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Disstance posted a comment on Saturday 12th September 2009 8:01am for Ambush and Prank

How can every single character be so completely stupid?

scribbler posted a comment on Saturday 12th September 2009 6:10am for Ambush and Prank

Really good chapter :) I was delighted to see how everything worked out - though I would really love to see Draco killed in some horrible, painful way just as soon as you can arrange it.

I also am dying to see Hermione finally give in and get together with Harry.



switchhammerhit posted a comment on Saturday 12th September 2009 3:29am for Ambush and Prank

It seems to me that it is about time that some in Gryffindor take it upon themselves to a hold a kangaroo court and deal with Ron, minus Harry and his ladies. He seems to be forgetting what friends are for. As for H.G. joining Harry's Girls, ( that might be where your taking this, but) I think I'd rather see Madam Bones get involved so that Harry could have Daphne and Tracy as real wives. I think Harry would prefer that.

vheritas posted a comment on Saturday 12th September 2009 1:20am for Ambush and Prank

Now that was a 'prank' worthy of Harry's family history!
Excellent chapter, a lovely read too.

James Barber posted a comment on Saturday 12th September 2009 12:15am for Ambush and Prank

Hey great prank, and great then I dont remember if I've mention this before or if you have even left a/n about it but the way this story is going if you dont and soon bring hermione into his little harem then this story will be sorely lacking....

Quackpotty posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 10:12pm for Ambush and Prank

Wow, this story has quite a lot of depth that other stories don't have. Your character's plans have plans beneath the other plans. So many fanfics nowadays have someone creating a plan that is incredibly easy to see through and therefore lacks any real depth. Well done. The Malfoy's plan was well thought out - what I'd have thought it would have been for them rather than just a spur of the moment (Gryffindor) idea. Anyhoo, thanks for the awesome chapter!

heathw posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 8:05pm for Ambush and Prank

I think I'm done reading this....
I respect that your early works are arguably the basis from which many of the now noted "cliches" arose. That time has long since past. This has moved from the cliche to the ludicrous.

rune1806 posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 8:03pm for Ambush and Prank

Another great chapter, I love the way Ron just keeps digging deeper and deeper. The scene with Malfoy was very well thought out and I loved the prank.

noylj posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 7:21pm for Ambush and Prank

Probation? For "fighting words?" The whole WW is crazy and Minnie still has a stick up her ass that has penetrated her brain.
Poor Bumbles...actually losing his DE students. I mean, he does so much to guide them to the light by making them face the consequences of their actions. Just like he keeps Snape from being a murdering, child-abusing, vicious a..hole.
Bumbles is my hero...not.

Crys replied:

Why, noylj, I detect a hint of irony in your words.

Yep, spending a lot of time trying to point out how utterly screwed up the WW England laws are.   I  do believe  you've noticed.

Thanks for reading.

Rage and Light posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 7:12pm for Ambush and Prank

This is a great story and I am really enjoying please keep going


serenity16 posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 5:45pm for Ambush and Prank

great update. Awesome hope theres more.

whatareyouevensaying posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 3:53pm for Ambush and Prank

Probation for a little slap? Justice is so mercurial at Hogwarts...

Seriously excellent update. Malfoy and his gang of miscreants (if that term isn't too mild) have really been asking for it. I can only hope that this is merely the start of their woes. Prison never hurt anyone, after all...

Looking forward to more.

bob dole posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 3:09pm for Ambush and Prank

This story has become increasingly absurd, sorry. The characters do not act in ways that are remotely realistic. I'm not even talking about being in character. I'm talking about how nobody seems all that upset about attempted rape or murder. Oh well - it happens - better give them a detention! WTF. It's RIDICULOUS and it reeks of lazy writing - want lots of drama but don't want to go to the effort of actually writing the aftermath? Just throw in a few attempts at rape and murder per chapter and then have Dumbledore say there's nothing he can do, then repeat.

I like some of your other stories, but this is like a crackfic or something.

