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Wanderer posted a comment on Monday 18th November 2019 2:20pm for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

Huh... Oh! " In accordance to the Hogwarts bylaws, " That explains Dumbles proper address, here was forced to! I have to admit being confused as to why the Hogwarts wards would not to keep the dementors out. Since they are known to be on the loose, this seems to be something that would be an enormously important defensive measure! Water under the bridge now, however I would have had the attack occur on a Hogsmeade weekend instead.

Shadowdog posted a comment on Tuesday 1st March 2016 12:35am for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

Well that letter is a change 0.o. scheme finding time! I haven't seen an attack or defense done quite like this before.

gtgrouch posted a comment on Friday 1st August 2014 12:54pm for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

Wow! A decent, cooperative action on the part of the Headmaster.

lordanubis6238 posted a comment on Friday 29th March 2013 2:28am for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

an interveiw with JK, done on March 24, 2008, she describes dementors a bit more and says that the can fly freely.

sylvelle posted a comment on Tuesday 29th January 2013 1:07pm for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

Well they float not walk and it must be across any surface since they left Azkaban. Just remembered something though the dementors high above the ground going after Harry during the a quidditch match.

Cassandra30 posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2011 8:35pm for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

<sniff> I do agree with Dumbledore here. I mourn for the lost but feel that their deaths belong to the DE's.

noylj posted a comment on Saturday 10th April 2010 2:54am for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

Snarky, thy name is Bumbles...

maddsloth posted a comment on Monday 22nd March 2010 5:17am for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

All in all nice chapter,

This is a funny way of doing things it seems you could literally kill ten thousand people and if it is your first conviction be sent to Azkaban, for future brake out. But if you kill one person go to Azkaban then escape and kill a second person you will get the kiss. Some people should be executed the first time around, if not all of them. I now it is odd arguing since it is fake but this is how we treat violent sex offenders, rape a 4 year old girl and get a slap on the wrist, rape and kill your next victim then you might be in trouble. But by your 5th conviction you may get life.

noylj posted a comment on Thursday 28th August 2008 11:43am for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

The DP should have also mentioned the excellent teacher Dolores Umbitch also contributed to the children being so effective at casting a Patronus--clearly she and Severus deserve special commendations (and, I hope, Harry delivers these "commendations" in person).

Crys replied:

Even the DP people aren't that screamingly stupid.

Harry single-handedly got Umbitch thrown into Azkaban (chapter 36).   Harry owns the DP (chapter 37).

If you're being ironic (which I think you are), I'd have to say that Harry revenged himself upon both Umbitch and Snape pretty well anyway.

mascot08 posted a comment on Tuesday 1st July 2008 8:25am for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

Hey, just wanted to say, great story, I am enjoying it a lot, well written. As for the dementors flying or not, well in the third movie, harry defending sirius against the dementors by the lake (time turner) you see them coming down from the sky as well as during the quidditch match were harry faint in the air, they are up their with him. Again great story

Crys replied:

Yep, the movie dementors flew, no question of that.   But I don't know any book evidence that they fly, and to do the "corraling" thing, I went with the "they're land-bound" theory.

Thanks for reviewing and glad you're enjoying it.

marcelhm posted a comment on Thursday 5th April 2007 12:22am for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

well I can honoustly say I'm realy liking this story, from the original pairing till the way hary gets more powerful but not omnipotent. and doesn't agree with dumbledore blindly but doesn't just personally attacks him. keep up the good work and I'll try and keep giving the reviews ^^

ps. the only part in this story that weirds me out are all the titles since lucius for instance never is adressed with his title in any of the books etc. on the other hand it does give this story that defining charactaristic

Arvin Betancourt posted a comment on Thursday 29th March 2007 9:10am for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

love this story, please update soon

yeehaw posted a comment on Saturday 17th March 2007 4:11am for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

Brilliant story, I really do hope you will update soon :) I really like the chemistry between the characters and if possible please put more Laura "moments" into the story :)

Zel posted a comment on Friday 16th March 2007 1:46pm for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

Lol, nice author's note... I agree, I don't think there is any proof in canon that say dementors can fly. This story is - is - absolutely squee worthy to say the least, lol. Great job! ~Zel*

Jake posted a comment on Wednesday 14th March 2007 10:10am for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

Hey, great story so far. I love stories where Harry comes into his own politically as well as magically and you've written it very well. Keep up the wonderful work and update soon!


