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Wanderer posted a comment on Monday 18th November 2019 2:59pm for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

You know... Some form of magical compulsion would explain Snapes behavior a hell of a lot better than anything short of some form of psychosis, given that it is such a narrow focus.

Cassandra30 posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2011 8:47pm for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

Maybe they should check Severus for charms, hexes etc placed by Tommy and Albus.

noylj posted a comment on Saturday 10th April 2010 3:34am for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

I know that I would want to remove my daughter from safety and put her in the abattoir known as Hoggy. Wouldn't any loving parent want the thrill of Hoggy over the safety of The Keep.

maddsloth posted a comment on Monday 22nd March 2010 5:09pm for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

"That was Auror Drake. I got the warning to him in time about the bad Wolfsbane. All of the werewolves have been contained. Several people got scratches,
- A man who happens to be a known Death Eater may have purposeful sabotaged a potion that left all werewolf’s in less than secure situations and very dangerous to any and all people anywhere near them but that is not grounds to question him with veritaserum? Your legal system may be more jacked up then even JKR’s legal system.

"I dunno. Whatever the problem, I plan on staying away from him for the rest of my life."
- Another case of extreme abuse and Harry like with the Dursleys Harry turn the other cheek, which cares if he helped kill your parents, assaulted, belittled, and helped attack, whenever he got the chance. Why is he so forgiving even a Priest would have thrown down the gauntlet by now. All your stories I have read are good, just Harry always seems to be a pushover when ‘push comes to shove’.

Anaknisatanas posted a comment on Wednesday 30th May 2007 2:05am for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

So was it deliberate? Will Snape be brought in for questioning? Clearly if it was deliberate something needs to be done. I also think that its too bad Shack and his family are leaving the Keep but I can understand his reasoning given that Laura should be around people her own age. Will Harry need to find another body guard though?

Crys replied:

Yes, no, I agree, and he doesn't need another one.

Snape did it deliberately, but no, he won't be punished (directly) for it.   Harry, OtoH, has already done more damage to the man that really hurts.   An injury to his prestige / standing / ego will hurt worse than any Cruciatus.   More on that in the new chapter that was just posted.

No need for more bodyguards.   Three was too many anyway, really.

Ezra'eil posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd May 2007 9:18am for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

That was good update soon

Ina posted a comment on Monday 30th April 2007 6:30am for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

The last two days I spent my time to re-read this story. I loved it (and at this time I'm favouring slash stories) and I'm wondering which way do you want to go. The "new twist" with Snape is something I'm curious about. And before I say something about the story-plot I'm asking for more...very soon, please?

Crys replied:

Glad you're enjoying it.

The next chapter is in process.   No promises on the timing.

Cynthia1850 posted a comment on Sunday 29th April 2007 9:26am for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

Wow, what a wonderful writer you are. This is one of the best stories. I am also so totally bummed because I have finally caught up to you. Now I have to wait like the rest of your hoo. I will definitely be watching this closely for more chapters.

Crys replied:

Glad you're enjoying it.   Next chapter is in process.

mathiasgranger posted a comment on Friday 27th April 2007 5:18pm for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

I like the story so far, and if Hermione can't be with Harry a quiet but intelligent Ravenclaw boyfriend suits her nicely.'ve paid him the proper attention...haha he is such an idiot. I like your Ginny and Neville...perhaps some Luna in the rest of the story?

Dumbledore might have poisoned Snape in an attempt to train Harry, and force Harry into who knows. Voldemort doesn't have a vested enough interest in that to least I wouldn't think so.

Thanks for writing,

Fenris Ulf posted a comment on Thursday 26th April 2007 2:30pm for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

Damn.. I ran out of chapters allreaddy? I just started this last night!! OK I think we need an update here. This story is great it's pretty cool seeing Harry as Lord Potter Black Gryffindor and Harry and Tonks together.

I can't wait to see what happens with Remus and I think snape got off to easy you should have let Tonks hit him some more :)

Crys replied:

Oh, I can't seriously hurt Snape.   I haven't finished abusing him yet.

Sorry, did I say that out loud?

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Wednesday 25th April 2007 4:34am for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

Interesting development. And certainly a good way of kicking Snape out of the castle...

Chris Harris posted a comment on Friday 20th April 2007 5:43pm for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

Awesome story i hope you update soon

grey_shadow_horse posted a comment on Friday 20th April 2007 6:13am for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

I really like this fic. It's one of the best HP/NT that I've read. I look forwards to read more, so I hope that you can update soon. ~greetz GSH~

in-kinsfire posted a comment on Wednesday 18th April 2007 11:28pm for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

Its interesting to see Harry's authority over the castle, but please be careful that it doesn't become a deus ex machina (or is that castla?). Having it be a partner is fine, but simply fixing problems left and right may not be. Something to think about, IMHO.

Please continue.

Crys replied:

Fear not, I don't plan on anything further with Harry ordering the castle around.

Thanks for the review.

