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asteroid posted a comment on Friday 15th November 2013 4:23am for One to Fifty

That's fascinating. To be fair, I was wondering about who the heck this "Else-Norway was". An extremely amusing story that brightened up my day. Thanks for being awesome.

Nancy Austin posted a comment on Monday 14th December 2009 3:37pm for One to Fifty

Thanks! My son and I figured out the Else-Norway. Tremendous fun!

vj posted a comment on Tuesday 11th August 2009 6:40pm for One to Fifty

Harry Potter had arrived at the site in a a big red truck. He stepped out to face his destiny against Lord Voldemort.

Voldemort for his part smirked.

"What will you do now Harry, I own the allegiances to every magical creature, the entire wizarding world serves me, or is under the imperius, and you have no friends left. how will you defeat me now?"

Harry just smiled as the big red truck - big red FIREtruck turned into a big machine.

"Autobots! Roll out!"

Crys replied:

Transformers was used in #194.

Thanks for the review, though.

scythrealblood posted a comment on Wednesday 10th December 2008 6:06pm for One to Fifty

Lord Voldemort apparated into the heavily forested area Wormtail informed him about. Potter was last seen here in Korea, and he, the greatest Dark Lord ever, was here to kill him.

"Halt! You are in a De-militarized Zone! Identify yourself or we will open fire!" a strong gruff voice called out.

insolent fools. he raised his wand to curse.

"Open fire!!"

Crys replied:

Scene  added to the file.   Thank you.

bookaholic_au posted a comment on Sunday 19th October 2008 10:21pm for One to Fifty

Bunny No. 35:

Did you know that when there's a cow on the tracks, the driver has to speed up, but if it's a pig they have to stop? It's 'cause pigs are so dense, that they can derail a train, whereas a cow gets squashed easily.

There's an idea - murder on the Hogwarts Express.

Voldemort and Co. commandeer the Hogwarts express and McGonnagal transfigures a pebble into a pig and bye-bye death eaters. (This all occurs while the train is on a suitably narrow bridge)

scott rockwood posted a comment on Thursday 18th September 2008 12:13am for One to Fifty

treck should be crucio'ed 24/7 for the image created in scene 44

Crys replied:

What's that?   [Crys goes and re-reads #44]   Aaah!   It's back!   The images are back!   NO!   [Crys points his wand at his forehead.] Obliviate!

scott rockwood posted a comment on Thursday 5th June 2008 11:15am for One to Fifty


rune1806 posted a comment on Saturday 27th October 2007 7:25am for One to Fifty

LOVED LOVED LOVED the barney one.

Anansii posted a comment on Wednesday 15th August 2007 5:22pm for One to Fifty

Snicker! Guffaw, even... :)

It'll be awhile before I get caught up, so forgive me if someone's already done this but:

Harry, Hermione and Ron all fired at once. Voldemort started to bat all three spells aside, contemptuously, only to be startled by a bite on the leg. "Yeowch!" he yelled, as all three spells hit and he was knocked flat, set on fire, and melted into a puddle.

As the ghost of Sirius Black frisked out to meet the Three, Voldemort's last words were "I would have made it, if it hadn't been for those pesky kids and That Dog!"

Crys replied:

I suspect that's a quote from a movie, but I can't place it.

bgoldnyxnet posted a comment on Tuesday 14th August 2007 8:15am for One to Fifty

Some of these are comeuppances but not fatal, #7 and #10 for example. But as regards "death" #13, I have only one thing to say:

FenrisWolf posted a comment on Tuesday 7th August 2007 4:13am for One to Fifty

With apologies to the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers:


Harry Potter was not having a good day.

Upon returning to Number 4 Privet Drive for his last summer, he was shocked when the bane of his youth, Dudley, apologized for years of abuse. What's more, he hoped Harry managed to defeat that Lord Whatsit who was after him.

Being the trusting fellow he was, Harry accepted Dudley's apology at face value, not understanding just how much low cunning occupied his cousin's piggy brain. So when Dudley asked him a favor the next evening, he happily agreed. After stuffing the packet Dudley asked him to deliver into his shirt pocket and checking to see the coast was clear, Harry summoned the Knight Bus for a trip to London, little knowing he'd been tricked into acting as a drug courier for Dudley's gang.

Upon exiting the Knight Bus Harry strode quickly down the street, travelling deeper into a disreputable part of the city as he hunted for the correct address. Suddenly there were a series of loud pops as a dozen Death Eaters, led by Voldermort himself, Apparated around him. A flurry of hexes and curses ended the only way it could, with Harry pinned to the ground, lying on his stomach while Voldemort's booted foor pressed into his back.

"And so it ends, Potter," Voldemort hissed as around him his minions engaged in sycophantic laughter. "The Boy Who Lived, face down in the dirt, defeated, alone, defenseless. So, do you have any last words for posterity before I end your pathetic life?"

As the Dark Lord asked his rhetorical question he bore down with his foot on Harry's back, inadvertently crushing the six dozen ampuoles of amyl nitrate in Harry's shirt pocket, filling the teen's head with a seventy-two-fold overdose of the powerful heart stimulant.

For a muggle it would've been a fatal dose; most wizards wouldn't have fared much better, but Harry's powerful magic took the stimulant and ran with it. With a roar a figure that only lacked emerald green skin to match an American muggle comic book character reared up from the ground, sending Voldemort tumbling. Harry bellowed with rage and fell on the panicked Death Eaters, and in seconds reduced the entire contingent including Voldemort into a broken, bleeding, giant fleshy Gordian's Knot.

