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B134 posted a comment on Tuesday 11th October 2005 8:11am for 14 - Harry versus Fudge

Nice chapter.

In Fudge's place I would have tried to turn Harry's willingness to kill deatheaters into a modification of the new werewolf laws. But Fudge is an idiot. He missed his chance by not proposing a modified version of the laws when Harry admitted that some werewolves are dangerous (or dangerous without precautions). Instead set the ball back in Harry's court.

By the way, 'restricting someone for something that happened to them against their will' has a long tradition in medicine / public policy. It's called quarantine. Had they chained typhoid mary to the wall it's likely fewer people would have died (of course she was only one of many carriers). With lycanthropy the situation, as I see it, is clearer than in medicine. Carriers are clearly carriers and there is a limited number of them. They are only contagious one night a month (if I read the fact that Bill did not become a werewolf correctly). Werewolves would only have to be in quarantine one night a month, and the number of new cases of lycanthropy would drop (barring outside efforts to create more werewolves).

Actually, I suspect the werewolf community would support a quarantine measure (but with punishments less harsh than death). We know of no born werewolves, so all the werewolves we know of were attacked by another werewolf which cannot be a pleasent experience. Greyback is a menace so we can ignore his opinion. Remus, the only other werewolf we know, admits he does not always act carefully with regards to his lycanthropy (case in point, his school days). The upside of the quarantine could be improvement of werewolf / general community relations.

By submitting to the quarantine the werewolves show they are concerned for the safety of the community. The limited duration of the quarantine would highlight the fact that they are only dangerous one night a month (and at that time they cannot attack anyone). Couple the quarantine with some additional werewolf rights legislation and you have a package that would increase public safety and improve the lives of the werewolves.


artdam posted a comment on Sunday 9th October 2005 12:49pm for 14 - Harry versus Fudge

Great story!! Really, really great.
I've just finished what you have written till now and the way you build everything (action and characters) is very realistic to me.
It seems it might end up being H/G which is fine with me and after HBP we saw how loyal she could be to Harry.
Splendid idea with the ghost of Godric, as well.
I realy hope I don't have to wait long to read the next chapter.
Post soon!! I mean now!... please?

crazypc posted a comment on Sunday 9th October 2005 7:03am for 14 - Harry versus Fudge

I've been reading and re-reading this chapter, I'm sorry but it seems.....rushed?

Leticia posted a comment on Saturday 8th October 2005 12:05am for 14 - Harry versus Fudge

I love this story! It's so good to see Harry all collected, and more importantly, taking those who need it down a peg or two. It looks to be going H/G (even if I do keep hoping for H/T!) but the ambigous grouping it's in on the fic list gives me pause... Anyway, thoroughly excellent, great plot, very good dialogue, you're somehow making Gryffindor's reappearence not ridiculous, everything about it is good.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Friday 7th October 2005 5:14pm for 14 - Harry versus Fudge

Sounds like Tonks has *almost* as little clue about Harry as Fudge if she would say something like that. Truth be told, the biggest *reason* her won't or hasn't asked TONKS out (other than not wanting to roadblock a Certain Werewolf) is because Harry doesn't think HE is good enough for HER! Fifteen years of living with those abominations called the Dursleys has given Harry an absolutely awful sense of self-worth, and less than a summer of living away from them is NOT going to change that. I think Tonks need to talk to Godric about Harry, if she is going to get the skinny on Harry's Lack of Love Life.

minervakitty posted a comment on Friday 7th October 2005 12:15pm for 14 - Harry versus Fudge

How fast will the changes be done? Will Percy recover from his ordeal with Peeves? Harry should send the Howler at a later date. Just do the prank anyway.

Treck posted a comment on Friday 7th October 2005 11:40am for 14 - Harry versus Fudge

Or do you think that's too lenient?

You betcha booties I do. If he keeps his end harry needs to release more dirt only keeping quiet about the stuff he said he would.

Prince Charon posted a comment on Friday 7th October 2005 11:29am for 14 - Harry versus Fudge

Thank you for the update.

