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nonjon posted a comment on Tuesday 18th October 2005 8:17am for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

"Yes, but isn't this HER choice? By not giving her the choice, aren't you as bad as anyone who has refused to give you any options?"

Err... Crys! That's woman logic right there! It doesn't make any sense. It isn't "HER choice" whether she and Harry date. It's Harry's choice and it's her choice. If Harry's already saying "no" because he doesn't want to make her a target of Dumblemort, Fudgey, and Voldiedore, then it doesn't really matter whether HER half of the choice is yes or no. And frankly it's crueler to her, in the possibility that it is yes.

Maybe it's just the romance-hater in me, but whether Harry and mystery girl date, it seems to me, Harry should have an equal say in the matter. And for someone ignorant of the positive aspects of love (as I often think Harry is), I just can't see why he'd be open to risking the life of a girl he liked. That and every story it seems features super!love, like it's the cure-all and driving force for uber!magic. It's worse that super!Harry. Love's good and all, but hate has it good points too!

Long live Harry/No Pairing!

P.S. - if all these red herrings pointing to Ginny mean Harry's lusting for Tonks or someone else with decent depth, I may forgive you for arguing with woman logic. But if it's Ginny, no excuses, and you'll have to answer for your nonsensical justification!

Padfoot's Godchile posted a comment on Tuesday 18th October 2005 7:08am for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

I LOVE this story! Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to reading more!

Fanfic lover38 posted a comment on Tuesday 18th October 2005 4:26am for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

I loved the chapter that spell on his aura is just like something Dumbledore might do.

In OOTP the one thing that Dumbledore said that he was afraid of was that they would take his picture off the wizard cards. What if it wasn't a joke?

I mean the people who make the cards want people to buy them and like them. Maybe they put a glamour on them to help make the wizard seem cool and look presentable. I mean you never see Rowena Ravenclaw in her picture with hair rollers now do you?

What if Dumbledore arranged for his cards to end up getting a couple of extra helpings of the glamour/charisma spells on his cards.

I always wondered why none of the parents started trying to lynch him when students started ending up paralysed in his second years or pull their kids out of school right away.

Hmmm... I wonder if their is anything special with the prefect badges as well? Maybe some charm to help him keep tabs on things at the castle and he didn't want Harru to have one because of his link with Voldemort.

Harry might want to take the others with him and check out the Chamber again too. I figure there has to be another entrance to the chamber. How else did the Basilsk get its food over the years?

I wonder if part of the reason that Dumbledore didn't want the truth about the Chamber spread around is that it would hurt his "reputation." After all he was the Transfiguration teacher when the Chamber was opened the the first time and Mrytle was killed, and he wasn't able to prevent it or avenge her death in over half a century. He just ended up hoping that the problem wouldn't come back and ignored it.

I don't really blame Mrytle for moaning all the time

Believe it or not, there are worst things then going through life as "The Boy Who Lived." How about having to go through the afterlife as "The Girl Who died During A Dump!"

I mean think about it. Myrtle died in the toilet considering how much status ghosts put on her deaths that has got to put her on the bottom rung of the afterlife pecking order. Elvis might be able to pull that off but not Mrytle.

I mean think about how much importance ghosts put on their Death Day celebrations

What is Mrytle going to able to say about hers? I felt a little flush and then I died! I'd moan too if I was her

The truth of Mrytle's death has been covered up or hidden for decades. Imagine how much status she would gain in the ghostly community if it was proved that she was killed by a Basilisk, the pet of Salizar Slytherin Founder of Hogwarts, and she was the first murder of Lord Voldemort in his genocidal war of racial purity. You know what they say, "Your first time is always special."

Throw in the fact that her death was finally avenged by the famous Harry potter who defeated her killer with the sword of Godric Gryfindor and her status in the ghostly world would go through the roof. All you have to do is do it in a way that Ginny is protected from scandel and you're ready to go. You could even throw in the fact that the reason Tom didn't use magic on Harry in the Chamber was because Ginny's spirit was fighting him to help ake sure she is covered

The opportunity could have also been used to clear Hagrid's name and put the fact on the front page that Tom is a half-blood. But Dumbledore never did it.

2) I think maybe Harry should get someone to go through his vaults. Are you planning for Dumbledore to have had his hand in the cookie jar of the Potter inheritance over the years? Is that part of the reason why Albus didn't want him to know about the vaults.

Maybe Harry should get the Goblins to have a team of forensic accountants to look over his accounts. If for no other reason to find out if Belatrix is still managing to get money from the Black estate through a back door or if she might have bought some property to set up as safe houses for her and her fellow death eaters fifteen or twenty years ago. You know what htey say in a case like this, "Follow the money!"

I loved your story and I hope that you be able to get anoher chapter out soon.

I figure that Dumbledore wanted Sanpe to teach harry Occlumancy to help cover up his mistake of putting harry with the Dursleys


Christopher Estep posted a comment on Monday 17th October 2005 10:21pm for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

I do believe that Harry is trying to put young Ginevra on the spot. Hermione Jane Granger, you should have KNOWN better than to pull what you did, unless Dumbledore has you THAT befuddled.

patrik svensson posted a comment on Monday 17th October 2005 12:43pm for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

grejt story,
keep upp the good work.

Opinions are like assholes.
Everyone has one - but some just smell worse than others.

Greg Johnson posted a comment on Monday 17th October 2005 9:34am for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

Good Chapter! Can't wait to see what happens next. Keep up the good work and update again soon.