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Scion of Gryffindor
42 - Visit Hogsmeade

By Crys

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Harry / Tonks ship

Harry and Remus apparated onto the Hogsmeade train station platform with a pair of quiet pops.

"What time is the game?" Remus asked.

"One," Harry answered, glancing down at his watch.

Remus chuckled.   "Why do you wear that thing, anyway?   It's been broken for years, hasn't it?"

Harry shrugged self-deprecatingly.   "Habit?" he ventured with a grin.

Remus looked down at his own (functioning) watch.   "We have some time to kill.   Why not buy one?"

Harry looked around at the storefronts they were walking past, finally spotting a discreet jewelry store.   With Remus in tow, he walked in.

The bell over the door drew the attention of a cheerful looking witch who came out from a door behind the counter.   "Good morning, good sir.   You are well come to Banner's Jewels.   What can I do for you today?"   She smiled at both men in front of her.

Harry said, "I'd like to buy a new watch."

"Certainly, sir!" she said with overwhelming cheer.   She bustled over toward a counter and pulled a tray of watches out from under the glass counter.

Once Harry came over, he saw small, discrete pocket watches; full size pocket watches on heavy chains; thin wristwatches apparently designed for women; mid-sized wristwatches; and heavy wristwatches that looked like they could double as a battering ram if they needed to.   Looking at the three wristwatches that looked appropriate for male mortals to wear, Harry asked, "What options can they have?"

"Nothing much, I'm afraid, dear.   An Impervious Charm that has to be renewed once a year is the only one I can put on it for you."

Harry looked up at her in surprise.   "With all the advances in magic, I thought there would be something more.   I dunno, a portkey or a Shield Charm or something."

The look of confusion on the witch's face remained.  "Deary, where in the name of Merlin have you heard of such a thing?"

Harry blushed.   "Muggle idea to make watches have more stuff in them," he answered truthfully.   It was from Dudley's series of James Bond movies, but he didn't think that reference would make any sense to her.  

The look of confusion   on the witch's face cleared, and she gave a little chuckle.   "What will the muggles think of next?   No, I'm afraid I can't do any of what you're asking for.   A permanent Shield Ward requires a large anchor stone.   I suppose you could turn it into a portkey if you wanted to, but then again you could just as easily turn your glasses into a portkey.   That's assuming you know how to make them and don't care that the Ministry tries to regulate them, Lord-Baron."

"Call me Harry, please.   Well, since I can't put any exotic charms into it, I'll take this one."   He handed over a plain watch.

"Did you want to get something for Dora?" Remus asked from his spot near the door.

"Huh?" Harry asked.

"We're in a jewelry store, Harry," Remus said dryly.   "I just thought that buying your girlfriend something wouldn't be a bad idea."

Harry looked back over at the witch with an embarrassed grin.   "Uh . . ."

She laughed.   "Some jewelry, huh?"   She thought about it for a few seconds.   "Unless you're looking for rings . . ."   She trailed off with a grin.

Harry shrugged, completely unembarrassed by the implication.   "Not at the moment, thank you for asking."

Appearing mildly surprised at the response, she said, "Well, in that case, if this is the same Nymphadora Tonks I remember from her own Hogwarts days, she's a full metamorph with a penchant for changing her hair color, correct?"

Harry narrowed his eyes at her in suspicion.   "May I ask how you remember a student from a decade ago that well?"

She held up a hand.   "I assure you that I didn’t stalk her, dear.   We shopkeepers talk about the more . . . memorable students.   A full metamorphmagus is one."   She shot a sideways grin at Remus.   "A generation ago, it was a certain group of four Gryffindors who seemed to spend a lot of time in Hogsmeade outside of the student weekends."

Remus unsuccessfully fought his grin.

"More recently, it was that red-headed pair of mischief makers."   The witch's eyes moved to Harry.    "And, to be totally honest, dear, it's also been . . . well, you."

Harry sighed in resignation.   "Am I really that memorable?"

She shrugged.   "Well, dear, with your fame as the Boy Who Lived on top of the Death Eater captures over the summer, you must admit that you're certainly well known."

Harry's lips twisted into an aggravated look.

She grinned, a sly, teasing look.   "That, and Rosmerta says you have the most captivating eyes."

Harry's eyes went very big.   He wasn't the only student at Hogwarts who'd had a mild crush on the friendly, voluptuous witch proprietor of The Three Broomsticks.

Remus and Madam Banner laughed at Harry's expression, causing him to blush spectacularly.