Good, interesting part. Loved the last paragragh.

More soon, please.

Rachael posted a comment on Friday 7th October 2005 9:44am for 14 - Harry versus Fudge

Hahahahahahaha!!!! I love Peeves taking away Percy! That was awesome!

Nice job on the chapter. I hope you take up the bunny someone mentioned about him possibly getting 4 seats on the about Fudge having to kowtow to him.

hpnana posted a comment on Friday 7th October 2005 9:17am for 14 - Harry versus Fudge

I just arrived from work and sat down to read this last chapter. HILARIOUS!~!!!!!

Boy, your Harry would make a darn good Minister of Magic. He showed much more spine than Fudge has ever shown in all of JK's books!

I'm too tired to do the Math, (no, I'm horrible at it and can't find my calculator)but how old is your Tonks? She should be around 21 or 22; so is it me or they may be an eventual pairing with the love of my life, Remus J. Lupin? How mmany years difference would there be between them?

Going back to your Harry, he has grown up a lot in that last year, I would say too much too soon. Well given all the things that has happened to him...

I love that you pointed out in your story all the action to which Umbridge got away with nd even thoug in canon she was not punished for all these acts ( I was very upset by this in HBP) I am very satisfied that she is to face the music to all her deeds in fanfiction. Thank you for that, it gives me some sort of comfort.

Lucious Malfoy on death-row, SWEET!! Any chance Snape can accompany him?
Peeves Fudge Budge Judge Kludge Ludge Mudge Nudge Pudge Sludge Wudge Fudge

Fudge Budge Judge Kludge Ludge Mudge Nudge Pudge Sludge Wudge Fudge awesome!!!

And Percy in his power, oh dear Lord, I am still laughing.

The wait is going to be unbearable. When is the next chapter?

Thanks so much for sharing with fanfic readers who enjoy a good piece of writing.

Bobmin356 posted a comment on Friday 7th October 2005 5:15am for 14 - Harry versus Fudge

Ok this wasn't bad, but I think Fudge got off too lightly. Harry's willing to kill Death Eaters, but he's not willing to oust fudge? He's got the money and the popularity. It would be easy to see him recalled. :D

Greg posted a comment on Friday 7th October 2005 4:49am for 14 - Harry versus Fudge

Great Chapter! I think he let Fudge get away with too much, but that idea at the end had some merrit.
I think you got Tonks' years mixed up. It should be '91 or '92.
Keep up the good work and update again soon.

Machiavelli Jr posted a comment on Friday 7th October 2005 4:06am for 14 - Harry versus Fudge

Ouch. One Slytherin is trouble, Harry makes two and that's a conspiracy. Find a third and it's war. Excellent update, if a bit short - Fudge perfect and Peeves/Percy a stroke of genius. Hope he doesn't come out looking too smart.

m4r13 posted a comment on Friday 7th October 2005 3:58am for 14 - Harry versus Fudge

I love the the idea of Finbar. That's absolutely brilliant.
I find the final solution a bithard for the DE but afterall they choose what they've become.

Another meeting with Hermione coming up soon ? I'd love to read about the way Harry's gonna deal with her, since she doesn't understand the polite way to mind her business.

Maybe if Pig land in her hair, make a mess of it and then begin to eat the bacon which had fly around when Hermione was trying to put him off her head. *evil grin*

I really am looking for the next chapter.

Oh and the Centaur Liaison Office for Percy is a good idea as Finbar has mention it.

What can they do then... going home ? See if they can cure the little furry problem of remus with another thing than the wolfsbane, or ameliorate it maybe ? Without the greasy bat if possible. I'm sure there is quite a lot of decent Potion Master around.


Anand posted a comment on Friday 7th October 2005 2:55am for 14 - Harry versus Fudge

Woah, nice! Like how Harry's turning a bit political now. Love how he handled Percy. The Tonks angle was interesting. Hope you play that up a little more. Great Chapter!