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Wanderer posted a comment on Sunday 17th November 2019 8:42pm for 33 - Christmas Day

That was a very well done approach to understanding Harry's immaturity and lack of understanding of everything from sex to love and all points in between. I'm sure that many people were clamoring for an earlier consummation of the relationship, and it's not actually clear that that's how far they went, but allowing them to pass heavy kissing (and maybe some light petting) is reasonable after what has to be 8 months?

gtgrouch posted a comment on Friday 1st August 2014 10:24am for 33 - Christmas Day

Finally! I've been (mentally) kicking Harry repeatedly by his lack of progress in one admittedly informal aspect of his studies.

myrthe1203 posted a comment on Thursday 24th July 2014 2:48pm for 33 - Christmas Day

Sorry, I posted last chapter's review too soon.

I love the story. I've read all your other short stories/oneshots/oneshot collections (my special compliments on Dream Journal, the format is very creative) and loved them without exception.

I'll get on with the reading now. :-)


Cassandra30 posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2011 7:06pm for 33 - Christmas Day

Good stuff.

noylj posted a comment on Thursday 13th July 2006 5:02pm for 33 - Christmas Day

Pink pupil? Don't you mean pink iris?

Crys replied:

You're right.   I'll go fix that.   Thanks for point it out.

atlantis-rob posted a comment on Friday 7th July 2006 11:21pm for 33 - Christmas Day

Awww! Great chapter, hillarious job with how tonks tried to suprise harry and the results. Cool idea with how tonks really looks. Pink eyes, very cool. The christmas stuff was veyr cute with great gifts all around especially harry and ginny's ones, and the end was very cute and well done!

Merle Corey posted a comment on Friday 23rd June 2006 2:58am for 33 - Christmas Day

The permanent slick jinx is a stroke of genius, as it is clear that Lily had to resort to it, and it is in effect to the present day!

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Saturday 17th June 2006 10:22pm for 33 - Christmas Day

Awwwwww. Now *this* is a side of Tonks we see far too little of in fiction. Yes; I can all too well understand why Harry was a bit irked with the Prophet reporter. The seeming whole point of the article was to ruin reputations (that of Harry, and/or Tonks) by Nasty Allegation, even though the (likely female) reporter would like nothing better than to be in the former Auror's dragonhide boots. (At least I *hope* the reporter is female; if the reporter is *male*, then the whole article is wrong on more levels than Nagini has scales.) Caring!Tonks is certainly a good thing (another good Caring!Tonks story is "Summer of Change" on, and it's something that I would like to see more of.

AcceleratedGlass posted a comment on Sunday 11th June 2006 4:21am for 33 - Christmas Day

good chapter update soon

Shadow High Angel posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 10:08am for 33 - Christmas Day

Great chapter, loved the description of TOnks base form and why her morph stayed when she was stunned, can't wait for the next chapter.

Merle Corey posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 8:30am for 33 - Christmas Day

I am enjoying the slow build up of the Harry/Tonks relationship, but then I've always liked this pairing. Anything in the works for everyone's favourite reporter? Can't Harry sick the Weasley twins on her or something?

Crys replied:

Harry has a plan in the works.   Fear not.

Gardengirl posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 8:15am for 33 - Christmas Day

Not much to contribute except for the standard, "Hey, great update, thanks for posting!", but that is better than nothing, isn't it? Cheers, Michelle

MarinePotterfan posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 6:13am for 33 - Christmas Day

A cliffy, You had to end it there, it was just getting good. Great chapter, giving Ginny the Map was a great Idea, she is the only one that Harry is still on very good terms with. I awaite your next installment.


Mariposa posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 2:19am for 33 - Christmas Day

Learning together is fun *wink wink nudge nudge*

Great chapter! I liked the article bit and Christmas was sweet.

Ken Warner posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 12:47am for 33 - Christmas Day

nice chapter - although the beginning left a shock nearly as bad as it hit Harry

loved the journal entries - they hit clase to home as i was once almost that clueless, although i managed to avoid the real prince and 'honored' bs.


Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Friday 9th June 2006 12:17am for 33 - Christmas Day

Excellent chapter. I feel an amazing 'tug' to want a Honks relationship to work out very happily for the two. I never considered such a ship until the last few months, whenever I first read this fic, but now I find it leading my list of highly improbable ships to occur in canon. (I believe H/G and H/Hr are still possible in JKR Book 7.)

Your nobility concepts still captivate me. I have thought long and hard about how to incorporate my own different version of this idea in my present work. I am about to start writing the first chapter containing it, and I thank you for inspiring me to add that aspect to my tale.

Your ideas will always by the best in my opinion.

Cheers, and thanks for another great chapter.

Crys replied:

I look forward to seeing the take you have on the entitlement and nobility in the WW.   And I'm pleased that I sparked a bunny or two for you.

"Your ideas will always by the best in my opinion."
Considering the village we're both members of, I'll take that as high praise indeed.   My humble thanks, especially as it's coming from an author I respect a great deal.

Mickey posted a comment on Thursday 8th June 2006 7:57pm for 33 - Christmas Day

Very nice.

Gustav posted a comment on Thursday 8th June 2006 5:39pm for 33 - Christmas Day

Nicely done.
.. if your adopting bunnies then ask yourself what would happen if the Marauders would prank the Prophet too only tell the truth for a whole week - and unable not to publish the paper ;-)

Still enjoying the story !


Crys replied:

Drop that one in the bunnies area of the Forum.   Too cute to let wither, but it's not sparking anything over here.

jayley posted a comment on Thursday 8th June 2006 4:18pm for 33 - Christmas Day

uhm, good chapter, but i thought the article put more of a bad spin on harry, like he was using his position to force tonks to do what he wanted....might wanna see about that!or at least, that part stuck out far more than just insinuating that tonks was a whore.

Crys replied:

It put a bad spin on them both.   Harry's just used to it.   He's NOT used to his girlfriend getting blasted like that.

Alex00 posted a comment on Thursday 8th June 2006 3:44pm for 33 - Christmas Day

Great chapter.