SerendipitousNightcrawler posted a comment on Wednesday 18th April 2007 1:28am for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

First off, I'd like to thank you for the update. It came at the perfect time and offered a very nice distraction from everything that's been happening here in Virginia since Monday.

It would seem that you're going with an evil Snape in your story. I'm not sure what to think about this as I'd like to believe that, as much of a misguided, minipulitive old coot he can be, Dumbledore's still a good guy and wouldn't be that wrong about a person. But then again I guess there were the Pettigrew and fake-Moody instances. I'm curious which camp you're in regarding Snape's loyalties, but I think an email might be better suited for that. Either way, I find it hard to believe that he would deliberately botch the potion after having made it so many times for DD without incident. Certainly he would know that even if Harry died, somebody would know he did it on purpose and come after him. Snape maybe a greasy git, but he's not stupid and he'd never paint himself into a corner like that.

I agree that there's a great lacking of candidates for the Head Boy position in Harry's year, but I don't think that co-Head Girls would be a solution that any headmaster would choose simply because of the duties of the position requiring the need for a person of each sex in order to allow them to go places like dormitories and bathrooms, not to mention that I would assume that position is there for students to have a peer to go to to voice concerns in confidence that they might not be comfortable telling a teacher. Also, you mentioned earlier in the story that Ernie McMillian was taking up a leadership role in the DA, why is he not a viable candidate?

Lastly, I don't see why Minister Abbott would be so stubbornly against eliminating the dementors. I'm certain you have your reasons for it, but I must admit that I sense there might be something fishy going on behind the scenes, especially seeing how Percy Weasley seems to be getting so chummy with Abbott even after his staunch support of Fudge. If I didn't know any better, I'd think the had captured him and replaced him with a polyjuicer or something. But then again, maybe I'm just paranoid these days.

Anyway, keep up the good work, and I hope that RL is nicer to you in the next month or so while writing the next chapter.


Crys replied:

FWIW, you're welcome for the distraction.   Definitely national level news.   Wish I could say more about it, but nothing more really to say beyond the fact that VT has my condolences.

But enough about the depressing news.

I'll answer the question about Snape's loyalties here.   Please note that this is my personal opinion and not necessarily what direction the story will go.

I think he's playing both ends, truly loyal to neither.   He's in it for himself (the ultimate Slytherin trait).   No matter which side wins, he's going to be well regarded afterwards (or so he's planning).   The problem is the tightrope he must walk in the meantime.

Now, what direction the story goes with this is another question entirely.

As to why Snape is acting in a seemingly self-destructive fashion with regards to Harry:   That'll be explained by the end of the story.   Some theories were introduced in this chapter, though.

Head Boy: You're right that a student male authority figure would be generally needed.   But if nobody qualfies, what's AD to do?   Ernie may be a decent choice, but we don't know what kind of student he is.   He could be disqualified just on that count.  

Minister Abbott and the dementors: eliminating them altogether could be construed as genocide.   Nobody knows if they're sentient or not.

Percy: Sorry, you're seeing conspiracies on that one.   It really is Percy.   He's just trying to be the best officious Ministry drone that he can be.   Hey, everyone has to have a goal in life, right? :)

Thanks for the in-depth review.

brad posted a comment on Tuesday 17th April 2007 4:38pm for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

Enjoyable chapter, particularly the section highlighting the 'relationship' between Harry and Hogwarts.

Like Tonks and Harry, I feel there must be more to explain Snape's behaviour. posted a comment on Tuesday 17th April 2007 7:26am for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

Amazing chapter! I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter. No worries on how long it took you to update, I'm just happy you updated. I can't believe that slimy bastard Snape actually had the balls to do that, just another reason why I think Snape deserves to be hung upside down by his balls and then have the Crucio applied directly to his testicles before having his head Reducto'd! By the way you can use that bit for anybody in the story by all means. DO keep up the outstanding work and update soon please:):):):)

Meteoricshipyards posted a comment on Tuesday 17th April 2007 4:23am for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

Hehe, Snape gets away, leaving a chance for more Snape bashing.

Dumbles just doesn't get it. Totally blind. What an idiot. Soon he'll be kicked out of Hogwarts if he doesn't shape up.

Good story. Hope Shack and family are safe once they move out of Harry's house (part of the original reason they moved in, iirc)

Thanks for the story. Good job! Looking forward to more.

Tom A.

Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Monday 16th April 2007 11:21pm for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

Hmm, just makes me wonder about Snape now, even though I was glad that Harry had him put out, but then, it seems like so many people are single-minded. Snape concerning Harry, even after his "lessons" in OoTP, Albus in taking Snape's side almost blindly, it just goes on. I look forward to what might happen because of this,a nd how this will effect things at Hoggy's, as well as out in the rest of the wizarding world, though it was nice to see the other teachers finally decide that enough was enough concerning Snape

kainboa posted a comment on Monday 16th April 2007 11:17pm for 44 - Training and Wolfsbane

great chapter as usual, can't wait to see how it goes, i would love to find out exactly why snape hates harry so much, is it something riddle has put in him or is it just him being an idiot.

anyways keep up the great work :)