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James Barber posted a comment on Friday 26th January 2007 9:05am for Immortal MacKenzie

Oh that was good, extremely well written! I loved JAG, the first season with harm and Meg flirting was good (and tracey needham in khakis WHOA!) but harm and mac I kept wondering for years when they would finally get together and damn it they got together right at the very end of the series. Why couldnt they of had maybe a secret love affair going, keeping it quite so to speak so they could still work together that would of been suspenseful! but no they had to wait until the very last second and then they still left us guessing who resigned and who didnt!

Crys replied:

Meg was a nice character, but the Harm/Mac chemistry was much better.   And the "young and spunky sidekick" part was filled by Bud after Meg left.   I agree with you on her, but what they ended up with was better in the long run, IMO.

Of course they left us guessing.   This way, they can either make a movie to answer that question, or maybe a follow up series / spin-off (I actually expected one the next season, but alas it didn't happen).   Nor have any of the characters ever showed up in NCIS episodes, either.

One thing, though: Mac's offer was in San Diego, which is where Harm's mother lives, isn't it?   Who the hell do they know in London?

Thanks for reviewing.

kainboa posted a comment on Wednesday 27th December 2006 3:56pm for Immortal MacKenzie

great story, although i don't know all the bagground stuff about JAG, i do know enough to understand most of what's going on, and i would love to see this taken a bit further, fx. have Harm witness an immortal challange Mac and the subsequent fight, then have Mac try and explain about The Game.

hope to see more of this