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Victor1 posted a comment on Wednesday 31st May 2006 2:51am

whoops i accidentally licked submit

*i would have liked to have seen the resuts to the questionnaires, but it was still great nonetheless

nice job!

Crys replied:

Incomplete review deleted.

Sorry, there are no "correct" answer sheets unless LV is hiding them somewhere.

Ken Warner posted a comment on Wednesday 31st May 2006 1:46am

So the platinum blond wannabe scored HOW on this?

and I do not want to be within 3 counties of Moldieshorts when that Flatulus Eruptus hits - Just how much of him is still dead inside? yuck

Great fun - thanks

Rick Gale posted a comment on Wednesday 31st May 2006 1:29am

Oh, that's good! You've just proven that it requires the IQ of a house plant to be a good Deatheater! Unfortunately, I think that's about where I'm at on this quiz.

Thanks for the laughs.


Richard Peterson posted a comment on Wednesday 31st May 2006 1:22am

But what are the right answers? I've got to know if I made! The costume is so cool.

Crys replied:

Owl your answers to T.M. Riddle and he'll let you   know how you did.

DJ posted a comment on Wednesday 31st May 2006 1:09am

You have a sick sence of humor I love it.

Chris1 posted a comment on Wednesday 31st May 2006 12:49am


Now we know why the dark lord has to do most of the things by himself.

And I can just imagine Crabbe Sr. scratching his head at the livestock question :D


Crys replied:

Hey, it says to mark all that apply.   If he wants to mark down all three . . .

Anne B. Walsh posted a comment on Wednesday 31st May 2006 12:47am

I don't know if it's legal to laugh this much. Let's see, favorite items...
Number 3 - I'd pick my nose in front of Voldemort.
Number 7 - Monologuing!
Number 11 - So how many Death Eaters come from West Virginia, then? (Most common lie in WV: "I was just helping the sheep over the fence.")
Number 15 - "A platinum blonde, wannabe Death Eater with delusions of competence" - I want to see somebody actually call him that to his face.
Number 18 - Depends on the Muggle. I like watching people tap dance.
Numbers 22 and 23 - Flatulus Eruptus? Nice.
Number 26 - I can just see it. The Death Eater goes to cast the Killing Curse - and he's holding a teddy bear by the ear.
Number 30 - Yes, I have a pet basilisk. Don't you?
Thanks for a good laugh!

Crys replied:

#7 - Monologuing.   What can I say?   I'd just watched "The Incredibles" with my kids.
#15 - Hey, repeat that line in Ron's hearing and I'm sure he'd quite cheerfully help you out!

Brandon West posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 11:44pm

You know, some of these don't have acceptable answers.

I find a sleeping dragon, I'm letting it sleep. *grin*

Crys replied:

You mean some of them DO have acceptable answers?   Damn.   I'll have to go and fix that . . .

powellt posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 10:00pm

Funny, now here's my answers how'd I score?

1.b 2.d
3.a/b 4.b
5.a 6.c
7.d 8.c
9.a 10.a
11.b 12.c
13.c 14.c
15.d 16.c
17.a 18.b
19.d 20.b
21.a 22.c
23.c 24.c
25.c 26.b
27.c 28.c
29.d 30.d

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 9:24pm


You show signs of a seriously disturbed sense of humor.

I like it!

Crys replied:

I've spent too much time talking with my fellow FFA authors, I think.   *innocent smile*

Amamama posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 9:08pm

I do so wonder what the Dork Lard would do with Death Eater recruits who mark "Cast, "Flatulus Eruptus."" on question #23... All in all: FUN! Great questionnaire.

:-D Thanks!

Crys replied:

Two possible outcomes.   Both of them are Unforgiveables.   Hint: Neither starts with the letter "I"

Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 9:06pm

This is a very good quiz! I like the sarcaszm. This is fun. Thanks for writing. pms

MagyarEagle posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 7:07pm

Lol! This is hilarious! Great writing, too bad you didn't give us possible outcomes for each answer.

m4r13 posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 6:57pm

Sorry, I can't let that one pass... ^^

1. _____ the livestock.
() Rape
(X) Pillage
(X) Plunder

2. You're given a choice of what color Death Eater robes to wear.
(X) Black
() White
() Lilac
() You know, Headmaster Dumbledore has some snazzy robes.

