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Brad posted a comment on Monday 3rd October 2005 11:02pm for 13 - Harry versus Dumbledore

Great chapter! You know it's a good story when it seems like no time passed at all when you get to the end, and your first reaction is to shout 'MORE!!!', because you just want to keep going. Good stuff. Most enjoyable to see Harry assert himself and get a bit of power, viz the ring and his inheritance.

(Seems to me I've been reading a few anti-Dumbledore stories lately - this, Journeyman Potter, Sunset over Britain, Jeconais's WKGQ, etcetera. But it's always good fun to read a well-written piece that doesn't stretch one's belief beyond the breaking point)

I'll have to pay more attention to your Yahoo group, I don't recall any of those bunnies. Mind you, I've got the last couple of digests sitting in my IN box unread, because I didn't want to have my reading of this chapter spoilt.

Can't wait to see how Harry altered the points system; I suspect it'll kick in when Snape next tries to take points away from Gryffindor. But I don't know what rules he could institute that would keep things fair and still give Snape the authority to deduct/award points in a balanced/justified manner, as befitting any teacher. Hmmm. Concensus? Needing two teachers' agreement?

Okay, I *insist* that Harry and Hermione make friends. Hermione *did* only commit her 'minor betrayal' because she thought it was in her best friend's interest. And Harry HAS changed (a lot!) from the end of OotP, and he still hasn't - as far as I know - seen fit to tell her much of his changed circumstances. Maybe this is shaping up to be a significant minor plot of yours ... maybe when they next meet there's going to be some more heated words, things escalating again, with Harry having now been told of her offence and given the nature of his last communique with her. But I still believe that if he were to go 'logical' on her and explain things out, she - if she let her mind rule her emotions - would accept how things have changed and apologise. And he would accept her apology, wanting to keep her friendship.

... please? You've got me slightly worried here.

Good chapter, eager for MORE!

Bobmin356 posted a comment on Monday 3rd October 2005 6:29pm for 13 - Harry versus Dumbledore

This was pretty good, lots of neat dumbledork bashing which is always a plus. The only thing missing now is the required Ron and Hermione castration. :D

minervakitty posted a comment on Monday 3rd October 2005 3:47pm for 13 - Harry versus Dumbledore

Harry's done something to the house points thing? I wonder if it has to do with Snape taking unjust points off of Gryffindors. Does Harry have control over Grimmauld? Harry could kick a few people out. Harry should bring Dumbledore to court for violating his parent's will and maybe Sirius's will as well. Will Harry send a Howler to Hermione at Opening Feast? Where would Harry go to finish his magical education? Fudgie' going to get his just desserts?

M. R. Moore posted a comment on Monday 3rd October 2005 10:12am for 13 - Harry versus Dumbledore

I didn't mentioned here my way of... removing Fudge as Minister. I think we can leave it at his beautifully and innocent secretary, a man in a cloak, and a 9mm semi-auto. I think it was my favorite chapter of my story. I can just imagine it. Fudge in is office, his Secretary reading a book, a man he asks to pass and says "Endgame is greenlight" (this is where you place a psychotic grin on whatever face you've conjured to represent me). sorry for rambling.

Anyways, I liked harry's agruements. made sense i guess. great job

Nick posted a comment on Monday 3rd October 2005 10:11am for 13 - Harry versus Dumbledore

You know, I almost feel bad for Albus and his gang, especially Fudge now ... almost. Good update, and I hope more is coming soon.

Rachael posted a comment on Monday 3rd October 2005 10:06am for 13 - Harry versus Dumbledore

Ahhh...this chapter was EXCELLENT!!! As were all the others for that matter, but still. :)

I loved reading Manipulative!Dumbledore and Kick-Ass!Harry getting one over on him, as he continues to do so in this chapter. Excellent, excellent fun!

Do we get some Harry/Ginny fluff in the near future, perhaps? I like how you had her disagreeing with Hermione snitching on Harry about his trip to Gringotts *wink*

Great job with this chapter, I loved it and eagerly await the next!

Greg posted a comment on Monday 3rd October 2005 9:23am for 13 - Harry versus Dumbledore

Great Chapter!
That is a brilliant place to put Godric's picture.
When do we find out about the changes that Harry made to the point system?
And I hope Harry gets to yell at Fudge! That would be fun to read. :-)
Keep up the good work and update again soon.

Stuart posted a comment on Monday 3rd October 2005 9:00am for 13 - Harry versus Dumbledore

Love the story so far, am looking forward to reading further.

m4r13 posted a comment on Monday 3rd October 2005 5:03am for 13 - Harry versus Dumbledore

So great !!

Hope to read the meeting with Fudge. I have a beautiful image of a red Lion Potter eating a shaky Mouse Fudge... Mmmh, I'm just dreaming on my laptop.

I find strange that Harry doesn't notice the flare of magic coming from Tonks when she petrifies Snape. The way I understood the act was the magic from SNape is flaring...

Nonetheless, that is a brilliant chapter, I really love Lord-Baron Griffindor scaring the little Dumbledore behind his desk.

Hope to see Fudge blowing up in the next chapter so much.

That would be so great, Harry frightening him so much that he pees in his robes...