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James Barber posted a comment on Friday 26th January 2007 10:12am for Atax

That was good, and well written stng story! but I was hoping and I'm still hoping to find a well written story involiving the ferengi where not only deanna but also beverly have to negotiate with the ferengi about something and they have to do it naked in front of most of the crew especially beverly son will.

Hey I'm a guy, what can you say!

MagyarEagle posted a comment on Monday 25th December 2006 7:09pm for Atax

Not as well written and refined as your other fanfics but still quite enjoyable. For your first fanfic attempt, this is great. It's interesting to see how your writing style has evolved, and changed over the years. An interesting look far into the past, and a good fic from the early Next Generation era. Are there any other early fics that you might want to post? I am especially interested in seeing more of your non Harry Potter work, if there is more.

Crys replied:

Sorry, don't have any other fics I've written that  aren't posted.   Thanks for your interest, though.

Srikanth posted a comment on Sunday 24th December 2006 5:48am for Atax

Well an interesting read...

This is the first star trek fanfic i have read. It is interesing. I especially loved Data's Girl trouble :)

Crys replied:

There's just something funny about the irony of an android having women troubles ;)

Thanks for the review.