3. When in the Dark Lord's presence, you should:
(X) Bow
() Grovel
() Sneer
() Act smug
() Pick your nose

4. You have found a sleeping dragon.
(X) Tickle it.
(X) Wake it and ask it why it hasn't roasted the second Weasley brat.
() Wake it and ask what next season's dragon hide clothing will look like.

5. You have just learned the location and defenses around Harry Potter.
(X) Go and attack him by yourself.
() Get a few of your best friends together and go attack him after a few pints.
() Go to the Leaky Cauldron, have a few pints, and loudly try to recruit some help before attacking him.

6. You have proof that one of the Inner Circle is a traitor.
(X) Do nothing.
() Confront the traitor away from prying ears.
(X) Try to blackmail the traitor with this information.
() Go to a pub and talk about it with your friends over a pint or two.

7. You have caught an Auror/Unspeakable/member of the Order of the Phoenix.
() Let them go.
(X) Monologue long enough for them to get free.
(X) Monologue long enough for them to be rescued.
() Taunt them by leaving their wand just out of reach and then leaving them alone for hours.

8. You have caught Albus Dumbledore.
(X) Ask him if you can contest your N.E.W.T. in Herbology.
(X) Ask him for the thirteenth use of dragon's blood.
() Confess that you're having second thoughts and ask for help to escape the Dark Lord.
(X) Suggest a good brand of hair-care products for his beard.
(X) Ask if Fawkes is a real phoenix or if that's a diricawl under a Glamour.

9. You have caught Harry Potter.
(X) Give him his wand so you can humiliate him by beating him in a fair duel.
() Ask him which ball Katie Bell is best at chasing.
() Ask him what it's like to snog Cho Chang.
() Ask him if you can borrow his invisibility cloak.
() Ask him out on a date.
(X) Compliment on his "Killing Curse" eyes.

10. You have caught a Muggle.
(X) Use the Imperious to make them do the Macarena.
() Show them your wand.
() Ask them how firelegs and ecklectricity work.

11. The Dark Lord has been transfigured by his enemies into a barnyard animal.
(X) Point and laugh.
(X) Party like it's 1999.
(X) "That sure is a fine lookin' sheep."

12. You have been caught by the Ministry.
(X) Hold your head up and loudly proclaim your undying loyalty to the Dark Lord.
(X) Claim you were under Imperious the whole time.
() Offer names for a lesser sentence.

13. You have been caught by Albus Dumbledore.
(X) Say you're really, really sorry and politely ask for a second chance.
() Offer to become a spy for him in exchange for your freedom.
(X) Ask him if you can have a last request. When he agrees, ask for your wand back.

14. You were just told that the Dark Lord's father was a Muggle.
(X) Do as the Dark Lord commands and kill all non-purebloods on sight.
(X) Ask the Dark Lord if that makes him a half-Mudblood.
(X) Start humming the theme music to "Father Knows Best".

15. A platinum blonde, wannabe Death Eater with delusions of competence has just given you an order.
(X) Ignore him.
(X) Introduce him to the joys of Cruciatus. From the receiving end.
(X) Suggest something rude and anatomically unlikely.
(X) Loudly speculate on his probable Animagus form.

16. You screwed up and have some bad news to deliver to the Dark Lord.
() Just tell him. He admires people who own up to their mistakes.
(X) Blame your incompetent leader for your fumble.
(X) Send in a platinum blonde, wannabe Death Eater with delusions of competence to give him the news.

17. One of the Inner Circle has just given you an order that seems to be suicidal.
(X) "What do I look like, a bleedin' Gryffindor?"
() "Who died and made you the boss?"
(X) "Is that your final answer?"

18. A Muggle points a metal stick at you and says, "Freeze!"
() Stand still as an icicle.
() Cast a Freezing Spell at his metal wand.
() Dare him to cast a spell at you.
() Tap dance.
() Conjure a cup and ask him to put the ice cubes in it.
(X) Ask him if Dirty Harry is his partner.

19. You have been told to assassinate Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody.
() Walk up to him in broad daylight and challenge him to a formal duel.
(X) Summon his magic eye.
() Try to sneak into his home. He'd never think to set traps.
(X) Summon his wooden leg.
() Make rude gestures when his back is turned.