Carol Layland-Veach posted a comment on Wednesday 14th March 2007 8:56am for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

Hwllo, I am an faithful fan of HP as well as being a retired English and History Teacher. I have to admid that I feel that this work is one of the best that I have read. I did not even see any dangling phrases. The plot is well constructed and well conceived offering as it does another whole concept of the HP universe. The only question I have is in your use of the word magician as opposed to the more formaal and explicit designation of Wizard. To me magician is an entertainer not a person who uses natural body electrical energies to manipulate the physical world around them. The manipulation of the physical aspects of the physical world is where the term Wizard applies most cogently. Please think about this and consider if perhaps wizardry is a plssibility in reality???
Most respectfully Carol Layland-Veach Teacber Emeritus.

Crys replied:

My use of the word "magician" is intentional, despite being non-canonical.

The word "wizard" has a gender bias.   "Magician" does not.

The "magician" you're thinking of, David Copperfield and the like, are actually illusionists.   You're correct, though, in that they're also commonly called "stage magicians".

I'm sorry if you can't get past my use of "magician" where nobody else seems to, but I'm trying to subtly tweek the nose of convention.   Why is it acceptable to refer to a group by a gender specific pronoun when a non-gender pronoun can be used?

Thanks for reviewing.

SerendipitousNightcrawler posted a comment on Monday 5th March 2007 7:25am for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

Great chapter, especially how well the DA worked together, not to mention that the other students obeyed them for all intents and purposes. Next thing you know they'll be using military hand gestures so as to avoid dealing with the Sonorus Charm.

As for Harry being Ginny's patronus, I have to admit that I don't care for that angle. Not that hers wouldn't have some tie to Harry, but rather that it's human rather than an animal. After all, Harry didn't know that James was an animigus, so why didn't he produce James rather than Prongs? Same thing with Tonks and Remus, her patronus was the werewolf, not the person. I think actually that JKR has said that patroni were animals/creatures, but I don't recall where. Maybe with Harry being the Heir of Gryffindor, her patronus could be a lion?

Other than that very insignificant detail though, I loved the chapter and I love the story and can't wait until the next update.

Anaknisatanas posted a comment on Tuesday 20th February 2007 4:18am for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

Finally Dumbledore doesn't use Harry's first name. I really liked this chapter a lot. It was interesting to see how everyone dealt with the Dementor attack.

vertru posted a comment on Thursday 15th February 2007 5:01pm for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

Hey Crys, this story just keeps getting better and better. Hadn't taken the time to catch up on it in quite a while, so I was several chapters behind times. I have to say you are doing very well with the story and staying as true to canon as possible given the limitations of being AU on some things. Quite well done. Thanks for the credit on the demise of Ripper, although I have to admit being envious of how you got even with Marge. Good one, that. Keep up the good work, you have a real winner going here.

Vern aka Herman Tumbleweed

Crys replied:

Hi, Vern.   Glad you're enjoying it.

That scene of "Rising Phoenix" (found here for those who are unfamiliar with Vern's story) was definitely worth the nod.

Thanks for the review.

Michael5 posted a comment on Wednesday 14th February 2007 5:50am for 43 - Attack on Hogwarts

Congrats, Crys. This is one of the more exciting storyline on fanfic re: Harry Potter. I am greatly enjoying it and several other authors as well.

Keep up the amazing work.

with gratitude,
Michael S Duffy
Los angeles