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The Imaginatrix

Hello, everybody! I am The Imaginatrix, but you may call me Trix. I am a blind, Christian, Australian author of fanfiction and original fiction. I don't have much to post just yet, and can't post on this site anyway, but if you want to find some of my work, you can see it here and here. As I said, there's not much there yet, but there will be.

As far as fandoms go, my main ones are Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh (plus two of its spin-offs), Pokemon, Deltora Quest and the Sevenwaters Series. There are other less prominent fandoms I'll be writing in, as my Fanfiction profile attests, but apart from my mega crossover with my original works, The Magina Cronicles , I won't be writing in them, so that's why they're not mentioned here.

My favourite literary genre is fantasy, although I'm partial to the odd mystery, especially if it's well-written. Needless to say, I love Jasper Fforde. :D I also like humour in my stories far more than angst, and will endeavour to write more light-hearted stories, at least for the most part, than I often see in my favourite genres. That's not to say I don't write heavy stuff when the plot calls for it, but I've never been a fan of dark and dreary stories where somebody dies needlessly every other chapter. If a character must die, give them a decent run first, you heartless author you! ...Ahem, rant over.

I also like music, and can sing rather well. I like a wide variety of styles and many artists, but I'm not a huge fan of rap unless it has some depth, nor do I like metal of any description. I would rather not listen to someone screaming right into my ears, thank you kindly.

I think that's enough about me to be going on with for right now. Hopefully I'll eventually be given the privilege of writing on this site, because then I can put in song lyrics! YAY! I make so many characters sing in Magina that it would be terribly sad if those parts were left out, as I must on FFN. So can somebody please approve me? *gives puppy-dog eyes*

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