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LordLexx posted a comment on Tuesday 24th December 2019 9:51am for 4 - Out of the Order

Ouch, killing Susie. That's a waste of a pretty redhead. Bad enough Lily dies.

Wanderer posted a comment on Saturday 16th November 2019 5:31pm for 4 - Out of the Order

Well, he's not Evil!Dumbles, at least not maliciously... manipulative is the default for all but a very few Dumbles in FF.

gtgrouch posted a comment on Thursday 31st July 2014 9:16pm for 4 - Out of the Order

Shaping up to be an interesting story! I think the reason I love to hate a manipulative Dumbledore (like I hate Fudge) is that I believe he has an implicit responsibility to those he teaches and leads. Dumbledore cheerfully and energetically abrogates his responsibility in a manner I find nauseating.

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Thursday 5th June 2014 8:06am for 4 - Out of the Order

I want to kill both Dumb-ass-dork and Snivellus right now. Am. I. evil?!

reader1writer1 posted a comment on Wednesday 8th June 2011 12:47pm for 4 - Out of the Order

This is really great. I love the empowered Harry

Cassandra30 posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2011 3:17pm for 4 - Out of the Order

Leave it to Albus to decide not to cover the Director's niece. Nice recovery. Harry needs to handle Molly and Hermione and in a much more permanent way. In other words show them their hero's feet of clay big time. That Occlumency thing would be a big start for Hermione and Ron.

dougal74 posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd June 2008 3:29am for 4 - Out of the Order

great chapter

Kuraiken posted a comment on Monday 3rd December 2007 8:47am for 4 - Out of the Order

Ah yes, this is where our ways part.

Once again a story of a money-driven Harry who is completely focused on money and property.
How shallow.

And I'd like to congratulate you for being number x+1 of the authors who have focused on Dumbledore-bashing, creating an hypocritical Harry who accusses others while doing the very same as them.
Everyone seems to strife for a mature, independet Harry, which results in Harry being very immature and stupid.

Seriously I am fed up with all the people not realizing Dumbledores motives for his actions.
What is Harry? Some super-teenager who can deal with any kind of problem and can take all the negative information? Tell you what: had Dumbledore informed Harry of all the implications and obstacles, Harry would have committed suicide. In fifth year he was almost at the end when he suffered from his dreams, if Dumbledore had told him: "Oh by the way, Voldemort might occupy your body anytime", Harry would have distanced himself from everyone, becoming utterly depressed and completely incapeable of anything. A wrack. Dumbledore had almost everything laid out best for Harry, seeing farther then anyone else, and the reason why most things went wrong was because people did not listen. They did not listen, no, they insisted on doing things their own way. Got them really far, did it not? Very successful in terms of money as your story lines out, I would say. Sirius dead making Harry rich, which seems to be oh-so-positive, because Harry does not have enough fame and attention as it is, and enjoys that yes?
From all the HP Fanfics out there, 35% of the authors are actually capeable of writing a good story. From those another 40% develop a good plot. And from those 40%, 95% fail to keep to character, use logic, common sense or learned how to construct a story that actually does not overload. Harry turns out to be Godrics hire, has 1000 estates, is incredible rich, has new talents, hears Sirius will, bashes Dumbledore etc. etc.
Plot development and time control does not ring a bell, does it?

But you know what? You do not have to be ashamed, really, because almost every other authors does the same, really. Maybe I failed to notice stepping through a door with the doorplate saying "sanatorium". I give it up, finding a good story that is. Everyone seems to have set disappointing me as his blazing life goal.

Adriana Lant posted a comment on Monday 25th September 2006 5:27am for 4 - Out of the Order

Harry's milking it! He's milking everything he just found out about. I bet Dumbledore's frustrated. A lot of people, I have just realized, don't like Dumbledore. As in readers. So, Harry's quitting school? Are you crazy?!?! Good chapter, as always. Keep writing!

Aurilia posted a comment on Tuesday 28th February 2006 4:57pm for 4 - Out of the Order

I really love how this is unfolding. I've always had a soft spot for Uber!Harry. I hope he ruins the Dursleys, too. Lemme see...

Ferret McPoncy Von Death Gobbler
Daddy McPoncy Von Death Gobbler
Fellatrix the Weirdo

Did I miss anyone from Harry's shite-list? I hope not. I wanna see them all ruined. Or dead.

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Monday 13th February 2006 5:12am for 4 - Out of the Order

Ch.4 - - I hate it when Dumbledore goes this direction in a flc. But I love the Harry that comes out of it. I'm torn and conflicted.

I like this story very much. Decisive Harry is always a great guy to see in action.

Fun, fun, FUN!

Pleather Boots posted a comment on Sunday 29th January 2006 3:15pm for 4 - Out of the Order

I have to admit that I am not a big fan of Dumbledore bashing, but I love this!!!

noylj posted a comment on Friday 30th December 2005 4:33pm for 4 - Out of the Order

So far, so good. I hope that you will cover the four events that all good fanfics cover: LV's death, Doubledumb's death, Lucius's death, and Draco's death. If you could include Snape's death, that would be icing on the cake.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Tuesday 13th December 2005 2:29pm for 4 - Out of the Order

Going back over the story, Tonks' LACK of embarrassment over Remus' teasing comment SHOULD have set off the alarums for Harry right then! However, I can understand why it didn't, as Harry had already had a rough day to that point.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Friday 9th December 2005 6:28pm for 4 - Out of the Order

Good one.