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Wanderer posted a comment on Sunday 17th November 2019 1:02am for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

That was a fantastic chapter, incredibly full and fun!

The Black Family dynamics are entertaining as heck, and the realignment of Potter and Black fortunes is always a cool background arc.

The timing of all of this, right as the kids are going back to school, is both good (getting them out of harms way) and dangerous (they aren't there yet).

I'm guessing the political fighting with the supposed ally wudgy is going to come to an end, lucy will be pissy and probably try to use his bowlerness to strike out as a distraction from the real attack, though I haven't worked out what that will be, unless it's his friends pre-Hogwarts or between the train and the castle...

I do wonder what the jr. deez will do when they cannot enter the castle? For that matter, it will be interesting to see what manner that 'denial' takes.

noylj posted a comment on Thursday 8th December 2011 7:57pm for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

If a basilisk fang is only good for dark magic, then shouldn't a phoenix feather only be good for light magic?
Personally, it should always be the intent of the magical.
The core is simply a focus/conductor.

Cassandra30 posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2011 5:36pm for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

What a terrific day. I agree. this is potentially the most powerful Family the Wizarding World has seen in a long time.

flammingbutter posted a comment on Sunday 8th February 2009 12:36am for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

not to be mean but u made harry into a pussy.
no guys act this way that i know im sorry but its the truth. good plot line though just man him up a bit

Tammy Driver posted a comment on Thursday 3rd July 2008 6:34pm for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

If you need a plot bunny, you can use this one. Due to Harry's status as Lord-Baron Potter-Black, and Lord Gryffindor, he gets buried in marriage proposals/contracts.

dougal74 posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd June 2008 7:32am for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

great chapter

Mariposa posted a comment on Wednesday 29th March 2006 4:10am for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

I loved the Snargtooth's last comment! Great chapter! They are really fleshing out nicely now :o)

Aurilia posted a comment on Tuesday 28th February 2006 8:25pm for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

"I think," the goblin answered slowly, "that I'm watching the beginnings of potentially the most powerful wizarding family in the world."

I quite agree.


Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Monday 13th February 2006 10:29am for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

Ch.22 - - The whole New Black Family to rule the wizarding world is a great idea. For the first time, I really like Nacissa in a fic.

Congrats on a great tale!

atlantis-rob posted a comment on Monday 19th December 2005 2:21pm for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

Wow! That was a great twist in brining cissy and andy on as advisors though I do worry abit about their attitude towards harry and tonks relationship but I don't think that harry would just roll-over about it. Excellent job on the meetings and wow! The focus is such a great idea! Cheers!

Robert McCurry posted a comment on Thursday 15th December 2005 12:00pm for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

Great story do far, please keep the story coming:
And Just to tell you Harry And Tonks Sroties are some of my favorites:

hpfan_4life posted a comment on Tuesday 13th December 2005 6:29pm for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

Awesome update. Can't wait for the next one.

Jason Karr posted a comment on Monday 12th December 2005 11:48am for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

Is Harry going to have to have more than one wife. If so Ginny and Tonks look like the top choices. Hermione might be the mistriss, just a thought.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Monday 12th December 2005 11:22am for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

Narcissa is the *least* detailed of the Blacks(Bellatrix has more *recent* detail written about her; however, I have my own suspiscions about its veracity) and she may have been chewing over this item for a few years (Narcissa herself mentioned being close to Sirius while the two were at Hogwarts); notice Andromeda's own LACK of surprise over Narcissa's comments. Nobody knows how any conversations Narcissa and Draco may have had while Lucius has been in the holding cells may have gone (neither have told, and Harry, so far, hasn't asked). However, something Draco said may give a rather poignant clue: Draco said that his *father*, not Narcissa, was the major influence on Life At Malfoy Manor. (Narcissa herself appears to confirm this later, in a totally UNrelated conversation regarding Family Black business.) Given that, why would Draco necessarily be loyal, to ANY degree, to Narcissa? Let's look at exactly the situation Draco is in: the one person with the greatest influence on his life is in jail. His mother, who has been pretty much a figurehead, is, at minimum, seriously considering divorcing his dad (again, the Major Influence) and going back to HER family, which is now headed by his own Major Enemy, who ALSO happens to be the person responsible for his father being locked up. Meanwhile, that selfsame Major Enemy drops on him several bombshells concerning his dad's boss. Under normal circumstances, Draco would, of course, take such info with a rather large MINE of salt; however, he realizes that as much as as he and Harry have feuded with each other, Harry has NEVER lied to him, either directly or by omission. Segue to now. His mum has indeed divorced daddy and gone back to her family, daddy is STILL in the pokey, and he has not been able to poke so much as ONE hole in ANY of the information Harry dropped on him. This is putting Draco Malfoy in a World Class Spot.

The Resident posted a comment on Monday 12th December 2005 12:26am for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

Still excellent. I really enjoy the social interactions going on. Harry is grown up in many ways and still an innocent in many others. You are maintaining the balance nicely. Keep up the good work as I am eagerly awaiting the next update. -grin-

brad posted a comment on Sunday 11th December 2005 10:48pm for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

I found myself almost laughing out loud on just the second page. Your description of that-which-transpired-to-be-named 'Owl' - coloured purple, resigned hoot, bracing itself - was excellent. Out of all the HP minor characters I guess the twins are the ones that are most misused - or overdone - but Owl struck me as being something *exactly* that they'd do. That section tickled me something fierce.

The bit with Draco *seemed* out of character, in contrast with the brat we know from canon ... but maybe I could see that happening, if he got a big enough shock and could *think* his way out of his emotional kneejerk reactions to Harry.

The fight with Ron seemed a bit contrived; in Harry's eyes he had less to answer for than Hermione - just not telling him that they were together, jeeze, is that all? - and yet Harry comes out with both guns blazing. And while I'm glad that Hermione apologised I'm pretty miffed at Harry here ... I don't like this Harry much. Hermione went at least half-way, but Harry just stayed right where he started, didn't budge in the slightest from the starting line. Condescending bloody behaviour. Must have been so hard for Hermione not to rub his face in all the times that he's been proven WRONG in the past. I still think her behaviour was largely warranted, or at least understandable, from her side.

And Ginny's not doing much to help her mutual friends reconcile, is she? She could have been the ideal intermediary, facilitating a settlement between them. On the other hand, in his current state of arrogance, Harry would probably end up tossing her aside as well.

I also find it difficult to believe Narcissa's switching sides just like that. Putting to one side the key question of her integrity (do we actually see her in canon? I've forgotten) and whether she is actually 'evil' or not, I find it very hard to believe that she could abandon her son like that, willingly fleeing the Malfoy manor while leaving Draco behind. And five seconds later behaving with perfect composure at Gringotts. Didn't seem real to me at all.

Still looking forward to see what happens with the wards at Hogwarts! And I hope Harry does reconcile in the end with his best mates ... it'd be nice if Hermione came back and rubbed his nose in the fact that little Mr. Baron/lord Perfect isn't quite as blameless or untarnished as he thinks he is. Hmmmph.

Terry Swain posted a comment on Sunday 11th December 2005 6:49am for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

Great chapter. :)

Donald Deutsch posted a comment on Saturday 10th December 2005 6:53pm for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

Very good story so far. I can't wait to read more of it. Keep up the good work.


Puck1 posted a comment on Saturday 10th December 2005 3:50pm for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

Interesting and wonderful story.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Saturday 10th December 2005 2:10pm for 22 - Aug 31 pt 2

Good story.