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Houseki posted a comment on Thursday 25th December 2008 3:54am

this is the best story i have ever read with a Harry/Padma Patil pairing and the best story that uses parallel universe for the good of keeping harry from getting stuck with ****heads er Dursleys

lipasnape posted a comment on Thursday 6th November 2008 10:42pm

Excellent story. Rich, witty, light and hopeful. Great indeed. Off to read the sequel that somebody else wrote.

Zevrillion posted a comment on Tuesday 19th August 2008 8:53am

Interesting story.

Delcera posted a comment on Thursday 10th July 2008 7:20am

That was impressive, Crys. It's a shame that you have no plans for continuing this, but that doesn't make it any less of a good story.

Nice work.

mahaffe posted a comment on Monday 5th May 2008 11:32am

You say his history changed and he is still the same...while if true, why had his body changed from the one day to the next?

Crys replied:

His body didn't change (he was surprised when he saw the mirror), but his memory and magic did change.

Think of it as a computer.   Just rewriting the the hard-drive won't change the external box or monitor, but it'll change the way it thinks and what it can do.

Prongs1977 posted a comment on Wednesday 9th April 2008 1:35pm

Timeline, consider the movie "the butterfly effect" (which you brilliantly described here). Evan changed the past deliberately, so he remembered both timelines, but the original was stronger. He didn't split where there were more than one of him, history changed around him, leaving him feeling as if he were a different person than people knew, this is a wonderful "HP and the Butterfly Effect" fic. Mind if I write a story based on the idea?

Crys replied:

It sounds more like you're wanting to write a "HP & the Butterfly Effect" than an extension of "Different Timelines".   If that's the case, I certainly have no cause to stop you.   I'd feel honored with a "received inspiration from" kinda credit, but I can't demand such.

If you're more looking to expand on this story, then I have no problem with you doing so as long as you link back to this one as the original source.   Oh, and give me the completed URL when you post so I can read it for myself.

Glad you enjoyed it/

Lyco-X posted a comment on Saturday 8th December 2007 10:11am

well I have to say that whatever happened. Did Harry a huge favor.

BJH posted a comment on Friday 21st September 2007 8:12am

Oh, this leaves so many paths open for bunnies, let me see if I can tempt you with some:

1) Harry was sent across time by Voldemort, right? So it is logical to assume that Tom came along too. How will he react to finding himself once again disembodied? He did the whole time thing to rid himself of Harry but instead he is again nothing but smoke. No imagine that when the Aurors try to investigate Barty Jr, Sr tries to hide him and he escapes. He flees to Albania and comes to Tom's aid. The Ministry, finding nothing at Sr's home decides that everything Harry has to contribute is worthless and doesn't follow any more leads. Voldemort raids Azkaban and finding Lucius mad, possesses his body and returns to power. Now it is once again Albus and Harry fighting against him. They seek out the Horcruxes and use a betraying Snape to track down the last one.

2) Parvati dislikes Harry because he rejected her asking him for a date to the Yule ball and then going with her less attractive bookworm sister. Finding out thatt Harry doesn't remember why she is angry she makes up a story to try to break up Padma and Harry.

3) If you want to get a bit smutty... I noticed you had a few interactions between Sirius and Alice that hints that they are more than friends. What if the last two Marauders share everything? What if Lily is Sirius' child and not Remus'?

Sound interesting?


hjdevnull posted a comment on Friday 21st September 2007 7:39am

Hahaha, awesome. The only thing I didn't like was that I felt everyone came to a conclusion and Harry trusted the others too quickly, but that didn't detract from my enjoyment of the story at all. Thought it was pretty brilliant. I definitely like the reaction of Ron to the new Harry.

Wish you'd continue it, but you're certainly entitled to write what moves you. Rock on.

dave gerecke posted a comment on Friday 10th August 2007 9:25pm

Like the story and have ree-read it several times

Steven Augart posted a comment on Tuesday 7th August 2007 2:20pm

I still love this story. I keep it bookmarked and read it when I want cheering up.

Ilove your wry humor when you write: "Vernon Dursley, Death Eaters, and assorted other evil types", lumping Vernon in with the Death Eaters.

A suggestion: You write "pureblood-over-all-overs". You want "pureblood-over-all-others".

I would have found it funnier (although probably would've required a different rating) if in "I happen to know that you give FANTASTIC kisses.",he'd said "blow jobs" instead of "kisses" :)

Crys replied:

Typo fixed.   Thanks for pointing it out.

Kisses versus blow-jobs: Yeah it would be more humorous (and suggestive!) but I wanted to keep my rating down.

Glad you enjoyed the story.

Steven Augart posted a comment on Sunday 5th August 2007 3:40pm

This is one of my favorite pieces of fanfic. I've liked it for a long time.

I just found it via a full Google Web search.

Crys replied:

Had to do a web search to find it?   I thought I had a pointer at FFN to come here.   And I've been "here' for a couple years now.

Either way, thanks for finding me again.   And glad you enjoyed the fic!

Fenris Ulf posted a comment on Saturday 21st April 2007 10:08am

Wow this story was great! My only complaint is it isn't longer :)

Great oneshot!


FriskyPixie posted a comment on Wednesday 18th April 2007 8:38am

Okay. First off, this was a GREAT story! really GREAT, lol. I loved the change of events and the different people. I am sad, probably like everyone else, lol, that there is no sequal, but I'm really happy to have read the story. You're very good.

gadriam posted a comment on Tuesday 27th March 2007 2:38am

This was bloody brilliant! [insert sequeldemand here] Now i'm off to read everything you've written. I like your style!


Ivy_Snowe posted a comment on Monday 19th March 2007 1:54pm

So, to follow the norm. Sequel? Either way I'm going to read the one you mentioned. This was brilliant. I love altered timelines where Harry remembers the other one. Cheers.


theform posted a comment on Saturday 17th February 2007 3:38pm

ah. great stuff indeed. and since you've allready addressed the two questions i have in mind, I feel there's nothing more to write. Perhaps a question about your doing any other AUs. Are you going to write more AUs?

Crys replied:

I have a HP/Clancy cross floating around in my head, but no promises on whether it gets written.  

As for AU's more like this one?   No bunnies currently, but I'm not going to commit myself in either direction.

lorddwar posted a comment on Tuesday 30th January 2007 10:48pm

I like this story. I would like a sequel should it come to you, but who am I to ask, huh?

Crys replied:

*laugh*   I won't ask you if you don't ask me.   Deal? :)

In the end A/N, there's a link to a sequel written by Veraklon.   Much different in tone, but I think it is interesting what another author would do with the AU I started.

izoomzoom posted a comment on Tuesday 9th January 2007 6:08am

Good switcheroo thingy. It's not unlike the timetravel/switch that "Back to the Future" did. Same people just that the realities were different. Kind of a single threaded timeline rather than the infinite simultaneous timelines like the Star Trek episodes and other time-travel stories.

I'll have to check out "Different Timeline" because you do leave things incomplete esp. w/ the JKR's Horcrux storyline - basically you move the Voldemort battle out several years. I doubt it would happen now since this Harry would know about the Horcruxes and can work with Sirius and Dumbledore to eliminate them before the specter that is Voldemort can come back.

Keep on writing!

Silo posted a comment on Saturday 23rd December 2006 3:28am

sweer update