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EdTheBeast posted a comment on Monday 7th January 2019 1:17pm for Sims

A very nice chapter that never happened!

Kara posted a comment on Monday 16th January 2012 5:32pm for Sims

Nifty idea, but any public figure is bound to have a solicitor or two on retainer. In addition, Fleur is not someone I'd want mad at me!

Sorry to inject a bit of 'reality' into this. It's the engineer in me!
Lady K.

delrusant posted a comment on Sunday 3rd October 2010 5:43am for Sims

well done, brillant business idea and manipulating tool ;-)

brad posted a comment on Thursday 17th June 2010 7:21am for Sims

I came across someone asking about this story the other day and had to check the URL before forwarding it on. So I had no choice but to read it again. :-)

I've always liked this story; it was a lovely way to have Harry discover his feelings/future with Ginny. Rather than looking at the girl herself and realising his feelings, you take a step back and do it with the Sims proxies. Clever stuff. And the mixture of feelings - awed but wistful, hopeful versus scared - well, that could be due to the jitters of a normal adolescent boy, or the reservations of a chap who knows that dark lord is after him (and his loved ones).

It was good to see a kind and caring (as friend and brother) side of the twins as well.

A nice little story that has stuck in my mind for, wow - 20th September 2005? - almost five years now!

Prongs1977 posted a comment on Wednesday 9th April 2008 3:32pm for Sims


squidtamer posted a comment on Tuesday 16th October 2007 11:56am for Sims

Sooo... real product or long setup on Harry by the pranksters/older brothers looking out for their sister? (Not sure I care)

The setup and payoff are both excellent. Great job on this one as it works on three or four levels.

Samie9328 posted a comment on Saturday 14th July 2007 9:45am for Sims

Please update this. I love it!

Infin1x posted a comment on Friday 1st June 2007 9:57pm for Sims

You do an excellent Gred and Forge, truly enjoyable even if you sometimes over do the twin talk just a bit.

Ray Wright posted a comment on Monday 16th April 2007 10:59am for Sims

That is a great idea. I think you have happened on something with the implementation of computer games into Harry Potter fanfiction.

If you don't mind, I would like license to use this idea as well, and I am completly fine with the stipulations you have placed on the other reviewer.

Crys replied:

No problem.   As always, all I ask is a credit (and maybe link) in the A/N and a URL when it gets posted so I can read it, too.

chris25 posted a comment on Wednesday 27th September 2006 8:32am for Sims

would it be possible for me to use this idea (the wizarding - sims) in a fic i'm writing currently?
the basic idea would be the same, but the specifics would change - i thought i'd ask before taking. as always an altogether very good story. good characterisation and a believable idea. op class.

Crys replied:

Have at it.   All I ask is a credit in your notes "the idea of the sim house from Crys's fic 'Sim House'" or something along those lines and a URL when it's done.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Saturday 16th September 2006 8:32pm for Sims

That was so funny. I love the idea of the twins manipulating Harry that way. Great story, though it did leave me wanting to play my own game of Sims.

Crysania Fay posted a comment on Monday 12th June 2006 12:42pm for Sims

That is so great! I wish I had one!!! Especially with a doll of me and Oliver!!!! Woot!!!

Brad Crawford posted a comment on Sunday 7th May 2006 6:56am for Sims

i love the idea and i can see gred and forge doing that to get them together!

Angus Hardie posted a comment on Thursday 4th May 2006 1:19pm for Sims

Beautiful is the the best word to describe it. (also clever, funny, romantic, ingenious ...)

Although I'm kind of curious to know what it was like for the little characters inside the house ... can they see out? How much of a person are they. It's a wonderfully clever concept.

Thanks for writing such a great story.

merf425 posted a comment on Friday 13th January 2006 4:08pm for Sims

That was great! :) Very hilarious.

Lira posted a comment on Tuesday 10th January 2006 3:26am for Sims

Oooh, that's cute! :) Fred and George helping out Harry and Ginny to actually act on their feelings to become a couple!

Knight_Hax0r posted a comment on Tuesday 15th November 2005 9:32am for Sims

LOL that was interesting! good stuff.

wytil posted a comment on Monday 31st October 2005 3:25am for Sims

Gred and Forge beware! Ginny will be becoming aware of the 'house' and then perhaps your father? Molly?
Molly will want to create a 'force' model to get her sons married.
Your story has such possibilities.

Sydney posted a comment on Tuesday 25th October 2005 11:06am for Sims

Kinda firgures it would be fred and george who come up with something like this! Very nice.

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Wednesday 5th October 2005 9:33am for Sims

Brilliant. You could actually have run a serious fic with the house just moving at 10X speed in the Gryph common room.

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