Crys replied:

Yes, many of the punishments are ridiculous.   I'm trying to highlight the utterly f*cked up way the laws are written in WW England.   As it happened at the school, it's the school's responsibility to set punishment.   As the only thing that can be proven is that Malfoy and sycophants tried to stun him, what more can be done?

Yes, it was an attempted kidnapping.   Everyone knows this, but that can't be proven.

It is AD's absurd protection of Snape (canon fact) that stops the attempted rape from being a bigger deal.   Again, the laws are bad.

If you wish to stop reading, then I thank you for having read to this point as well as letting me know what it was that bothered you about it.

pfeil posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 2:47pm for Ambush and Prank

So, how long before Hermione's off-the-cuff inflammatory comment becomes reality? After all, Harry's finally gotten around to telling her he loves her...

(And I bet his chattel will insist that he have a wife.)

Crys replied:

If this fic lasts until they  are 20, then it'll probably happen that way.   Harry's emotionally stunted growth keeps getting in the way.

Thanks for reading.

slickrcbd posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 2:19pm for Ambush and Prank

Given that Draco is allowed to get away with attempted murder, and the punishment they were prepared to inflict on him, I'm surprised Harry hasn't gone to the press about the matter. In addition, he should leave both Hogwarts and England, and send a letter citing the lack of legal protection for him and his wives. State that the Ministry has sent a clear message that they consider it acceptable to attack him and that the attackers are allowed to get off with only a minor 100 gallon fine. Not even fair compensation is offered for a near-fatal attack. That should incite some interesting responses as well as send a clear message on what he thinks about it.

Harry could use the Quibbler for his final letter.

hercules1991 posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 2:17pm for Ambush and Prank

I just wanted to let you know that I love this story. Everytime I get a notice that you have updated I can't help but cheer. I was wondering though if you could give me a hint about your story. I am a die hard harry/hermione fan. I also love harry/mmulti stories. I have hopes that you'll do something like make Hermione Harry's main wife and keep daph and tracy as his chattel wives. If you choose to go in a different direction I'm sure it'll still be awesome and a great read.

Crys replied:

Has a red-blooded Harmonian, I'd like to see something like that, too.

But I have to stick with the characters I have as well as I'm able.

I'm afraid you'll have to wait for the resolution like everyone else.

Carol Layland posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 2:04pm for Ambush and Prank

This story is so amusing and fun that I really do have trouble waiting for the next installment. It is almost as if I were 12 years old and having to wait for the next saturday at the movies for the next installment of Captain Video or some other weekly movie designed to get us into the movie house on the next saturdau aftermoon Thank you for the pleasure of reading these oh so wonderful stories of yours.
[e-mail deleted]

Crys replied:

Glad you're enjoying it so much.

As an aside, you don't need to give me your e-mail in the review area.   You're a registered user, so I can look it up.   If you're interested in e-mailing directly, I am crys @ fanficauthors . net   (removing all spaces).

Thanks for reading.

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 1:19pm for Ambush and Prank

Please, please, please, please can we hurt Snape and the two Malfoys a whole lot? Financially, socially, physically, and then kill all three?

Very well written.

Crys replied:

But killing them would just be too good to 'em!

I promise that none of the three will end the fic in anything approaching a good condition.   Those that survive to the end, anyway.

amulder posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 12:56pm for Ambush and Prank

I'm afraid I can't fathom the Ron bashing.
It's all over fanon, to a ridiculous degree really.

Hary's "prank" was well done, but almost anti-climactic, since Draco has received his comeuppance off-stage. Still, the discussion in the Headmaster's room was rather well done.

thanks for sharing

Jeff Bernstein posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2009 12:50pm for Ambush and Prank

I hope that Draco, have to answer questions under Veritaserum, now that he is a known Death Eater, leaving no doubt that he tried to kill Harry, Daphine and Tracy. I wonder how long until Ron join Tom, or am I misreading where this subplot is going. You are doing a great job

Crys replied:

Draco does have to answer questions under Veritaserum, but he doesn't know anything useful beyond that he's a low-level deez.

Yeah, this Ron probably would eventually try to join Riddle, given a decent recruitment attempt.   We'll just have to see if the situation ever comes up.