20. You're in a duel with Harry Potter.
() Give him tips and pointers on what he's doing wrong.
(X) Toy with him, using spells like the Jelly Legs Jinx and Tickling Charms.
(X) Compare his dueling with Lockhart's style.
(X) Make hissing noises and ask him to translate.

21. In the midst of a fight, you have a free shot at the following people. Which do you attack?
(X) Harry Potter
(X) Albus Dumbledore
(X) Your former potions professor
(X) Lucius Malfoy
(X) The Dark Lord

22. Harry Potter's back is turned.
() Walk away.
() Call out to him to give him a fair chance at defending himself.
(X) Cast, "Flatulus Eruptus."

23. The Dark Lord's back is turned.
(X) Check to see if he really is immortal by trying to kill him.
(X) Vanish his clothes as a prank.
(X) Cast, "Flatulus Eruptus."

24. You've just successfully stolen 1000 galleons per the Dark Lord's orders.
(X) Keep it all.
() Give ten percent to an orphans charity.
(X) Spend it all on an aviary and try to lure Veela to it.

25. You've been given a list and told to gather potions ingredients.
(X) Buy them at "Honest Herbert's Discount Potion Supplies"
(X) Wander around the Forbidden Forest until you find it all.
() Ask Professor Sprout if you can raid the Hogwarts greenhouses.

26. What equipment do you need if you're going on a raid?
(X) Your lucky Chudley Cannon's t-shirt.
() WWW fake wand.
() Your lucky collection of chocolate frog portraits.
(X) Your large print name-tag.

27. You are escorting a bunch of trolls to a raid.
(X) "I bet my club's bigger than yours."
(X) Ask why none of them have colorful hair like the muggle children's toys.
(X) Ask if they really live under bridges.
(X) Ask if any of them have been to Hogwarts lately.

28. You are escorting a bunch of dementors to a raid.
(X) Yawn. A lot.
(X) Peek under a hood to see what one really looks like.
(X) Practice your Patronus Spell as a method of herding.

29. You are escorting a bunch of giants to a raid.
(X) "Big, clumsy oaf. Bet you can't catch me."
(X) Ask them what the weather is like up there.
(X) Ask them which one is Hagrid's mum.
(X) Ask where Jack went off to.

30. You are escorting a bunch of acromantulas to a raid.
() "What, no webs? What kind of worthless spiders are you?"
(X) Make jokes about them being "sixty-four eyes."
() Make sure you overeat for a month beforehand so you're fat and juicy.
(X) Bring your pet basilisk.

Well that was really fun. The answers are missing to determine if we're gonna be good little DE, but I'm sure that with this quizz, no hopeless people will be recruited...

Tonnocal posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 5:28pm

what's the difference between pillage and plunder? seriously, i've always wanted to know....

What are the answers? OOH! like in dolly magazine when you have mostly a's , b's, or c's and they give you an indepth personality alaysis based on whether or not you'd cheat in a test or talk to a guy at a party....

great idea - fanfic DEs are generally pathetic

Crys replied:

According to, pillage and plunder are synonyms.

The answers?   Well, I think at least one answer to each question is likely to get you killed (in many cases ALL the answers could likely get you killed :)

fopalup posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 5:00pm

So was this, like, an article Harry wrote for the Quibbler? (or maybe it's Gred'n'Forge) Anyways, interesting...

noylj posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 4:56pm

I tend to respond with the last choices, with some others thrown in. Very good.

Ivy_Snowe posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 4:39pm

Yeah, that was freaking hilarious. Cheers.


nancy in chicago posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 4:03pm

Ummm.... and what answers get you into the inner circle?

Manatheron posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 3:53pm

31) The dark lord has once again suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of hary potter, you...
()Point and laugh
()Ask potter if he's looking for some semi-loyal henchmen
()Pretend that the dark lord intended to do that
()Loudly as that PLatnum haired wannabee if your allowed to make fun of the dark lord too.

Nice, It probably wouldn't help him any, but nice still the same ^.^

Crys replied:

Fun question, but I'm not going to be adding reviewer ideas to this one.   thanks for the laugh, though!