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gwenstarr posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 3:51pm for 37 - Nim's Birthday

awesome, awesome, awesome.... THAT WAS FREAKIN' AMAZING!! i don't review too often, but i love your story! and this chapter had me dying!! keep up the good work!!

Faith1 posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 3:26pm for 37 - Nim's Birthday

lols sry had to comment on the Fidelius on the name-- I can imagine Voldemort--
"We must kill that- that Potter boy, oh holy hades what was his name? Harold? Brian? Waldo? GAH! My heas is going to ex-" *Voldemort's head explodes* --------:D

I have come to the conclusion that you're Gryffindor's heir.
-wow. The girls a genius *is sarcastic*

(you weren't really going to do anything serious, were you?),
-bet again sweetheart!

little Death Nibblers
-lols i like that

I think just about every girl over third year (and a few of the guys) want to jump your bones.

-I can imagaine Harry's reaction over the guys wanting to jump his bones bit lols

The rest of the female population of Hogwarts, though . . . Well, as I said, I'm giving you a friendly warning.

-Ex-Auror dies from death glare
One thing I noticed yesterday morning was Dumbledore walking out of McGonagall's quarters. This wouldn't be so strange except I'd awakened at five and just checked the map on a whim. Do you think there's something going on there?

-AHHHHHH!!! *Clutches knees and starts rocking back and forht* Youve scarred me 4ever!!!

"I do appreciate what you are trying to do, Lord-Baron, but I am afraid that it is simply out of the question. While doing business with or for a wizard that we respect, all goblins will refer to you by your title."

-I like that they respect him and vice versa

"Another rule," Harry announced. "Either call him Voldemort or Tom Riddle. You're just adding to the irrational fear by not using his name. It's what he wants you to do."

-Changes are being brought about, tres magnifique!

Ken Warner posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 3:05pm for 37 - Nim's Birthday

everybody knows that all the professors except Snape are in a line marriage and cavort in the staff bathrooms, which of course are more opulent than the mere prefects... right???

loved the chapter - now that is some fabulous birthday gift

thanks for such an enjoyable story.

Crys replied:

Okay, that's just a disturbing image, considering Snape, Filch, and Hagrid are all on staff . . .

Musings of Apathy posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 2:45pm for 37 - Nim's Birthday

Another excellent chapter. The main bulk is Daily Prophet stuff, and it was very good. I like it when Harry buys the Prophet and the Author doesn't screw up his or her rules for the printing of it. What you have added in rules will make for an honest paper, Harry's participation included. Sometimes an author does not seem to see the need for the paper to be honest about the main character as well, but I am glad to see that you do show that value.

Thank you for writing.

Mike (MoA)

Renzo7 posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 2:20pm for 37 - Nim's Birthday

nice chapter, hope to see the outcome soon.

Alex00 posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 1:49pm for 37 - Nim's Birthday

Great chapter.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 1:45pm for 37 - Nim's Birthday

The Lightning is striking more targets...this time, it's the Daily Prophet that winds up in Harry's pocket. He bins Rita, warns the editor, and bring over Amelia and a half-dozen Aurors to start checking the entire DP staff for Dark Marks. They are about to learn the same lesson the Headmaster is STILL learning: ALWAYS BET ON HARRY.

noylj posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 1:30pm for 37 - Nim's Birthday

Like it? I love it. This is one of about ten stories I check for updates as often as I can. I just wish the chapters were longer and came more frequently, but since you aren't paid for this...

matthiasblack posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 1:24pm for 37 - Nim's Birthday

Brilliant!! I'm glad you updated and I like the chapter. The way you are having Harry systematically take down those that hurt him is great and I am loving every minute of it. I hope your next update doesn't take as long because I want to read it now. Good luck with the rest of the fic.

Voldemort is Dead posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 1:24pm for 37 - Nim's Birthday

What was in the article about Umbridge's Trial anyway? I'd really like to read it.

