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Wanderer posted a comment on Monday 18th November 2019 5:06pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

This was a lot of fun to read and, while I can see that you have some legitimate regrets, I think the story has a lot of very good elements and flows really well. Thanks so much for sharing your time and talent!

Tktk posted a comment on Wednesday 6th March 2019 7:05am for 48 - Post Voldemort

An excellent story! Loved every moment of it.

Shadowdog posted a comment on Tuesday 1st March 2016 1:57am for 48 - Post Voldemort

Great story. You did have room to add more stuffing (your Nim's friends comment) but you wrote a concise story that covered the wickets. You could've easily gone nuts and quadrupled the length just dealing with what you set up and fleshing out more details, but you got the important stuff and it turned out good. Now to hunt down more stories!

the_boona posted a comment on Friday 18th December 2015 6:53pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

BRAVO!!! In my opinion one of the better, if not the best, stories centring on a Harry/Tonks pairing. A forum recommendation brought me here, so I think it's best I sample some of your other works as soon as possible. Thank you for writing.

NatashaE posted a comment on Wednesday 15th April 2015 11:16pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

This was a great story. I really really enjoyed it. Good Job. :D :D

sylvelle posted a comment on Monday 23rd February 2015 3:59pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

I liked this story a lot. I wish Godric had not be banished right away, That a bit more time was given for the end.. BUt overall great story. I can now file as read.



Pennywise posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 1:28am for 48 - Post Voldemort

Awesome story. Always love a strong Harry/Tonks story.

gtgrouch posted a comment on Friday 1st August 2014 4:48pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

Fun and creative, well-worth your time!

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Thursday 5th June 2014 8:55pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

Pity about some of your mistake, I agree, but good job overall. *winks*

MattKennedy posted a comment on Thursday 24th April 2014 1:11pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

Most enjoyable story. I've not read many with the HP/NT pairing, but this was quite enjoyable. I also really liked your approach to the Heir of the Founder(s) idea. :D

HP-DG-SB posted a comment on Monday 20th January 2014 9:22pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

This was a great story. I really enjoyed reading it. I'm glad that I found it in the bottom list there. I'll have to see if there aren't anymore stories you wrote that might catch my interest. Thank you taking the time to write this story.


atymer posted a comment on Friday 10th January 2014 1:36am for 48 - Post Voldemort

Overall an exciting adventure with good humor mixed in. I enjoyed the Shacklebolt element and Harry getting serious training. I admit to be no Dumpy lover, canon or fanon. I expect he spent his later years as blind to reality as he desired to be. I was surprised at Snape's ending, I expected someone would have cursed him permanently right in front of Dumpy's eyes. But I suppose dying an old loud mouth ingrate was better than dead by Voldy's hands. lol Certainly Voldy bought the farm in a more believeable manner than canon. Thank you Crys

Jonn_Wolfe posted a comment on Friday 27th December 2013 7:11pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

Brilliant work. Extremely well written, and most satisfying to see how it all turned out. Love how Nym took him to Vegas before he changed his mind. LOL As I said. Brilliant work. =)

adafrog posted a comment on Sunday 14th July 2013 10:03pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

Great story. Loved it, thanks.

lordanubis6238 posted a comment on Friday 29th March 2013 5:03am for 48 - Post Voldemort

great story!

Man of Kent - Railwayman posted a comment on Monday 11th February 2013 4:51pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

A relly interesting story, I do think your extra ideas would have improved the story, but it was very enjoyable as it is, Thanks for writing this.

gara5289 posted a comment on Monday 4th February 2013 7:17pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

Despite the things you mentioned in your A/N i still feel this is a great story and definitely the best Harry/Tonks story i've found thats completed. Read this throughout the day at work when i had down time and i thought it was fantastic. This would be one of the few stories I'd actually love a rewritten version of, just for those small things you mentioned.

Crys replied:

thanks for the compliment.   No plans (or patience) to rewrite anything, though.

The Seeker posted a comment on Monday 28th January 2013 11:43pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

I've forgotten how many times I've read this classic, but it easily has withstood the test of time. While you commented about the threads you left out, I still think the story was packed with more than enough action, romance, poltics, wizarding history, exceptionally written action (regardless who actually supplied the details), wonderfully drawn secondary characters (Shack especially) and OCs, and the incredible Godric Gryffindor.

Thanks for all of this!

Crys replied:

glad you enjoyed the story.

And thank YOU for such a nice review.  

avalonchick5 posted a comment on Sunday 12th August 2012 3:19pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

A fabulously fantastic story. Very realistic, well-written characters and plot lines.

My thanks for such a wonderful tale.



stargenna posted a comment on Tuesday 11th October 2011 2:14pm for 48 - Post Voldemort

It is both sweet and somehow entertaining. The good guys won and bad guys were locked up. Fairy tale quality to it.

It is a nice break from some of the other HP stories. I still think it is weird to marry within the Black family after reading so many fics that HP is the 3rd cousin.