As Harry stalked off, still puffing and snarling under the effects of the drug, Voldemort had one last thought as his life faded. 'Lord God, that was the meanest Halfblood I ever picked on!'

hahaheeheehaha posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd May 2007 7:13am for One to Fifty

lol i loved them all especially the "Else-Norway" one, and the rakes :P gotta love bunnies!!

Mikkun posted a comment on Wednesday 10th January 2007 12:01pm for One to Fifty

This was a barrel of laughs for me. Kudos to all who have submitted their bunnies.

But number 44 had me gagging. Almost had to gouge my eyes out!

But I admit that it was pretty funny to see even Voldemort react negatively at Umbridge's body *shudders* Please, no more naked Umbridge!

WOnder what's worse though, seeing Umbridge naked or seeing Voldemort pop his head off. XD

Killer07 posted a comment on Sunday 10th December 2006 10:54am for One to Fifty

When Quirrel tries to steal the Philosophers Stone from Gringotts the Gobblins catch him and get the Information that he wanted to steal the Stone for Voldemort. Because of this the Goblins decide to declare war on Voldy and hunt him down and imprison him in their most secure Vault together with an ancient Goblin artifact that slowly destroys his spirit so that he has a long time to think about the stupidity in trying to rob Gringotts. In this Vault he finds markings of Dark Lords of the past that vanished without a trace.


Killer07 (That asks himself where that came from)

Crys replied:

Thanks.   Bunny (modified) added to file.


Killer07 posted a comment on Saturday 9th December 2006 4:38am for One to Fifty

And the next Bunny (Is there a place to dump them en masse?)
Voldemort finds a Ritual to transport his troops directly through the Wards of Hogwarts into the Great Hall. Unfortunately Crabbe and Goyle Senior messed up and all get transported to a private owned island of the company InGen where the company planned to open the Jurassic Park in a few months. Now Voldy and co. face a hungry T-Rex and the T-Rex thinks lunchtime :-)



Crys replied:

Thanks.   Bunny added to file.


And yes, you can dump them en masse here :)

Killer07 posted a comment on Saturday 9th December 2006 3:35am for One to Fifty

And another Bunny attacked me from behind (I thought i locked the carrots away *looks at a old rusty lock that opened* damm...)
Turns out that History got the character Salazar Slytherin wrong. He didn't want to exterminate Muggleborns but a better seperation of the muggle world and better control of the the muggle world. There should always done one of two thinks a) Erase the Memory of the Muggleborns parents or modify that they think their child died. or b) if the parents are influential and rich just modify the memorys so that they don't know about magic and just think their child is on an exclusive school for the riches so that later the muggleborn can take the influence in the muggle world to help the wizarding world. Salazar even married a powerfull muggleborn because he knew that this way the bloodlines can get stronger than through inbreeding that weakens them. Now Voldemort catched Harry and Hermione and bevore he uses them for other rituals that he planned for the day he lets them helpless watching his greatest ritual. The ressurection of Salazar Slytherin. After that he has a pissed of Salazar that tells him and his followers of his true dreams and how ashamed he is of his heir. Because of this he declares Harry his Heir and kills of Voldy before passing back into the afterlife.



Killer07 posted a comment on Thursday 7th December 2006 8:35pm for One to Fifty

Have you Never seen Disney's Duck Tales? Dagobert is the richest Duck of the World in this Story (OK maybe he has another name for you i don't know i know only the German Version)



Crys replied:

Sorry, afraid not.

Killer07 posted a comment on Thursday 7th December 2006 11:26am for One to Fifty

Voldy come's near an Immortal because of all the Rituals he'd undergone in search for Immortality he sets of the Immortals detector for others of his kind even though it's a false alert. The Immortal attacks Voldy and gets hit with an Avada Kedavra. As Voldy goes away mumbling something about stupid muggles the Immortal gets up and attacks again. Surprised Voldy doesn't react fast enough and loses his head. After the Quickening doesn't come the Immortal asks himself if Voldy perhabs is a new breed of Immortals.


Killer07 (I shouldn't have looked on your page logo... The bunny attacked from the Highlander Logo without warning)

Crys replied:

Thanks.   Bunny added to file.


Killer07 posted a comment on Thursday 7th December 2006 9:00am for One to Fifty

Help i'm attacket by a crazy Bunny. Voldy need more money to finance his campain. He decides to rob the duck.. i mean muggle Dagobert Duck and gets a first impression of the Defenses against Wizards and Witches that Dagobert uses to defend himself agains Gundel.


Killer07 (With absolotely no idea where this came from)

Crys replied:

Er . . .   I'm sure this would make sense if I actually knew who or what "Dagobert Duck" was.

Though the idea of Voldie being killed robbing a muggle bank (or a gold repository, more likely) is amusing in its own right.

PS: I'm storing several of your ideas up.   I'll be adding more to the list when time and inclination permits.   Don't want you to think I'm not appreciating the ideas you're sending.

Killer07 posted a comment on Wednesday 6th December 2006 10:01pm for One to Fifty

Voldemort ordered his followers to make a few Portkeys to Hogwarts grounds. Unfortunately they where made by Crabbe and Goyle. As he and his followers wanted to attack Hogwarts they don't land in the Great Hall like planned but at the Whomping Willow. The Tree immediately beginns to attack and the Portkeys where made for single use only...


Killer07 (Hide me from the Bunny's.....)

Crys replied:

Thanks.   Bunny added to file.