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Author Notes:

I'd like to welcome "hga" as my new beta.

Dream Journal of Harry J Potter

Ostentatious title, huh?

Well, I figure that even Hermione wouldn't be able to fault the accuracy of the title this way.

Yes, this is my one and only dream journal.

I know, I know.   I've been told before to keep a dream journal.   Trelawney, the fraud, did.   Snape, the bastard, did.   Even Madam Pomfrey did, though at least in her case it was for my good and not hers.

I think she was worried about my mental health.

Can't blame her, really.

Cuz I am, too.

Well, not any more, so much, but back then . . .

Where was I?

Dream journal.   Right.

I'll be writing down the more interesting dreams in here.

Well, interesting of the "Wow, that was strange but still interesting to read about later." variety.   As opposed to the visions (I wrote those down, too, but those aren't dreams).   Or the standard Cedric, Sirius, Dumbledore, Dursley, or Voldemort nightmares.   Or the dreams that I've been told that most teenaged guys get.

The one with Padma, Susan, Hannah, Cho, and Daphne (why the bloody hell was Greengrass in that one?) with a large bottle of extra-dark Honeyduke's chocolate sauce, for instance.

No, I think I'm going to keep that dream to myself.

Anyway, these dreams that I'm going to be writing down.   Not all of them are happy, and not all are depressing.   I'm writing them down because they're interesting.   Well, at least I think so.

Incidentally, I understand that many people try to relate their dreams as being "fuzzy" or "hazy" or some such.   Mine aren't.   Does that make me strange, or everyone else?

Anyway, the timeframes are all over the place.   In some I'm younger, some I'm older.   In some cases I know more than I did at the time.   In some I'm not surprised to see people alive who shouldn't be.

You know, the general "in a dream, everything seems normal no matter how impossible it actually is" stuff.   So don't cry to me that such and such a thing can't happen.   I KNOW most of this can't happen.

Doesn't mean I can't dream it, though, right?

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Author Notes:

This story is going to be my own little bunny hutch.   Each chapter will be completely independent of the others.   If someone wants to adopt one of them, just give a shout.