I hope Harry exposes Rita Skeeter for the "Insect" she really is.

Nicely done!

taxzombie posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 1:13pm for 37 - Nim's Birthday

Very nice birthday present! A most enjoyable chapter. Loved reading about the start of Rita's downfall. I look forward to the continuation in the next chapter. A most pleasing read.

Roberta Johnson posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 12:10pm for 37 - Nim's Birthday

Go,Harry! Goddess, what a shock for Rita! Noone deserves it more.

She frowned. "Won't the majority owners, whoever they are, object?"

Harry grinned, eyes sparkling. "No, I won't."

Love it!

freakyfinger posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 11:57am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

Oh man, what I wouldn't give to do that to Rita Skeeter . . . even if she is only a character from a story . . . .

AcceleratedGlass posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 11:56am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

good chapter update soon

Regress posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 11:53am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

*cackles maniacly* God I love when this happens in fanfics, it's ever so much fun! There's just something about all the little one liners such as "No, I won't" that get used to surprise people that make it an absolute blast.

'Happy Birthday, dear' indeed.

Rita's such a.... well I'll be polite and refrain from getting explicit, but I think pretty much everyone has the same opinion of her, and I LOVE seeing her get put in her place. I think my favourite part of the entire canon world was Hermione catching the little beetle in a jar and feeding her leaves for a few months. The only one more fun to see get smacked down is Umbridge. I'm still waiting for a fanfic to have Umbridge as a frog animagus, and for someone to feed Rita in beetle form to her, at which point Umbridge would, for lack of a more fitting word, croak. That much all at once would just have to be lethal for the little toad, and there's something about a death by BS overdose that just seems fitting.

P.S. the disclaimers at the bottom are getting freaking huge, it's pretty amusing at this point. I'm pretty sure they've been like that for a while now, and I've just never noticed until now, but still.

Crys replied:

Glad you're enjoying all the one-liners.   They're fun to write.

[frog animagus eating a beetle animagus] *blink*   *laugh*   Oh, that is a priceless image.

The stack of disclaimers has been like that since Jeconais set the code up to do it.   Six months?   Something like that.

The problem is that I've written stories (some only short stories) in a bunch of different genres, so I need to do a CYA for all of 'em.

scottpesj1 posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 11:32am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

Great story so far. I jusr had a thought though, how is Harry's patriarch bond going to affect him when fighting Bellatrix and vice versa? Keep up the good work.

Crys replied:

Bellatrix isn't a Black.   Remember, he disinherited her early in the story?   [checks] Damn, I thought I covered that way back when.   Okay, I need to add that.   Honestly, I MEANT to add that . . .

He threatened to disinherit Cissy and Draco, but they swore the oaths and he kept them.

On a simpler note, Bellatrix certainly wouldn't be loyal to him, so he wouldn't be compelled to treat her as family.   They don't have to like each other (Harry and Draco were at best non-confrontational acquaintances by the end) but the family member DOES have to be loyal to the family head.

scott2 posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 11:15am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

Poor Rita...naaahhhhh, Bitca deserves it and more :)

Erik Wiggins posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 11:04am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

Thank you for another good chapter. It is always enjoyable to see less than honorable people get their come-uppance. I'm surprised you didn't find time to answer Ginny's letter that he is the heir of Gryffindor. It was great getting your update so quickly after reading the last chapter, keep up the good work!

Crys replied:

Harry is writing back and forth with her.   I'm just not putting most of it "on camera".

And he's ignoring her insinuation/question.   He doesn't want that info to get out, so he won't answer the question.   At least until he has to.

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 11:02am for 37 - Nim's Birthday

*snicker* Now that is a birthday present!!! I have to admit, though, that Ginny's letter was almost as much fun to read.

Ann F posted a comment on Monday 7th August 2006 10:43am for 37 - Nim's Birthday


Crys replied:

Hi, Ann.   Nice to see you're still around the FF community.