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aalens posted a comment on Saturday 12th April 2014 3:58am for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

I am really enjoying this fic - even although I have read it once before.

reader1writer1 posted a comment on Wednesday 8th June 2011 2:54pm for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

why didn't he tell her about the "trust-me" spell around dumbledore? good chapter

Cassandra30 posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2011 4:31pm for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

Good stuff!

Keronshara posted a comment on Thursday 25th November 2010 12:36pm for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

You know the logic that Harry deciding not to date a girl because of danger actually denies her a choice & is similar to what Dumbledore does to Harry is the stupidist & faultiest bit of logic that I've ever heard. Dumbledore decided Harry's life for him, making decisions for Harry that were not his right to make. Harry is making a decision about his own personal life. Whether someone wishes to date anyone at that time (like whether they want to marry at that time or break up with someone) is perfectly within that person's rights to decide. Their reasons may be stupid, but their decision doesn't deny anyone else a right to choose for themselves. Relationships require the consent of two people (to start or continue) & one person decided not to even start a relationship. Try to convince him to change his mind is one thing but saying that his decision denies someone else's right to decide their own life is crap. What about Harry's right to decide that he doesn't want to be in a relationship right now?

maddsloth posted a comment on Sunday 21st March 2010 3:18am for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

"Good. Second, any previously convicted Death Eaters who are re-captured after escape are put to death after questioning.
- Naturally I am having a hard time with this coming from the Harry of like 2 chapters ago who was inconsolable because he indirectly killed a Death Eater. Not to say I have a problem at all with killing ‘bad guys’.

That's the first step down a very slippery slope, Harry," Remus warned him.
- How so? They should be killed upon their first conviction if they raped, killed or tortured innocent people.

Simply-Hugs posted a comment on Monday 30th November 2009 1:25pm for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

Aha! I changed a rank in a guild (WoW) to read "The Grand Poo-bah" as a salute to you and your work :D

Excellent, excellent... ^.^

Crys replied:

*laugh*  Thanks, I'm honored.

dougal74 posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd June 2008 5:40am for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

good chapter

Aurilia posted a comment on Tuesday 28th February 2006 6:52pm for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

*incomprehensible babbling*

Runs off to read next chappie.

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Monday 13th February 2006 8:04am for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

Ch.15 - - Terrific how you have Harry leading the understanding of Dumbledore and his manipulations.

The "like-me" charm on Dumbledore is so low.

Interesting how Harry and Ginny spar with each other in this story.

noylj posted a comment on Friday 30th December 2005 7:19pm for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

How do you have a slippery slope with a law that explicitely calls for summary execution of previously convicted death eaters? Are there good death eaters that shouldn't be executed? To me, the proposed legislation is so far from a slippery slope as to count as no more than level field. Should be "any convicted Death Eater."

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Saturday 10th December 2005 9:12am for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

Harry is clueless.


Chris posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd November 2005 9:39am for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

Great chapter.

Loved the idea of the Trust Me charm. Would be ironic if at some later time when Dumbledore needs to sway opinion to his side he was hit with a reversal charm and Trust Me turned into DON'T Trust Me.

Think Harry should inform the twins and maybe Bill and Charlie. Bill as a curse breaker could probably detect the charm somehow and verify its use to others.

Really liking the characters of Kelly and Laura Shacklebolt. Is Laura old enough to go to school and if so what school will she be going to once summer vacation is over. A muggle primary school or some wizard version.


Filodea posted a comment on Saturday 22nd October 2005 10:58am for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

What a wonderful story. I love the interaction between Godric and the others. So many of the ghosts appear to be stuck in whatever time period they died in.
I'm not a big fan of Dumbledore bashing, but you've made Dumbledore shortsighted and full of his own importance rather than evil. I can handle that much better.
I can't wait to see Ginny's reply to Harry.

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Friday 21st October 2005 4:45pm for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

"You give us historical credibility, and Nymph here is for good-looking comic relief."

Why didn't Harry warn Ginny about the 'Trust Me' charm? I'd think he'd really be concerned with making sure she wasn't influenced by DD.

I was surprised by the charm on DD. I was almost sure it was cast on him to make him trust Snape. Unless the Charm actually makes him trust everyone... That makes an odd sort of sense.

daeshie posted a comment on Thursday 20th October 2005 12:08pm for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

"Like it's safe to date me? I have the Hogwarts Headmaster, the Minister of Magic, and - oh yeah - a mass murdering dark lord all angry with me to varying degrees. I'm really good dating material," he finished in deep sarcasm.

that is hilarious! bravo! keep on writing, ill be waiting (taps fingers impatiantly)

Wolff posted a comment on Wednesday 19th October 2005 5:03pm for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

This is a really entertaining story, and I hope to see more of it soon.

Eliew posted a comment on Wednesday 19th October 2005 5:00am for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

Just finish reading the story from tstart to this chapter in the last few hours.

Hmm..the way the story is going, it seem to be heading towards a H/G pairing, while it's not really my ship, I'll see how it goes. The only ship I really can't stand is actually Hermione/any male character, since I can't see Hermione going with anybody else than Harry, but that just my opinion.

Just a few comments though, I'll have to say that the Harry and Hermione seem to be a little out of character. Looks like Hermione needs at least one screaming opponent in her life. She doesn't seem to be the sort to start a screaming contest, especially when it comes to Harry Potter. And Harry seem a little too grown up, and eloquent, always knowing what to say and how to say.

Other than those things, I do like how the story is going, first one that I have read to go in this direction, so it's kinda refreshing.

mx posted a comment on Tuesday 18th October 2005 1:37pm for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

Aslong as it's not H/G.. I'm almost begining to belive that ship is worse then H/HR.

nonjon posted a comment on Tuesday 18th October 2005 8:17am for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

"Yes, but isn't this HER choice? By not giving her the choice, aren't you as bad as anyone who has refused to give you any options?"

Err... Crys! That's woman logic right there! It doesn't make any sense. It isn't "HER choice" whether she and Harry date. It's Harry's choice and it's her choice. If Harry's already saying "no" because he doesn't want to make her a target of Dumblemort, Fudgey, and Voldiedore, then it doesn't really matter whether HER half of the choice is yes or no. And frankly it's crueler to her, in the possibility that it is yes.

Maybe it's just the romance-hater in me, but whether Harry and mystery girl date, it seems to me, Harry should have an equal say in the matter. And for someone ignorant of the positive aspects of love (as I often think Harry is), I just can't see why he'd be open to risking the life of a girl he liked. That and every story it seems features super!love, like it's the cure-all and driving force for uber!magic. It's worse that super!Harry. Love's good and all, but hate has it good points too!

Long live Harry/No Pairing!

P.S. - if all these red herrings pointing to Ginny mean Harry's lusting for Tonks or someone else with decent depth, I may forgive you for arguing with woman logic. But if it's Ginny, no excuses, and you'll have to answer for your nonsensical justification!

Padfoot's Godchile posted a comment on Tuesday 18th October 2005 7:08am for 15 - Quiet Days and Haircuts

I LOVE this story! Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to reading more!