drug trade, only with even more greasy hair! :-)

It is amusing that everyone uses Harry's titles except the *one* person he wants to. Perhaps he could respond by calling DD Al or Bussie or something.

So no deez so far, but you've clearly hinted something's going on at the Prophet... I wonder what? Is Rita just blackmailing people? Embezzling?

I'm not sure why, but the whole thing at the Prophet for some reason reminded me strongly of the Nero Wolfe stories...

Crys replied:

No comment on where the AD/MM thing is going.

I'm tempted to have Harry start calling him "Albie", but then I can also see Albus actually letting him.

Don't read too much into Cathy's reactions to Rita.   Simply a case of a senior reporter lording her position over the clerical help.

Sorry, never read Nero Wolfe, so I can't comment on that one.

Jake Anderson posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 8:17am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

This fic is one of the better ones I've read in a long time. I love stories that have Harry get some sort of revenge on those that wronged him

Crys replied:

Oh, we still have more people to get revenge upon.   Dursleys, Snape, Fudge, Dumbledore . . .   Stay tuned.   *demented grin*

Serendipity posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 8:16am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

Wow! Lucky Tonks, getting a newspaper and Skeeter fired for her birthday. I want that... :(


Shadow High Angel posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 8:03am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

Love the way Harry handled the prophet and especially Rita, can't wait to see why the Goblin called Tonks Lady Black, to see if there is more to it then indicated.

Crys replied:

Either Snargtooth knows something Harry doesn't, sees something that Harry doesn't, or was simply teasing them both.   Take your pick.

Drake posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 7:27am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

A rather interesting change of events. Harry's actions at the daily prophet certainly reflect a unique action not seen in any other fic to my recollection. :) Can't wait till the next chapter.

nonjon posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 7:13am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

Dumbledore/McGonagall was a relationshippy bunny? Hmm... the way it came out made me think devious manipulative Dumbledore taking advantage of Min more than I suspected a secret lover's tryst. Though that may have been your intention.

Lovely chapter. I'm impressed that you've managed to keep up this pacing to the fic, where each chapter is such a small amount of always progressive fic. It's nice to have that sort of consistency, rather than increasingly larger chapters. Especially after Unknown Power was just 7 chapters and 15K+ words each, you write this one with such a fluid 37 chapters so far none of them more than a third as long as any in UP. It's things like that that make reading the fic so much easier. (A highly enjoyable fic that abuses this bad habit for example is Ruskbyte's Backwards Compatible. First five chapters combined don't even match the length of any of the last 8 chapters.)

Even if they are 'smallish' chapters, I wouldn't want larger ones. Good update. More fluff than I can usually stomach, but looking forward to more.

Crys replied:

I intentionally am writing this one in a different way than TUP.

I wrote  that whole story and then started to post it.    This time, I'm posting as I write.   If nothing else, it prevents me from re-writing something from an earlier chapter so that I can do something I want to do now.   Interesting writing exercise at any rate.

Asad posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 6:51am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

A very enjoyable chapter and an interesting turn of events. Keep up the good work.

Gardengirl posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 6:41am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

Ab fab! I think I enjoyed this chapter more than any in the past dozen. Thanks for making my afternoon!

Patches posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 6:08am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

This is a great chapter! I love it when Rita gets her just desserts! It is about time the Daily Prophet has some control over what it prints. It is a wonderful developement to have Harry in control of news. They just might print the truth for a change. It is a real bonus that this is on Nim's birthday! Thanks for writing. pms

Crys replied:

Actually, I wrote it to have two interpretations.   First, the previous owners were more interested in profits and so sacrificed honesty to sell more.   Hence, Cubbe warning Harry that his path will cut back on the money.

Second, Cubbe himself makes money on the profitibility (not unreasonable for the senior editor to be a big stockholder) and so HE doesn't want money sacrificed for honesty.

jenks posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 6:06am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

love this chapter