Taking pity on the young wizard, Banner said, "Unfortunately, I don't have anything that can change color based on hair color, but I do have a pair of earrings that can change according to the color of the dress."

Skin tone returning to normal, Harry asked, "If there's a charm for changing by dress color, why not hair color?"

"Most witches don't change their hair color often enough to make it worthwhile."

"Buy a plain pair," Remus suggested from the door.   "We can use this as a charms project."

Harry nodded and ended up buying several pieces of plain jewelry in addition to the watch he'd picked out earlier.

Just after one, Harry and Remus made their way toward the Gryffindor seating area in the Hogwarts quidditch pitch.

The first friends Harry found were Neville and Hannah, sitting exactly at the boundary between the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff seating area.

Harry laughed as he slid into a seat behind Neville.   "Hey, you two."

Both of them twisted around.   "Harry!   Oh and Professor Lupin!" Hannah said.

Remus smiled at her.   "It was almost three years ago since I was your professor, Miss Abbott.   Please, I'm Remus or Mr. Lupin."   He turned to Neville.   "The same with you, Mr. Longbottom."

Neville gave him a little smile.   "Yes, s - Mr. Lupin."   His grin got bigger.   "Have you been keeping Harry out of trouble?"

Remus grinned as Harry gave his former roommate an evil look.   "Alas, no.   Despite my best efforts, he manages to find more trouble than I can keep him out of."

Harry rolled his eyes as the two students snickered.   "How've you two been?   Hannah, how's your dad doing?"

She answered, "What little I've heard from Dad is that he's overwhelmed but getting a handle on it.   Apparently, the amount of pure trivia that comes to the Minister's desk is impressive in a frightening kind of way."

"That's what department heads are for, isn't it?"

She nodded.   "Seems that Fudge wanted to keep control of everything, though.   He wanted at least a copy of ALL proposals to hit his desk, even if it only affected a two man department."

"Talk about a micro-manager," Harry muttered.

Hannah overheard it and nodded.   "He was.   Anyway, Dad's getting the procedures changed, so it’s getting better, but in the meantime, he’s had to deal with memos such as what kinds of memories are appropriate to give to a muggle after obliviation when a biting teacup is confiscated."

"Yikes," Harry sympathized.   "Well, I originally came to speak with Hermione and watch the game."

Neville pointed to the far side of the Gryffindor seating.   "She and Kevin are over there somewhere."

Harry nodded.   "Thanks.   Take care, you two."

Making their way toward the general area that they'd been directed to, Harry and Remus waved and had a friendly word with a few dozen students they knew.   They were both warmed by the friendly greetings they received.   They finally spotted the couple they were searching for and slipped into seats behind them.   "Hey," Harry said.

Both of them were clearly startled.   Jumping apart from their close huddle, Hermione stood, drew her wand, and spun in one fluid motion.   Kevin merely craned his neck around and looked.

Harry smiled at her reaction.   "Very good."

She gave him a sour look as she put her wand away.   Her face melted into a smile and she leaned over to give him a hug.   "Harry!   How have you been?   Oh, and thank you for the compliment, Professor Potter."

Harry laughed as he hugged her back.   "I'm good.   Decided to take a break, and my minders let me come to catch some quidditch."

"We are not your minders, Harry," Remus said mildly.

"Who was it who said I couldn't come to Hogwarts without a guard?" Harry asked.

"Kingsley.   I'm not here to keep you safe.   I'm here to watch Gryffindor beat Hufflepuff."

Harry rolled his eyes.   He knew Remus was present at least as much to be a bodyguard as a fan.   He understood the necessity even if he chafed at it.

Distracting her friend from his darkening thoughts, Hermione said, "Harry, I'd like to formally introduce you to Kevin Entwhistle.   Kevin, Harry Potter."

Harry smiled and shook the Ravenclaw's hand.   "How have you two been doing?"

Hermione brightened.   Kevin did as well, in a slightly more self-conscious way.   "We're doing well," Hermione said, smiling momentarily at her boyfriend.   "Studying with a Ravenclaw is so much easier.   Kevin can help me on some of the problems, and I don't have to nag at him to study like -"   She abruptly snapped her mouth shut and turned a bright red.

Harry laughed.   "Like your two male chums of past years?" he asked with a grin.

Still blushing, Hermione nodded.   "Honestly, yes.   Sorry about that, Harry, but -"

Harry shook his head and gently cut her off.   "Don't worry about it.   You were right.   You did have to nag at us to study."

A smile flitted at the corners of her mouth for a moment.   "Yes, well, studying with Kevin is . . . easier.   Not only do I not have to force him to do his homework, but studying with your boyfriend has certain other benefits."

