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Wanderer posted a comment on Saturday 16th November 2019 10:34pm for 12 - More Aftermath

Wow... so you're going the "fuck up the kids' relationships" route. cool... not. I mean, it would be ok if Harry were acting like a normal kid in most other circumstances, except he's clearly not.

Over-emotional with the people you love/like/trust is a thing though... I dunno, guess I'll see what's what.

The werewolf law is something that Dumbles knew about in advance and not only did nothing about, but didn't bother to tell Remus about. Score 1000 for Evil!Dumbles! That shitsack isn't worth the spit to extinguish when someone finally sets him on fire.

Cassandra30 posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2011 4:13pm for 12 - More Aftermath

Can Harry do anything about that? After all he has votes in the Wizengamot as Potter, Black and Gryffindor.

Andrius posted a comment on Wednesday 20th April 2011 10:05pm for 12 - More Aftermath

Nice chapter. Hermione feels a little out of character though. I'd never imagine the canon Hermione "retaliating" like that, seems more like a hotblooded Weasley trait or something.

dougal74 posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd June 2008 5:05am for 12 - More Aftermath

good chapter

Adriana Lant posted a comment on Saturday 30th September 2006 2:12pm for 12 - More Aftermath

Poor Remus! Jeez, Harry burst, huh? I personally thought Tonks' joke was funny. No hidden meaning? My fingers just un-crossed themselves. What happened to her crush? I guess she just gave up. Mushrooms? Bunnies? Why does Ginny keep asking about the wooing? Is she hoping, 'cause I'll join! Tell Sally to feel better! Awesome Chapter (Harry yelling is pretty fun to read)! Keep writing!

Kiritsu posted a comment on Wednesday 1st March 2006 1:20am for 12 - More Aftermath

*gathering explosives*
excuse me while I go destroy the ministry

story is awesome, I'm gonna go read more now

Aurilia posted a comment on Tuesday 28th February 2006 6:23pm for 12 - More Aftermath


See earlier comment about Hermione.


Kill 'em all and let the gods sort it out!

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Monday 13th February 2006 7:21am for 12 - More Aftermath

Ch.12 - - Someone may not have thought they declared war on Harry, but he will certainly now declare war on the person(s) with the werewolf law.

I am not sure I like the fight between H & Hr, but it is a good plot device and interesting to follow.

I cannot see where the Ginny or Tonks things are going.

Great fic.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Saturday 10th December 2005 4:41am for 12 - More Aftermath

Fudge is such a git, needs to be replaced.


Rowan Mikaio posted a comment on Monday 7th November 2005 9:19am for 12 - More Aftermath

48 greats?

there were 47 earlier [yes, I counted too ;)]

I'm really enjoying this so far

Eric Prenovost posted a comment on Monday 26th September 2005 4:09am for 12 - More Aftermath

I'm really enjoying your story so far. Very well put together, and quite engrossing. I've lost count of the number of times that I've read through it, each time eagerly hoping for another addition. Please keep up the good work.

M. R. Moore posted a comment on Sunday 25th September 2005 6:16am for 12 - More Aftermath

you could always do what i did to fudge. I had his 'secretary' let an assassin into his office, shot him 3 times in the chest. (evil grin) It was fun.

Machiavelli Jr posted a comment on Sunday 25th September 2005 1:45am for 12 - More Aftermath

Ouch, angst^a. Harry still has style, even if his temper is going beyond dangerous in the direction of suicidal. No point making ordinary enemies I suppose, he has to aim for the biggest and best. Ministers, Headmasters, seniors of every variety and one of two with sufficient brains, attitude and sheer righteous indignation to kick his sorry tail from here to Halifax. The Heir thing is much, much better done than usual; I like Godric already. Remus spot on, Tonks even better, Ginny welcome for comic relief and Dumbledore a mystery, but a good one so far. I don't think he's *that* bad, yet. A brave fan to keep battering now - it's amazing how few are willing to besmirch the dead. Even if they never lived. I love it, keep going, update soon

Bobmin365 posted a comment on Sunday 25th September 2005 12:15am for 12 - More Aftermath

Well I'm slowly working my way through the multichapter stories on fanficauthors and this one isn't bad. I liked the chapter lengths in your unknown powers better than here. These chapters seem a shorter.

Can't wait for the next update :)

John posted a comment on Friday 23rd September 2005 11:46am for 12 - More Aftermath

The Ministry is in soooo much trouble.

Greg posted a comment on Friday 23rd September 2005 10:25am for 12 - More Aftermath

Ouch, a Werewolf law! That's gonna piss Harry off. :-) Keep up the good work and update again soon.

Rachael posted a comment on Friday 23rd September 2005 4:55am for 12 - More Aftermath

What a great chapter in an already excellent story! I love the new option to leave you a review without having to jump back on the yahoo group. I can't wait to see what the new site looks like!

Excellent update, but as usual, too short for my liking ;) I wish they'd be 3 times as long, but that's just me.

Poor Harry. It was inevitable that he crack under the pressure sooner or later, and I like the way you had him handle it, and apologizing to everyone later. I can't wait to see what happens with this new werewolf law...pissed!Harry is sure to make another appearance (US "pissed", not UK"pissed" ;) )

Great work, and I hope it's not long before cpt. 13!

B134 posted a comment on Friday 23rd September 2005 3:58am for 12 - More Aftermath

Is Harry going to realize that the advice Hermoine gave, though somewhat arrogantly phrased, was good? That he was feeling depressed and most of Hermoine's requests when she feels strongly about something are worded as imperatives? That her actual demand was that he find someone to talk to about how he feels, seeking professional attention only if he could not trust those around him or Hermoine herself?

Finally, why do so many writers feel sorry for the werewolves? I'm not sure what making them check in, but not detaining them, is supposed to accomplish. Locking them down during the full moon and killing any that refuse would eliminate (or reduce to near zero) the number of new bites. In a generation it could eliminate the curse in the country. It may be demeaning to current werewolves but it could save countless others from getting the curse or dying in werewolf attacks. At the very least, the punishment for creating another werewolf or killing a human while a werewolf should be death (or life with the dementors, but death seems more humane).