Harry grinned and wiggled his eyebrows in an overly theatrical manner.   "I know what you mean.   My girlfriend is one of my tutors, remember?"

She laughed, sitting and snuggling back up to the warmth that Kevin provided.   "See, you do understand the value of proper motivation."

"Do I really want to hear this?" Remus asked without taking his eyes off of the game.

"No," Harry cheerfully admitted.   "Sorry, Remus, but Tonks has methods available to her that you, I'm afraid to say, simply do not.   At least where I'm concerned."

Hermione and Remus chuckled.

Kevin finally spoke up.   "You're not what I was expecting, Mr. Potter."

Harry quirked an eyebrow at him.   "Were you expecting some dark and broody teen with a case of rampaging schizophrenia?   Or was I supposed to be the avenging 'Chosen One'?   Or maybe the rebellious leader of the illegal D.A.?"

The Ravenclaw sixth year ducked his head a little.   "Um, all three, I suppose.   I see your point, though."

Harry nodded.   "Good.   Then I don't need to convince you that I'm a regular teen, right?"

Hermione and Remus both made rude noises.

"Quiet, you two," Harry admonished without bothering to look for the smiles the pair were wearing.

Kevin was trying to fight a grin himself.   "Not quite normal in the same way I am, but I think I see what you're saying."

"Oh, you're not normal," Harry disagreed cheerfully.   "Anyone normal couldn't have caught the eye of our fair Hermione.   Speaking of that, you, Hermione, have some explaining to do.   I hear from Ginny that you're dating someone?   How come you didn't tell me and have me vet him?"

She gave Harry a stern look.   "You do not have to vet him, as you so quaintly put it.   I'm perfectly capable of picking a boyfriend without your input, thank you.   As for the timing," she paused for a moment, "we weren't exactly on good terms right then."

Harry nodded, face solemn.   "Okay, I'll give you that one.   But I do, too, have to check him.   You don't have a big brother around so the job falls to me."

Remus was silently laughing and shaking his head by this point.   Kevin looked somewhere between amused and concerned.

"Need I remind you that I'm older than you are?   And secondly, I need your permission, do I?" Hermione finished archly.

"Not at all.   I just want to make sure he's good enough for you," Harry answered promptly.

Hermione relaxed a fraction.   Instead of responding to his comment, she asked, "And the age difference?"

Harry pulled himself erect and let a little magic bleed into his voice.   "Being Lord-Baron Potter-Gryffindor-Black doesn't counter a mere ten and a half months?"

She tried, and failed, to look outraged.  

He just looked at her calmly for a moment before turning to Kevin.   "I don't need to threaten to give you a good thumping if you hurt her in any way, do I?"

As Kevin was frantically shaking his head, Remus shook his head.   "Harry, stop trying to give poor Mr. Entwhistle a coronary."

Hermione finally broke down laughing.   Kevin looked at his girlfriend as if she'd just betrayed him.

Harry relaxed, an easy grin coming to the fore.   "Don't worry, Kevin.   Hermione is laughing at me, not you.   She knows I'm just teasing the both of you."

Kevin appeared to consider the words for a moment and finally nodded to Harry.   He turned to Remus and blatantly changed the subject.   "Good afternoon, Professor Lupin.   How've you been?"

"I'm doing well, Mr. Entwhistle.   How about yourself?"

As Remus and Kevin started talking, Harry asked Hermione, "Seriously, how're you doing?"

She smiled.   "Really, Harry, I'm good.   I'm discovering what Parvati so colorfully phrased as 'The joys of discovering that boy plus girl can equal fun'.   Better yet, my grades aren't suffering for it.  Between classes, Kevin, and D.A., I'm keeping busy enough.   How about you?"

"Doing good.   I'm learning things that are more directly useful, and I'm having fun doing it."

"How so?"

"Shack lets me pick what potion we're doing and the topic once a week.  Tonks and I duel often as not instead of spending all our time figuring out how to avoid red caps."

"The rest of our education is important too, you know, Harry," Hermione admonished.

"But a little less immediately needed in my case," he pointed out.

"Well, true."

The four chatted idly as they watched the remainder of the quidditch game.   It was a fun, clean game, and the Gryffindors, despite having a mediocre team, were steadily outscoring the relatively young and inexperienced Hufflepuffs.   Ginny, again playing as the Gryffindor seeker, finally caught the snitch to finish the game.

Harry was standing and applauding when he first felt it.   Even for late March, it was suddenly too cold.

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